10 Uniquely Middle Class Things That the Poor nor Rich Experience

Have you ever stopped to think about what is strictly a middle-class issue or experience? Here are ten things primarily unique to the middle-class population.

1. Budgeting for Holidays

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Budgeting for holidays tops the list. Rich people don’t need to budget, and poor people can’t afford the holidays. The middle class, on the other hand, budgets away.

2. Mortgage and Home Ownership Stress

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Stressing about mortgages and home ownership is a middle-class issue. The affluent population often owns multiple homes. The less fortunate pay twice as much rent as the middle class pays for mortgages but are told they don’t make enough to be approved for home loans.

3. Receiving the Least Benefits and Subsidies

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Of the three populations, the middle class receives the least benefits and subsidies while paying excessive taxes. What does that look like? It’s being too poor to afford groceries but making too much to qualify for food benefits, being too poor to afford University but making too much for income-based scholarships, and or being too poor to afford rent but earning too much to receive housing benefits.

4. Massive College Debt

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Massive college debt is typical for the middle class. The wealthy pay for it, and the poor qualify for more financial assistance. But the middle class is paying for it — with interest.

5. The Extra Room

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Poor people typically don’t have spare bedrooms, and wealthy folks have a separate room for everything. However, the middle class has one multi-purpose room. The extra bedroom serves as a guest room, storage, gym, playroom, videogame room, and arts and crafts space.

6. Owning Many Tools

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Owning and using many tools is primarily a middle-class phenomenon. Poor people can’t afford tons of tools. Therefore, they can’t repair many household features. Rich people can buy a new one or hire people to do the repairs.

7. Healthcare Tourism

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Healthcare Tourism, or traveling to another country for dental work or surgery to avoid paying U.S. costs, is a middle-class phenomenon. Wealthy people can fit the bill, and poorer people can’t afford to fly to Mexico, where it costs 80% less for veneers.

8. Chain Sit Down Restaurants

eating at restaurant
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I’m looking at you, Olive Garden. The idea that wealthier people would frequent chain restaurants is unlikely, and poorer folks can’t afford to dine out in many sit-down establishments. Although, with fast food prices costing nearly the same, they might be headed that way soon.

9. Stressing Home Repairs

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Stressing home repairs is almost exclusively a middle-class concern. The wealthy don’t fret, and the poor are primarily renting, so it’s not their expense when the roof leaks or the water heater goes out. Researching the best replacements and what repair people cost screams the middle class.

10. Budgeting Vacations

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Budgeting annual family vacations is a middle-class quality. Think flying coach, all-inclusive resorts, and visiting during the off-season. Whereas the rich can go wherever, whenever, for whatever it costs. And poor people aren’t taking family vacations.

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