10 Exact Moments People Realized They Were Dating Total Idiots

Have you had an aha moment when out on a date that made you question someone’s intelligence? You’re not alone. After someone asked online, “What was your ‘I’m dating a freaking idiot’ moment?” These were the most WOW moments.

1. It’s a Doggy Dog World

No way. Is this real? A man confessed to dating a woman a couple of times who had ” two large energetic dogs.” He explained that she understood she needed to walk them daily, per instructions, when she purchased them to exercise and burn off energy. However, to save time, she opted to drive them around “to save time” because she believed it would accomplish the same thing.

2. Windy Windmills

I’m giggling; in she can’t be serious. This user shared that he and his date were driving past a windmill on a particularly windy day. He said she was dead serious when she suggested they “should turn the windmill down” because it was too windy that day.

3. Before Smartphones

Do you remember the days before GPS and smartphones? I do, and getting around was more challenging. Nonetheless, this story is difficult to believe. A man stated his date had no idea how to get to his house except to start at her house. Despite her employment being between the locations, she always drove home before finding her way to work. “This was pre-smart phones.”

4. Registration Tags

OK. This one is silly. First, this guy prefaced he dated a brilliant woman with a Master’s degree who taped her registration tags to her license plate. After it fell off, he explained they were stickers and elaborated, ” I will never forget the look on her face” he noted she’d been driving for fifteen years.

5. Mixed Load

Have you ever mixed whites with colors and called it a laundry load? You’re not alone. However, a woman shared that a guy she was dating poured bleach on his load and was shocked when his colored clothing was bleached.

Further, she said he was shocked when she explained that bleach doesn’t differentiate between colors and whites. “He was truly stunned and flabbergasted.” While that’s good, a response made me laugh out loud, “I once had a neighbor in an apartment building ask me how to mute the dryer.”

6. Time Zones

A Midwestern living in California dated a 25-year-old woman who was “genuinely perplexed when I told her I needed to call my parents earlier in the day because of the two-hour time difference.”

He continued that this led to an hour-long conversation resulting in him drawing a map of the world’s complete international date line with all 24 time zones. “She still didn’t believe me. I knew she wasn’t the sharpest crayon, but….”

7. Washing the Sponge

I have an aversion to kitchen sponges. If I get kitchen sponge stink on me, it’s an instant gag. So I toss them frequently. Nonetheless, one user shared that a guy she dated asked if he cleaned the sponge by putting it into the washing machine with bleach. She confirmed, “The sponge by itself. Nothing else in the whole drum. On an entire 60-minute wash cycle.”

8. Ribs

One guy’s double date went weird when his date ordered ribs and asked, “What part of the cow do the ribs come from?” I’m hearing crickets, and I wasn’t even there. He admits they chuckled before she reiterated the question. So the three of them reply, “Ribs!” She screamed, “I KNOW THE NAME ON THE MENU, BUT WHAT PART OF THE COW IS IT?” The user expressed he was “done.”

9. New York

“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do. Now, you’re in New York.” This user confessed he dated a woman who disagreed when he stated that the U.S. is historically best at making movies. She argued, so he asked which country’s filmography topped the U.S., and she replied, “New York.”

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10. Underwater Puppies

Finally, a dog lover working overtime asked his girlfriend to go to his house to check on his dog and the litter of puppies. He explained they were in the front bedroom in the baby pool. He clarified to check on the runt and help it attach to the nipple. She responded, “that’s so crazy that they can eat underwater.” He admitted he was “dumbfounded.”

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