Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the World (Including an Abandoned Doll Island)

If you’re a horror fan or just curious about some of the most haunted places on Earth, this post is your spooky guide. These ten destinations are renowned worldwide for being unsettling, so If you’re traveling any time soon, check these places out or avoid them; it’s your call!

1. The Appalachian Mountains: East & North East America

Devil's Courthouse Appalachian mountains
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The Appalachian Mountains are famous due to being billions of years old. This makes up for many legends and rules. So, whatever you do there, it is advised not to look out your window at night, whistle outside, or even respond to anonymous voices. The forest contains entities that respond to humans, so it’s best to keep silent.

2. The Amityville House: New York

The Amityville House
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In an estate in Long Island, America, 23-year-old Robert Jr. shot his entire family. Later, the Lutz family moved in and reported seeing a demon pig with glowing eyes, strange odors, and even having something levitating their beds. It is to be noted that Lutzs had to leave only 28 days later. Hence, the house is a notoriously haunted location, inspiring many movies.

3. Hoia-Baciu Forest: Romania

Hoia-Baciu Forest haunted
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The Hoia forest in Romania has become a tourist attraction for the seemingly haunted crooked trees, but that’s not all. The misty forest is home to many paranormal folktales. It is also rumored that a girl went lost for days only to return from the woods with no memory of it. Take advantage of this chilling experience next time you visit Romania.

4. Zvíkov Castle: Czech Republic

Zvíkov Castle
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This 13th-century Gothic castle is enormous. Due to its battle history, people will often hear medieval phantom music. If this doesn’t scare you, maybe the apparition of a white ghostly lady will. Zvíkov Castle is something to see with your friends if you want to hear disembodied voices that will guarantee a chill down your spine.

5. Poveglia Island: Italy

Poveglia Island
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Imagine a place so haunted that the government forbids you to visit it. Yes, Poveglia Island stands solitary with its abandoned structures. It was home to plague victims and even served as an asylum. This is why it’s the true picture of horror. No one, not even locals, dared to step on this frightening island.

6. La Isla de la Muñecas: Mexico

La Isla de la Muñecas Mexico dolls
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The name briefly translates to ‘The Island of the Dolls,” located in Xochimilco, Mexico. As the name suggests, it teems with creepy dolls; wherever you look, there’s a doll staring at you. Tourists find the atmosphere uncomfortable, while the dolls are subject to many Mexican horror folktales.

7. The Tower Of London: UK

The Tower Of London
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The Tower of London has a lengthy, gruesome history of torture, murders, and beheadings. It held many prisoners, including a princess rumored to be spotted in the building. This Norman-styled tower filled with ravens is something terrible out of a storybook. Make sure to hear the stories about the ghost sightings on your trip to London.

8. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel: Canada

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
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The Springs Hotel in Canada is the stuff of nightmares. Imagine multiple paranormal entities like killings in room 873 or the story of a bride dying from a staircase fall. The hotel is known to have apparitions, and people can hear strange sounds in hallways. Each guest can tell you a different story about this terrifying place because whatever lurks there isn’t afraid to give you a spook.

9. Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital: Gyeonggi, South Korea

Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital
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This asylum was abandoned when an economic downfall hit. Hence, it was closed down. The locals claim you can hear chains clinking and loud banging on the walls. Some people have even experienced demonic laughter and objects being thrown. Whatever the case is, it is advised not to enter unaccompanied.

10. Lawang Sewu in Semarang: Indonesia

Lawang Sewu Indonesia
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This last location in Indonesia saw many wars and has since become a site for paranormal activity. Its name translates to ‘A Thousand Doors.’ Pre-renovation, it was a crumbling structure that people avoided. Its basement is known to be the scariest, with sightings of headless figures and a woman with red eyes and a bloodied face. This makes Lawan Sewu a must-visit for horror fans worldwide.