15 Movies From the 1980s That Suck So Bad You Probably Forgot They Existed

The 1980s produced many cultural landmarks that shaped modern cinema. The decade was full of cinematic invention, from thrilling action films to iconic comedies and revolutionary sci-fi. Among the treasures that have earned their way into the halls of fame, there is a collection of films so lackluster and boring that you may have forgotten they existed. This trip back in time will see 1980s films so terrible you might have forgotten they existed.

1. Reform School Girls (1986)

Reform School Girls 1986
Image Credit: New World Pictures.

A film that attempted to capitalize on the exploitation style that was popular in the 1980s is Reform School Girls. Set in a reform school for young women, the movie aimed to combine elements of drama and comedy while exploiting themes of sexuality and rebellion. However, its poor execution, shallow characters, and reliance on stereotypes ultimately led to its critical and commercial failure.

2. My Tutor (1983)

My Tutor 1983
Image Credit: Crown International Pictures.

My Tutor falls into the category of raunchy teen comedies that were popular in the 1980s. While such films often garnered attention for their titillating content, they often lacked substance and relied heavily on crude humor. 

My Tutor follows a similar pattern, focusing on a young man’s infatuation with his older female tutor. The movie’s flimsy plot and shallow character development contributed to its status as a forgettable entry in the teen comedy genre.

3. Inchon (1981)

Inchon 1981
Image Credit: One Way Productions.

Inchon stands out as a historical war drama that, despite its efforts, failed to make an impact. The film attempted to depict the Battle of Inchon during the Korean War, featuring a star-studded cast including Laurence Olivier. However, due to its lackluster screenplay, uneven pacing, and historical inaccuracies, Inchon was critically panned and a financial disaster.

4. Ghosts Can’t Do It (1989)

Ghosts Can't Do It 1989
Image Credit: Triumph Releasing.

A romantic fantasy comedy called Ghosts Can’t Do It made an effort to fuse humor and supernatural romance. Starring Bo Derek and Anthony Quinn, the film’s plot revolves around a deceased millionaire’s attempts to continue his relationship with his wife from beyond the grave. Despite its intriguing premise, the movie suffered from poor writing, a lack of chemistry between the leads, and a confusing blend of genres that left audiences unimpressed.

5. Going Overboard (1989)

Going Overboard 1989
Image Credit: L.A. Dreams Productions.

A film that failed to make the most of its comedic potential is Going Overboard. Starring a young Adam Sandler in his first leading role, the film revolves around a struggling comedian working on a cruise ship. Unfortunately, the movie’s humor was disjointed, relying heavily on crude gags and awkward moments that failed to resonate with audiences. It’s a forgotten entry in Sandler’s filmography, overshadowed by his later successes.

6. Shanghai Surprise (1986)

Shanghai Surprise 1986
Image Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Madonna and Sean Penn were a well-known couple at the time, and Shanghai Surprise tried to capitalize on their star power. The film, set in 1930s China, blends romance, comedy, and adventure but falls short due to its confusing plot, lackluster chemistry between the leads, and attempts at mixing genres that never quite gel. Despite its anticipation, the movie ended up being a critical and commercial disappointment.

7. Jinxed! (1982)

Jinxed! 1982
Image Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The comedy Jinxed! features Bette Midler and Ken Wahl. The film focuses on a woman who believes she’s cursed with bad luck, leading to a series of misadventures. Unfortunately, the movie’s slapstick humor and contrived plot failed to capture audiences’ attention, making it a forgettable entry into the realm of comedic films from the 1980s.

8. Fraternity Vacation (1985)

Fraternity Vacation 1985
Image Credit: New World Pictures.

The filthy teen comedies that were popular at the time include Fraternity Vacation. While such films aimed to capture the youthful spirit and party culture of the time, they often lacked substance. Fraternity Vacation follows a group of friends on vacation in Palm Springs, but its reliance on clichés and predictable humor resulted in a movie that failed to distinguish itself in a crowded field.

9. Chained Heat (1983)

Chained Heat 1983
Image Credit: Jensen Farley Pictures.

An exploitative movie called Chained Heat, which is set in a prison for women, tries to cash in on the popularity of movies like Caged Heat. While the movie aimed to portray female empowerment and justice issues, its exploitative nature, gratuitous violence, and weak character development overshadowed any meaningful themes it tried to convey. As a result, Chained Heat remains largely forgotten in the annals of ’80s cinema.

10. Black Eagle (1988)

Black Eagle 1988
Image Credit: Taurus Entertainment.

Black Eagle is a prime example of a forgettable action film from the 1980s. Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, the film follows a CIA agent trying to retrieve a stolen stealth bomber. Despite the star power of Van Damme, the movie suffered from a lack of compelling storytelling, unmemorable action sequences, and a generic plot that failed to engage audiences.

11. Megaforce (1982)

Megaforce 1982
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

This action-adventure film aimed to ride the wave of popularity created by action-packed blockbusters of the era. The movie features a high-tech military unit fighting against an evil dictator. Despite its attempt to deliver thrilling action sequences, the film’s cheesy special effects, over-the-top patriotism, and lack of substance led to its dismissal as a forgettable and campy entry in the action genre.

12. Laser Mission (1989)

Laser Mission 1989
Image Credit: Medien & Karat Film Intl.

In the action-adventure movie Laser Mission, spying and cutting-edge technology were combined. Starring Brandon Lee, the movie follows an agent’s mission to retrieve a powerful laser weapon.

However, the film’s poor script, lack of coherent storytelling, and lackluster action scenes hindered its potential. Despite the presence of Lee, the film faded into obscurity due to its overall mediocrity.

13. Rhinestone (1984)

Rhinestone 1984 Dolly Parton
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

This musical comedy film, Rhinestone, attempted to pair up Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton in an unconventional way. Stallone plays a New York cabbie who undergoes a bet to turn Parton’s character into a country music star.

Despite the charisma of the two stars, the film’s forced humor, lack of chemistry between the leads, and uninspiring musical numbers led to its status as a largely forgotten entry in both the comedy and musical genres.

14. Born American (1986)

Born American 1986
Image Credit: Cinema Group Ventures.

Born American is an action movie that tapped into the 1980s jingoistic and patriotic theme craze. The movie follows three American friends who find themselves in a dangerous situation in the Soviet Union.

Despite its attempt to combine action and political tension, the film suffered from weak character development, a lack of nuance, and a generic plot, ultimately failing to stand out among its peers.

15. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (1986)

Jumpin Jack Flash 1986
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

Whoopi Goldberg plays a computer operator who gets caught up in spying in the movie Jumpin’ Jack Flash. The film aimed to blend comedy, action, and suspense but struggled to find a cohesive tone. While Goldberg’s charm and humor shine through, the film’s convoluted plot, uneven pacing, and lack of clear direction resulted in a forgettable experience for audiences.

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