15 Real Reasons People Are Choosing Not To Drink Alcohol Anymore

There are many reasons that people choose not to drink, and it’s important that society collectively embrace not drinking alcohol as healthy and normal. However, when you tell people you don’t drink, most of the time, it is met with disbelief, or it’s automatically assumed you’re an alcoholic. That’s not always the case. Here are what ten people said about why they don’t want to get drunk.

1. Sobriety

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Sobriety is a great reason not to drink alcohol. If it was not your drug of choice (DOC), it can still derail you and lead you back to what your DOC was.

2. Drinking Is Expensive

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Drinking alcohol is an expensive habit or addiction to feed, and it only continues to rise in cost. Numerous forum members agree that they work too hard for their money to drink it away.

3. It’s a Massive Waste

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I really like what this user said: “I’ve always said that’s why it’s called getting wasted. You waste your money. If you get sick, you waste whatever you ate. If you can’t remember half the night, that’s wasted too. If you’re too sick to function in the morning, there’s some more waste.”

4. An Avid Athlete

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Another user admits they are an avid (recreational) athlete. “Drinking excessively destroys recovery and performance. Priorities. Not to mention it’s a waste of calories. I would rather eat something nutritious or delicious than waste the cals on alcohol.”

5. Can’t Breathe When Drinking

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Several people mention turning super red and being unable to breathe through their noses. One elaborates, “I can’t breathe properly when I drink. I don’t know if this is because of low tolerance or an allergy.

I tried drinking more at home when I was younger to build tolerance, but this was always the reaction. It doesn’t even have to be a lot. A glass of wine would already make me very physically uncomfortable. Either way, it’s just not enjoyable, so I stay away from alcohol.”

6. A Family History of Alcoholism

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When your family tree branches into alcohol use disorders, including alcoholism, it can detour you from traveling that road. According to many, they choose not to drink because it is “better safe than sorry.”

One man says his family has alcoholism on both sides, though they are more functioning on his paternal side. To which someone replies, “Functional alcoholism can sometimes be worse because you have less reason to stop.”

7. Hangovers Are the Worst

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Hangovers are the worst, and they worsen as you grow older. Multiple thread contributors volunteer; they used to party all night and function at work without sleep the next day. However, some as early as the mid-20s through early 30s report that one day it changes. One suggests it takes them three days to recover.

8. Don’t Like Alcohol

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Not linking alcohol is a viable reason and number three on this list. Many don’t care for the smell, the taste, the feeling, or the hangover. One says, “It’s the weeks-long mental hangover of anxiety and depression that turns me off of alcohol.”

9. A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

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As a parent, the idea of not being there for your child is a deep fear. A mother admits she has a nightmare that her kid needs her, and she’s unable to respond due to being wasted.

10. A Drivers-Ed Video

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Imagine seeing a driver’s education video that terrified you out of ever drinking. This user says that said film demonstrated a father running over their child on Halloween. The fear stayed, and they chose never to get drunk.

11. The Need To Be in Control

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“I like being in control.” My sister has never tried drugs because she cannot fathom being out of control. And she’s not alone. Several others admit that the need to feel and be in control is greater than a desire to drink and let go.

12. Because Quitting Drinking Was Hard

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“Because quitting was hard.” This user celebrates six years of sobriety and has no desire to go back. Fortunately, others joined the sobriety announcement train and congratulated each other on their recovery.

13. Drunk Driving Trauma

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Sadly, one had an unfortunate set of traumas involving alcohol that defined their reason for not drinking. Alcohol and drunk driving are terrible things. According to the CDC: 32 people in the United States are killed every day in crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver—this is one death every 45 minutes.

14. Anti-Depressants

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Alcohol is a depressant. Therefore if you suffer from a depressive disorder, it’s counterproductive to drink alcohol, especially if you’re on anti-depressant medication. Multiple users agreed they would rather have their medication’s benefits than the depression that comes with drinking alcohol.

15. No Appeal

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“It’s the same reason for many things I don’t do. Because I don’t want to.” Finally, many people confess they have never had the desire to drink. One explains his family never consumed alcohol. He never drank as a teenager. So he never acquired a taste for it. Now, in his forties, he finds it nasty, and he’s never been drunk a day in his life.

Source: Reddit.

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