20 Cool Bedroom Lamps to Create a Stunning Ambiance

Do you prefer bright white, or warm white alternatives? Perhaps, LED lamps with color variations is more your style? Whatever your preference, you’re certain to find it on this awesome list of cool bedroom lamps!

17 Peaceful & Calming Things to Put in Your Room

Did you know that the average person spends about 26 years of their life asleep? And another seven years trying to fall asleep? It’s true. So it’s imperative to surround yourself with peaceful things that encourage restful sleep. So here are calming things to put in your room. Completely transform the ambiance with these ideas. I’ve included several of my personal calming bedroom additions. To ensure a thoughtfully, authentic list. Enjoy!

Exclusive List of Spectacular Amazon Coloring Books for Adults

Are you an adult coloring fan? Me too! It’s an incredible tool for relieving stress and alleviating anxiety. So here is your exclusive list of spectacular Amazon coloring books for adults. Allow your creativity to run wild and free with the beautiful floral prints in Bloom. With perforated, removal pages! So you can frame your art once finished.

The Best Self-Care Gifts for Moms to Survive Their 2021 Year!

Are you a mom, or do you know a mother who spends all of her time making sure that everyone else is alright? Of course, you do! Check out these incredible self-care gifts for moms and give the gift of an adult time out. Or, take a moment of pure enjoyment to yourself. Self-care is a pertinent to leading a healthy and happy life. These self-care gifts for moms are the perfect way to say I love you!

15 Real-Life Racial Microaggressions That Need to Die Out

Are you searching for examples of racial microaggressions to ensure that you’re not offending your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors? Me too. The world is demanding and deserving of our consideration and it’s time that these die out. While informing myself about racial microaggressions I realized that I have spoken a few of these statements in my lifetime. So I created this resource with the hopes of helping others who are willing to learn, grow, and become better.