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7 Easy Steps for Effectively Managing Triggers in Recovery

Are you new to addiction recovery and looking for ways to stay sober? Many people have many triggers, and it’s essential to manage them. So these tips are helpful with managing triggers in recovery. So that when cravings or challenging emotions occur, you have a plan.
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31 Powerful Journaling Prompts for Recovery from Addiction

Journaling is a liberating practice that is good for your mental health. It allows you to work through emotions, thoughts, and feelings. So these journaling prompts for recovery are designed to help you gain introspection concerning your addiction.
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How to Tell if Your Loved One is Demonstrating Signs of Opiate Abuse

There are many different signs of opiate abuse. These indicators include physical, behavioral, financial, and spiritual tells. The physical dependence …
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10 Significant Things I Learned About Life in Active Heroin Addiction

Between the stunted mental and emotional growth of early-age substance abuse and the general naiveness of the world around me, …
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How to Stay Sober: 20 Tips for Successful Recovery

After you’ve gotten clean, it’s essential that you understand how to stay sober—especially considering that relapse rates for substance abuse …
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7 Remarkable Benefits of Prayer Journaling in Recovery

One of the most significant resources in my recovery toolbox is prayer journaling. It’s a powerful way to spend quiet …
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Hi, I’m Elizabeth

I am a mother of two beautiful girls and a wife to my amazing best friend, CJ. I started Sober Healing to provide resources for recovery while sharing my personal struggles with addiction.

I believe that when someone overcomes addiction, it is imperative that they share their message of hope with others still struggling with their demons…

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