10 Amazing Gratitude Journaling Prompts for Recovering Addicts


Recovering addicts are employing gratitude journaling prompts as a sobriety tool. There are several reasons to use a gratitude notebook in recovery. Some of these reasons include setting boundaries, defining purpose, and acknowledging the positives in life. Implementing gratitude is healing for the mind, body, and soul. It improves mental health and builds self-awareness. Additionally, … Read more

13 Expert-Backed Steps for Getting Out of Debt in Recovery


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155 Uplifting Self-Care Quotes to Boost Mental Health


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6 Resourceful Ways to Get Help With Bills


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7 Remarkable Benefits of Prayer Journaling in Recovery


One of the most significant resources in my recovery toolbox is prayer journaling. It’s a powerful way to spend quiet time with yourself and the Lord. I’ve experienced tremendous success with it and have grown into a better me. I cannot express enough how miraculous it is to see how God answers my requests. As … Read more

10 Awesome Life Goals to Strive for After Addiction


Nowadays, society is all about achieving and succeeding. As a result, there’s tons of pressure to accomplish life goals, big and small, in everything from finances to personal growth. Amid all of this demand for success causing people to leave their jobs, it’s essential to take some time and try to figure out what you … Read more

How to Make Time – Secrets of The Adult Coloring Business Owner


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The Best Gifts for Someone in Recovery From Addiction

Finding gifts for someone in recovery from addiction is a thoughtful way to encourage and acknowledge their hard work. Furthermore, getting clean isn’t easy. And staying sober is something to celebrate. What type of sobriety gift should you give? Several meaningful sober recovery gifts exist. Such as self-help, fashion, coffee, and funny sobriety gifts. As … Read more

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