25 Groups of People That Society Has Absolutely No Sympathy For — Do You?

Is there a group of people who you have zero respect or sympathy for today? You’re not alone. After someone polled a popular online community for examples of said groups, here is what they agreed on. Do you?

1. Serial Killers

crime investigation board serial killer
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I think it is safe to assume that most people do not sympathize with serial killers. However, there is a rare breed of people who worship them and send them love letters. So we can’t say — all people — but taking human life for some sort of sick thrill is one of the most horrendous offenses.

2. Faith Healers

faith healer
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Have you ever been to a faith healing service? I have. I didn’t realize that was the “church” my “friend” was taking me to then. I’d heard of them on television but didn’t realize this was happening in church buildings across the nation. It was weird and uncomfortable.

If faith healers had the abilities they profess to have, why aren’t they in the hospitals healing sick children? Why aren’t they making people walk and see again?

3. Televangelists

Kenneth Copeland
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Sadly, I have people in my family who send their hard-earned money to these televangelist programs, and I’ll never understand why. I love Jesus, and I am all for charity. But it is apparent how many of these snaky people manipulate people out of their life savings under the false pretense of salvation that isn’t theirs to sell.

Jesus did that for all of us on the cross. You don’t need to pay for it. Countless individuals call out Kenneth Copeland individually. Something about him buying Tyler Perry’s private jet doesn’t sit right. One user says, “Add to that faith healers. If they could do that, why aren’t they clearing out hospitals.” I agree.

4. Sex Offenders

who stop woman saying no back up
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One of the most heinous crimes discussed frequently in the forum is those associated with sex offenders. While none are earning any sympathy from the group, those who assault children receive the most criticism and disdain.

5. People Who Enable Abusers

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Another group of people that gets zero sympathy are the ones who enable abusers. The moms who turn their ears and heads to what daddy is doing. The ones who don’t believe their own children. The family that collectively covers up that uncle or grandpa who is assaulting children — you are the worst!

6. People Who Have Affairs

cheating cheater
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A large number of people agree that affair partners are the worst. You’re willingly sleeping with someone who is betrothed to someone else—zero respect for vows or yourself.

One user elaborates, “Especially those who expect their partner to divorce their spouse. The way you got them will be how you lose them, so don’t come crying to me. If you were as special to them as you think you are, they would’ve filled out the divorce papers before even starting a relationship with you. Be for real.”

7. Nazis

Nazis in Chicago Illinois
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As Indiana Jones says in The Last Crusade: “Nazis, I hate these guys.” when you think of the most hateful group of people ever to exist, it’s safe to give them the crown. They nearly exterminated an entire race, yet there are still an alarming number of Americans waving that flag in the name of “patriotism.”

8. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK)

KKK Annapolis Maryland 1998
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Speaking of ignorant people who wave the Nazi flag, the KKK is another group people have zero sympathy for today. The rhetoric is disgusting hate that has no business being spewed. The fact that there are places in America where KKK idiots have rallies PROTECTED by the police (some of whom are people of color) is maddening. I can’t make it make sense.

9. Drunk Drivers

drunk driver driving
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Drunk driving is rightfully acknowledged as a selfish act that consciously puts the lives of innocent people in danger and causes 23 deaths each day in the U.S. alone. Several people chimed in to protest this offense with sad stories of knowing people who lost spouses and children due to “idiot drunk drivers.”

One clarifies a recent tragedy involving a bride and groom who were just married and hit while crossing the road. The bride immediately died, and the groom suffered injuries. “The driver was going over 60 in a 25 and had a BAC of 0.28. No sympathy for that driver indeed.”

10. Animal Abusers

man with cat on shoulders
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People who harm animals came in at number two on the list, noting they are innocent. However, one notes that anyone who believes this to be accurate better be vegan. Otherwise, they neglect to acknowledge how factory farming works.

While loads of people downvoted this notion, after opening your mind, even a little too numerous documentaries detaining the torture and abuse, they’re not wrong. And no, I’m not a vegan. But wish to be so disciplined with principles regarding said abuse.

11. Willyfully Ignorant People

willfully ignorant finger in ears
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Another group of people this forum has zero sympathies for is willfully ignorant folks. “I don’t know what you mean, and I don’t care!” spouts one. I think we all know someone like this. The person who doesn’t want to know and even says stupid things like, “Ignorance is bliss,” to avoid taking accountability.

12. Abusive Parents

judging woman in glasses yellow crossing arms
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Countless folks agree that abusive parents deserve no sympathy. Nonetheless, one notates that these parents are typically repeating abuse cycles they endured from their parents so that some compassion can be extended, but not at the cost of their children suffering for it.

Generational trauma typically requires mental health care to work through your own before repeating it with children. Unfortunately, mental health care is insanely expensive, and not many of the people who come from those backgrounds do not have access to affordable help.

13. People Who Talk or Text While Driving

Asian woman texting while driving
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Another equally dangerous group of drivers on the road today are people who can’t put their cell phones down and pay attention to the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that driving while texting is six times more dangerous than driving drunk.

And yet, everywhere I look, people are texting while driving. It’s not just texting. It’s doing stupid TikToks behind the wheel of a vehicle or even getting out of a moving car to do ridiculous TikTok trends. I fear it will only get worse with each generation.

14. Climate Change Hypocrites

private jet celebrity
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Have you heard your favorite politicians and celebrities preaching about the climate change crisis, pleading with people to reduce their carbon footprint while flying around in private jets? The hypocrisy is real and something the public isn’t sympathetic toward.

15. People Who Participate in Competitive Suffering

two people pointing at self comparative suffering
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Or as Dave Chappelle puts it, “Comparative suffering” is when someone feels the need to explain why their suffering is more significant than yours. For example, one elaborates, “I hate when I go to work tired, and I’m like, ‘I’m tired; I got six hours of sleep,’ and my coworker is like, ‘I got three; that’s not even that bad.'”

16. Bullies

laughing and pointing bully
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Another people group that makes the lives of others miserable is bullies. Some are so terrible they’ve pushed people into ending their lives over the abuse. As someone who was bullied unmercifully for three middle and junior high school years, it changes people.

I went from a happy straight-A student to skipping school for fear of being beaten up and publicly humiliated. Skipping school leads to meeting the wrong people and poor decisions. I often wonder how different my life would have been if I wasn’t having my head slammed in lockers daily.

17. People Who Harm the Elderly

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People who have bashed the elderly made the list of despicable people. One user explains, “I have nursed a few older people who have been assaulted for various reasons, and it’s heartbreaking to think someone could hurt such a vulnerable person.”

18. Stalkers

frightened woman stalked stalker
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People who stalk others are creepy and dangerous. What causes people to become so obsessed they lurk behind the shadows? Some believe romantic comedies have influenced this behavior by romanticizing the persistent guy who won’t take “no” for an answer. Do you?

19. Violent Police Officers

group of police officers
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The subject of police brutality is not new and is, unfortunately, becoming more frequently reported. During the George Floyd protests, numerous people exercising their rights to protest peacefully were victims of police violence. One such instance is brought up in the thread.

Police officers from the Buffalo Police Department pushed 75-year-old Martin Gugino during a confrontation, causing him to fall to the ground and bleed from his ear. Gugino sustained a brain injury and was still unable to walk nearly two weeks later while spending four weeks in the hospital.

Another user shares, “This especially rings true here in Australia right now, as a week ago, a 95-year-old woman was tased by a police officer and later died of her injuries. How could you bring yourself to do that to someone so vulnerable?”

20. Poachers

animal poacher
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Countless forum members express having no sympathy for animal poachers. “Killing endangered species for ancient Chinese medicine and things like that,” one states. Another adds poachers who take things like elephant tusks for ivory before one says, “Also, the rhinos here in South Africa.”

21. The Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church
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Another notorious group of hateful individuals, the Westboro Baptist Church, made this list of groups for which people have no sympathy. They are the lunatics who hold up signs protesting military funerals if they are members of the LGBTQ community. They do not represent the whole of Christianity.

22. Political Extremists

Trumpers insurrection
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Political extremists from both sides of the political fence are called out. One user clarifies, “Extreme leftists who spout dangerous rhetoric without any logic. Extreme right-wingers who talk without compassion and empathy.”

23. Fascists

Proud Boys fascists extremists
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Facists emphasize extreme nationalism, militarism, and the supremacy of the nation and a single, powerful leader over individual citizens. Groups such as the Proud Boys, KKK, and Nazis fall under this umbrella but aren’t exclusive.

24. Con Artists

Donald Trump podium
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Con artists and grifters manipulate, use, and abuse others for their own selfish needs, wants, and desires. These people scam the elderly out of their life savings. Some con women who are desperate for love and attention. Others con couples into investing. Still, some con artists are at the top, in leadership positions, fooling the masses. All of them suck and get no sympathy from the rest of us.

25. Bigots

stop racism we are all the same
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People who are racist, homophobic, transphobic, or intolerable toward a group of people because of who they are — get no sympathy. It costs nothing to be a kind and decent human being. Still, some choose hate rhetoric and violence.

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