18 Personality Traits That Men Find Irresistible in Women

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Recently men in an online forum had me cracking up. After one asks others what qualities they find attractive in a woman besides her looks, one jokes, “How fast can you fill out your taxes?” Before another user replies, “You took it from 0 to 1040 real quickly.” Here are their other confessions.

1. Her Sense of Humor

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A good sense of humor is heavy in the thread. One man specifies he prefers a dark sense of humor. Finally, another states, “My wife is the funniest person I know. She cracks jokes I wouldn’t think of.

She gets the weird jokes I make that no one else would get. And she has this amazing ability to make jokes about people in a way that bigs them up – she’ll never make fun of somebody – she only uses her power for good.”

2. Her Work Ethic

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A woman’s work ethic and drive are a turn-on for many men in the forum. One clarifies, “My wife works her bum off to help provide, and it’s sexy. Half the time, she inspires and motivates me to get my bum in gear. And it goes further than her job—she does everything she does with purpose.”

3. Her Critical Thinking Skills

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Critical thinking is one thing, but toss in a side of curiosity, and the men in this thread vote you’re a ten on the hotness scale. Nobody wants to be around someone they can’t engage in honest conversation with who can’t hold their own in subject matter and materials.

4. Her Attentiveness

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I’m married. However, judging by several threads I’ve read, dating these days is often met with phone interruptions and blatant scrolling while not engaging with each other. One man shared that he was ecstatic that he had a date recently, and the woman never took her phone out of her purse. The attentiveness to being present was a significant turn-on.

5. Her Accountability

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Accountability, one suggests. Suppose a woman can openly admit when she’s wrong or screwed up. In that case, that’s attractive as it shows maturity and the ability to judge yourself impartially. Moreover, it means you are less likely to repeat the mistake. “It also means what you feel for her is not only love, it’s respect, which is just as important.”

6. Her Calmness

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Do you find a calm presence attractive? A man admits that nothing is sexier than when a woman remains level-headed when things go awry. He notes that having stability and reliability in a partner, including their reactions, is much hotter than anything physical.

7. Her Laugh

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Awe, I love this next man’s response where he confesses that his wife’s laugh is “everything.” Next, he elaborates that he hears her cracking up from down the hall while she watches shows in the bedroom, and he loves it. Others add they, too, find women’s laughter attractive. Even the “unapologetic honks.” Finally, one says, “If your girl snorts when she laughs, she’s a keeper.”

8. Her Passion

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Having a hobby or interest you’re very knowledgeable and passionate about is a massive green flag. A man says it doesn’t matter if it’s benign, like painting nails. If it’s something, she can “ramble on about,” he is hooked.

A second contributor agrees, noting many times when he asks a woman what she does in her spare time for fun, they reply with Netflix or social media scrolls. Finally, he’ll rephrase the question and engage in creative hobbies they do when not relaxing, and “it’s like they don’t understand the difference.”

9. Her Intelligence

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It’s no surprise that countless men prefer brains over beauty. But it’s fantastic to hear that the brain is the beauty to so many. Nobody argues that finding an intelligent woman is much more attractive than finding a woman who is into her looks but holds no substance.

10. Her Emotional Intelligence

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Being emotionally intelligent and mature, including having kindness and empathy, can go a long way for many men in the forum. One elaborates, “It shows me that your capable of being a decent person towards myself/others and that you won’t be someone who I have to be careful around.”

11. Her Voice

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According to one man, “A woman can look stunning, but opening her mouth reveals who she truly is. To know if a woman is intelligent, funny, angry, depressed, or even sexy, I don’t need to see; I need to hear. So above all else, as a man, I try to listen.”

The second best advice he ever received about dating was to get the other person to talk, to ask leading questions. The first, of course, is to make them laugh.

And a woman’s laugh, too, will reveal so much about them. Authenticity and genuine character do not look like anything he has ever seen, but he can hear them.”

12. Her Confidence

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Confidence is attractive to countless men who place heavy emphasis on this hotness. On the contrary, being in a relationship with someone who constantly requires reassurance, praise, and affirmation is exhausting.

13. Her Self-Sufficiency

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Being self-sufficient is a hot commodity that numerous men praise in women. One explains they have no desire to date a dependent. Nevertheless, several clarified yes to independent women. But no to those who make it their entire identity. “See Instagram bio: Miss Independent.”

14. Her Boundaries

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Boundaries are hot to a number of men in this online forum, and not having boundaries is a significant red flag. A woman should know what she wants, what she doesn’t want, and what she refuses to put up with. She needs to know her worth.

15. Her Singing Voice

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I love singing and appreciate this confession. A man explains that his wife claims she “can’t carry a tune in a bucket.”

However, it’s beautiful to his ears. He elaborates he’s been a musician his whole life and believes he has reasonably good judgment on vocal quality. “So when we have a couple of drinks, I’ll get my guitar out and can occasionally convince her to sing a few songs with me. It’s one of my favorite things we do.”

16. Her Optimism

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Numerous self-proclaimed pessimists confess they find optimism in a woman incredibly sexy. However, multiple people argue that it’s important not to bring your partner down. Balance is crucial for this relationship to work.

17. Her Principles

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Many men confess that a woman with similar values and principles is essential and attractive as all get out. “It’s a way to minimize unnecessary discussions and keep harmony while enjoying each other’s company.”

18. Her Financial Literacy

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Finally, according to the forum, financial literacy is very attractive when coupled with being financially responsible and making smart purchasing decisions. “Not just spending every cent you earn on junk with an expensive logo on it.”

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