10 Popular Phrases That Give Away You Are a Conservative, Do You Say Them?

In the last several years, everything has become politically polarized and extreme. Dozens of popular phrases are stated and regurgitated by both parties. However, after someone asked for examples of ones that give away you’re a conservative voter, these are THEIR top-voted responses. Do you say them?

1. “Nobody Wants to Work Anymore”

It’s partially true, but not in the sense they are projecting. People are tired of working two or three jobs and still barely making it. People expect to be paid a living wage. Trading hours of your life should not be reduced to minimal compensation and survival. A user admits, “I can imagine a plantation owner saying that during the emancipation.” It’s giving off that same vibe.

2. “You Can’t Say Anything Anymore”

We live in a time when people are canceling others for saying things that are racist and homophobic. However, rather than acknowledging the statements as wrong, conservatives tend to dismiss them as: “You can’t say anything anymore.”

While I don’t entirely agree with the sentiment, I agree that some people are being labeled bigoted for having a different opinion. It’s unfortunate because it takes away from acknowledging the real issues of homophobia and racism.

3. “People Just Need to Stop Complaining”

Another statement used to deflect when racism and homophobia are called out is: “People just need to stop complaining.” I agree that it feels like everyone and their mother has become a victim of prejudices. However, when this statement is used to dismiss legitimate complaints, that is an indicator a person votes conservative.

4. “I Was Spanked and I Turned Out Ok”

The difference between conservatives and liberals who were beaten as children is that conservatives identify with being OK despite the physical abuse, and liberals tend to advise therapy and healing from childhood trauma, in my experience, that is. I was also hit with a belt (leather razor strap) frequently, and no misinterpretation of scripture justifies it.

Many conservatives lean on the phrase: “Spare the rod; spoil the child.” However, that is not even scripture. The actual scripture reads: “He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him,” and like many things in the bible, I don’t think it is meant to be taken literally.

5. “People Just Gotta Pull Themselves Up by the Bootstraps”

Or the variation: “People just gotta pull themselves up by the bootstraps, like when I was young.” My father loved the bootstraps phrase, and let me tell you, it is not helpful when speaking to someone about depression and mental health.

6. “The World Doesn’t Owe You Anything”

Many people comment on the popular conservative phrase: “The world doesn’t owe you anything,” as a means of dismissing fair wages and other matters of equality. However, many acknowledge that they are more left-leaning and agree with this statement.

7. Use of the Terms: “Snowflakes” and “Woke”

Numerous users admit that liberals no longer use the term “Woke” and never embraced “Snowflakes.” Someone writes, “I agree. Also, it is almost ALWAYS the case that the people who use the term ‘snowflake’ and ‘safe space’ are incapable of taking what they dish out.”

8. “I’m an Independent: I Vote for the Person — Not the Party”

“If someone says “I’m an independent. I vote for the PERSON, not the PARTY.” Nine times out of ten, they’ve never voted for a Democrat in their life,” notes one. I had never thought about this, but my father always said this, and he never voted for a Democrat in his life.

9. “Athletes Should Keep Their Opinions to Themselves”

Yes! “Athletes should keep their opinions to themselves,” as well as “Actors and actresses should stay put of politics,” are two very conservative phrases. Perform for me but have zero opinion on real-life issues.

10. “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter”

Without a doubt, those two phrases are associated with being a conservative voter. We know all lives matter. The problem is people aren’t acknowledging the Black lives included in the broad term “All.”

No one is born blue. You can remove that color; Black people cannot remove their skin. So the blue lives matter thing is particularly offensive to those outside of the conservative party.

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