11 Podcasts So Good Even the Boomers Are Listening To Them

Are you searching for entertaining alternatives to television and movies? Then, we got you covered. After someone asked an online entertainment forum for the best podcasts for everyone to enjoy, here is what they had to say.

1. Well, There’s Your Problem

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Countless people swear by the: Well, There’s Your Problem. It’s a podcast about engineering disasters with slides. One states, “I listen to one or two comedy podcasts.

Still, none of them make me laugh as hard or as often as two civil engineers from Philly, proud sons of Philly, and a posh British woman discussing engineering and societal disasters.” Someone corrects him, ” Only Roz is a Civil Engineer. Liam is a finance major.”

2. Hardcore History

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Hardcore History is popular with 12,000 people in the forum. One says, “The WW1 series may be one of the best podcast series I’ve ever listened to. Completely rocked my world and made me realize I knew NOTHING about that war.” Another argues, “Less a podcast, more a full-length audiobook released every 4-6 months. It’s audio gold.”

3. History of Rome

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History of Rome,” one explains, “After the first few episodes, where sound production isn’t great, it’s just 200 episodes of the incredible story of the rise and fall of the entire roman empire.”

The guy knows what he’s talking about and “Actively will call out his mistakes during the following episodes when he is wrong. He tells it in a way better than any textbook. He rarely goes off the rails and talks about irrelevant material. And when he does, it’s about baseball for like four seconds. He enjoys the topic, and you can tell.”

4. If Books Could Kill

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Another podcast enthusiast suggests, “Checking out If Books Could Kill. Two guys discuss and analyze bestselling nonfiction books that could use a good dissection- like Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and The Secret. Well researched and super funny and interesting. Love it.”

5. Stuff You Should Know

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Stuff You Should Know comes up countless times in the forum as a podcast worthy of your listening. One explains, “The tone of the show is more like these two old buddies of yours just learned about this interesting topic and want to chat with you about it.

They don’t present themselves as experts and make a lot of effort to source and verify (or discredit) the information they share. You come for the thinly researched topic. You stay for the banter.”

6. No Such Thing as a Fish

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No Such Thing as a Fish, one notes. “It’s funny while being somewhat educational. My favorite thing about it is normally funny podcasts need to take time to build up to a punchline, climax, or twist. So there’s often lots of exposition to set things up. 

No Such Thing as a Fish has educational, fascinating fun facts for its build-up to funny moments/punchlines. So it’s saturated with worthwhile content from start to finish. The stuff in between the laughs isn’t just setups. It’s really interesting stuff!”

7. Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

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“Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny and often super insightful,” suggests another. “I started only listening to the celebrities that interested me but then realized that Conan is such a great interviewer he can make almost anyone interesting, so I went back and listened to them all. This is my top comedy podcast. I can’t find anything that even compares.”

8. Darknet Diaries

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Thousands of users vote for Darknet Diaries. “Cybersecurity guy here… Rhysider gets a lot of things right and cares about the community. Every episode is a consistently good listen.”

9. Last Podcast on the Left

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Numerous individuals love Last Podcast on the Left. After several crack jokes about it, one states, “Had to scroll until I found love for the boys! Hail yourselves, everyone! The episodes about the secret Dulce alien base are seriously the funniest I’ve ever heard.”

10. You’re Wrong About

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You’re Wrong About is a popular podcast in the forum. “The episode about the rugby team stranded in the Andes had me feeling every emotion. What else is there to do when rescuers are finally on their way, and a young man screams ‘avalanche’ but spreads everyone with a fire extinguisher but to laugh and then cry a bit.” 

“No joke, I’ve listed to this episode maybe three to four times. Even though I know the story by heart already, Sarah and the guest are such good storytellers! It’s almost like re-watching a favorite movie.”

11. Knowledge Fight

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Finally, someone suggests, “Knowledge Fight is one of the best. Literally an academic-level dive into the world of insane conspiracy theories plus fun. But what’s your bright spot?”

Source: Reddit.

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