Poor Sports: 12 Worst Reactions To Losing People Ever Saw

Have you ever witnessed a shockingly bad temper tantrum or reaction when losing, forgetting to show any showmanship? You’ve got company. After an internet forum user posted, “What’s the worst reaction to losing you ever saw?” There are their stories.

1. Diplomacy at Univesity

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“In university, we played a game called Diplomacy in between and after classes when we could. We had a little table set up in the common room, and no one bothered with it,” a forum member explains. “There’s a lot of backstabbing and secret deals that go on. We had this one friend who got so mad at being double-crossed by a secret deal that he flipped the board and the table.

He and his girlfriend left our friend group and dropped any classes he had in common with anyone in our game group. We never saw him again despite knowing him since high school.” Wow. That is some seriously poor sportsmanship.

2. The January 6th Insurrection of 2021

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Trump not leaving the White House and trying to overturn an election was high on the list. A user adds they believe the “three-year-long hissy fit” by Trump And MAGA has to be right up there.

Numerous others agree with one who writes, “Losing an election because you’re a complete buffoon and then inciting a riot because you think it’s rigged and then denying all responsibility for said riot and then having the nerve to run for office again.” I think this is an obvious answer. My immediate thoughts were of the Trump baby balloon.

3. Tom Brady Loses to Nick Foles

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A sports fan admits that it isn’t the worst, but when Tom Brady refused to shake hands with Nick Foles after the Eagles beat them in the Super Bowl — “Cemented his spoiled baby status.”

4. Baseball Bat Brother

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Have you ever been hit with a baseball bat? A user confesses that he lost at a game when he was younger, and his brother laughed at him. “So I broke his nose with a baseball bat. Who’s the winner now, mister, broken nose?” As many others in the thread note, “Psycho.” He argues he was only six.

5. Hungry Hungry Ludo

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“Breaking the board apart and eating the pieces. We were playing Ludo,” states a forum member. A second member adds, “Ludo ends friends and breaks apart families.” I’ve never played the game, but this story isn’t motivating me to seek it out.

6. Jacksonville Landing Shooting

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In one of the most horrific stories from the thread, someone shares, “There was a guy who lost a Madden tournament, so he came back later with a gun and shot the guy who beat him, along with others, and then himself.” That is a terrifying outcome.

7. Scrabble Knocking Down the Door

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A person tells the story of when she and her sister were playing Scrabble at their parents’ home. She insisted that “Zag” wasn’t a word, and her sister went berzerk knowing it was. She tore down a door that she later paid for repairs. Her sister split the cost when she realized zag was an acceptable word in Scrabble.

8. Cheater Cheater — Vomit Peter

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In a vomit-inducing story, someone informs they once saw a guy ‘Scream so much about everybody else cheating, so hard, he threw up.” EW! Clean up on aisle pew. 

9. Booed off Rockband Stage

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“I’ve seen a dude take his Wii Rockband guitar, both hands on the neck, and smashed it to heck on a coffee table because he got booed off of the stage,” another confides.

10. Cam Newton’s Super Bowl Loss

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Cam Newton in the Super Bowl that he lost to Peyton Manning. A sports fan clarifies, “He wouldn’t do interviews. He wouldn’t do anything. He was the biggest sore loser I ever saw in my whole life of watching sports, big baby.”

11. Crying Husband

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“My husband’s friend threw the game board and stormed out of the room crying while we and his wife, yes, that’s correct, his wife watched. He went to the bedroom to continue crying and yelling —Bit of a sore loser. He is also an equally terrible winner,” one writes.

12. Eagles Fan’s Super Bowl Loss

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A Philly resident shares he worked in a store in Philadelphia in a building with 30-foot high custom-cut, very, very old glass windows. “Brain-dead sports ball fans looted and mobbed the city, pulled a light pole out of the ground, and threw it through the window.”

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