10 Popular Hobbies People Are Judging You Negatively for Participating In

Are there any hobbies that you are out there judging people from participating in? You’re not alone. Recently, someone in an online forum asked for examples of hobbies that people judge negatively. Here’s what the forum had to say. FYI: These are not my opinions before you come for me in the comments.

1. Live Action Role Play

live action role play LARP
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Live Action Role Play, or LARPing, is when participants physically portray characters and act out in live-action play. The players work toward goals within a fictional setting represented by real-world environments while their characters interact.

2. Video Games

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While the last ten years of gaming have embraced a more mainstream inclusion, many people do not respect video games as a viable hobby. Gamers are often judged by those who regurgitate what they’ve heard about video games and the people who play them.

3. Taxidermy

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Taxidermy is the “art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals, especially vertebrates.” Many people judge it as strange. Additionally, animal rights activists are against it and, according to some taxidermists in the thread, “make trouble” for those who enjoy the hobby.

4. Furries

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Furries are people who are interested in anthropomorphic or cartoon animals. They strongly identify with them, creating fursonas or their identities as anthropomorphic animals. A therapist says many furries discuss beastiality casually, and it alarms them. Yeah, that’s beyond disturbing.

5. Card and Figurine Collectors

Pokémon card collector
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Card and figurine collectors are often judged as having a strange hobby because many others don’t understand it. However, for those who indulge in their fandoms, it’s exciting.

6. Thrift Shopping

thrift store shopping
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Thrift shopping is getting some heat because some people buy and resell their finds for profit. However, many drew attention to the fact that thrift stores operate by selling donations for profit. So they don’t see a need to judge the hobby or side business.

7. Target Shooting

gun shooting range
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Several shooting enthusiasts say their hobby is judged harshly because it involves guns. One elaborates that if you own multiple weapons, “you’re deemed a gun nut.” However, they explain going to the range and hitting the target you’re aiming at creates a stress relief that “modern chemistry can’t mimic.”

8. Pole Dancing

pole dancing
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Pole Dancing is a hobby that more and more people are embracing as a form of exercise. However, due to the sexy dancing and connotation with exotic dancers, the hobby is judged.

9. Dumpster Diving

dumpster diving
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Regarding dumpster diving, several hobbyists explain there is no need for people to judge others for repurposing trash. However, others argue that they often leave messes by ripping bags apart and not picking up after themselves after tossing things out of the dumpster.

10. Comic Book Collecting

woman reading comic books
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Finally, comic book collecting and reading made this list of hobbies people judge negatively. It’s strange, considering how many of them they continue to turn into well-received movies. And some are not well-received too. Nonetheless, comic books are cool, and the artwork is dope. So stop hating!

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