10 Top Professions That Seem To Attract the Worst Kinds of People

In your opinion, which profession attracts the worst kinds of people? I’ll go first and say sales. Good Lord. I was the manager of a cell phone store, and it’s cutthroat, and why I didn’t make it. It was my first and only time working for a commission, and I was dumbfounded at what people would do to make a sale.

I’m talking, lying to little old ladies, adding insurance to lines without asking the customer, and convincing people they couldn’t change their phone numbers without opening another line of service. It was terrible. Nonetheless, while scrolling through a popular online forum, I found the question, which profession attracts the worst kinds of people? These were the highest-voted responses.

1. Nurses

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The number-one voted career full of “mean girls” is nursing. One says, “There is a lot, A LOT, of toxic, abusive high-school girl drama-type behavior among nurses.” They elaborate it’s an important job, but they’ve seen so much that they can safely say about half of the people doing it have no business being “responsible for a yogurt, let alone a human being’s life.”

My stepmother is a retired oncology nurse, and I can’t imagine her being in the mean girls club. However, as a patient, I once interrupted a group of gossiping nurses who were honestly speaking ill of another patient.

They were making fun of their smell and condition! In the ER, I pulled my curtain back to say, “These curtains aren’t soundproof,” before expressing disgust and disbelief at their unprofessionalism. I’m confident I became their next topic of discussion, but it was appalling.

2. MLM Executives

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I will never stop speaking the truth about the predatory business known as multi-level marketing (MLM). You can’t be a good person and run a pyramid scam to make yourself rich. When you’re on the top, you’re manipulating the bottom with lies and false hope.

These people are the epitome of a slimy salesperson with their false claims and snake oils. One user notes, “They’re all bullies and manipulators. The worst kind of people will tell you that your brother’s funeral is a good place to recruit ‘investors.'”

3. Real Estate Agents

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Real estate or property agents are number three on their list. Several people confided that they knew people who went into real estate and became shady salespeople who allowed their entire identity to become consumed with selling property. Some noted that their acquaintances who turned agents do not post about anything except real estate.

Finally, one says the people they knew who stayed with it changed who they are. “After a few years, they are hardly recognizable as the same people. Vein, shallow, and 100% of the time, they are in character and trying to sell.”

4. Reality TV Stars

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Are you a fan of “reality” TV? This thread is not. One user says they prefer to call it “contrived situation television.” From shows like Teen Mom to Keeping Up With the Kardashians, these users are not impressed with the stars or the people who create the series. However, some argue that reality shows like Survivor and food competitions get a pass. 

5. Paparazzi

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“You have to be a special kind of soulless,” according to one user who despises the paparazzi. Numerous others concur and add they are “Absolutely lifeless humans—audio-visual bottom feeders with a camera, searching for scraps and the next payment. So not only does their profession provide something that is arguably valueless, but the means to produce it is abominable.”

6. Architect

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Awe, man, what would Ted Mosby say? On the other hand, his character may be making their point. A former architect student shares they wanted to be an architect until they met a bunch of them.

Another agrees and confides that their big reason for dropping out of the architecture program was that most of their peers were pretentious and hostile jerks. “In one year, the people in my program destroyed a lifelong career dream.”

7. Law Enforcement

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As badly as I’d love to argue this point, I can’t anymore. Law enforcement made their list in the number seven spot, and many couldn’t believe it was so low on the list.

They note that police attract high school bullies and power-hungry people with no business wearing a badge representing the motto, “serve and protect.” It’s not difficult to turn on the news and see that police brutality is trending all over the United States, especially if you’re Black.

Additionally, correctional officers were repeatedly listed as attracting the worst types of people. One suggests, “Many of these people failed out of the police academy and are not only power hungry, but have the looming gray cloud of failure hanging over them.”

8. Stockbrokers

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Stockbrokers weren’t far behind them. One confesses they have a few stockbroker friends, “I love them, but man, they are some manure-peddling artists.” He continues that these brokers act confident and make things up as they go along.

“As a former stockbroker, that is very true,” one admits. “It’s encouraged to straight up lie to clients.” Another adds they had a stockbroker brother-in-law once. He described him as a man who could “wrap a piece of poo in a Snickers wrapper and sell it as a limited edition.”

9. Military

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“Probably 99% of the Soldiers are good, honest people. The nature of the job simply attracts some sickos.” This Army veteran had several others who concur with his statement. “Most of the military are decent people, but a small percentage are absolute psychopaths!”

He elaborates that while the Army does what it can, it can take forever to kick someone out. Finally, another veteran who served a tour in Iraq says, “Every so often, you’d come across somebody who straight up shouldn’t have been handed a rifle.”

10. Tow Truck Drivers

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Tow truck drivers are on the list as being particularly shady individuals. Someone states, “At least 80% of all the tow truck drivers I’ve met have been felons, and about 98% have been shady.” Another agrees and shares that he was involved in an accident on a highway.

Two towing truck drivers were “literally fighting each other to take my car even though it was fully drivable.” Finally, one told him they needed to get it out of the highway, and he would release it immediately. “I fell for it and let him take it. Well, he lied. He didn’t want to release my car until I paid him $500.”

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