12 Professions the Internet Has Absolutely No Respect For, Do You?

A popular internet forum member recently asked, “What is a profession you do not respect?” Thousands of people flooded the comments to deliver this list of THEIR top choices. Do you agree?

1. Paparazzi

Paparazzi cameras
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Paparazzi is one of the only professions the forum can think of where you are being paid to stalk and harass people legally. Make it make sense. They go to extreme lengths to get the “Perfect picture,” often at the expense of invading a celebrity’s privacy.

2. Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) Boss Babes

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Do you have a ton of boss babes and Gabes in your social media feeds pretending they have “Small businesses?” Perhaps, they are in your messages selling false hope with a ton of emojis. These pyramid schemes have people pretending to take an interest in you and your life to sign you up in their downline. It’s tacky and despicable.

3. Faith Healers

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Numerous people explain that Faith Healers have conned people from getting chemo and other medical treatments that result in dying. Sometimes children die when their parents put their faith in these healers versus modern medicine.

A user explains: “Parents who cause the death of their child through refusal to seek treatment can be charged with reckless homicide. In State v. Neumann, a family watched their daughter die a slow, agonizing, and hideously preventable death for three days. Why?

Because they thought that modern medicine would take away from the glory of their god, they were charged with 2nd Degree Reckless Homicide, and Wisconsin’s Supreme Court upheld the conviction 6 – 1.”

4. Ticket Resellers

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Ticket resellers for concerts and sporting events are the worst. “I also want to throw Ticketmaster/Live Nation themselves in the mix here — the fees and lack of actual competition are absurd,” states one concertgoer.

5. Televangelist

Kenneth Copeland
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According to this forum, Televangelists are terrible and get no respect from them. People like Kenneth Copeland are buying private jets from Tyler Perry and calling it “The Lord’s work.” It’s repulsive.

6. Medical Insurance Claims

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Countless individuals agree that anybody whose job it is to deny medical insurance claims is the worst. I have first-hand experience with this, and it is frustrating to know something is wrong, have your doctor order things, and have your insurance deny them.

7. Telemarketers

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Telemarketing is a horrible job with zero respect. I once answered a job posting that resulted in finding myself sitting behind a telemarketing desk. I lasted until lunch and walked out.

8. Payday Loan Sharks

payday loans
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Payday loan sharks and check cashing places prey on poor people, and it’s unfortunate that this practice is allowed to exploit them. The interest rates are absurd, and people are stuck paying for their paychecks and reloaning. It’s a difficult cycle to break free from.

9. Rent-to-Own Centers

Rent A Center rent to own
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Rent-to-own places that allow you to pay for furniture and household items with ridiculous interest rates in monthly payments are terrible. You wind up paying for an item multiple times versus if you saved and paid cash. This forum has no respect for anyone associated with that business. Do you?

10. Psychics

psychic tarot reader
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Do you believe in psychics and tarot card readers? Several people in the thread confess they do not and call this profession a con. One user voices they can’t believe it is even legal.

11. Professional Politicians

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“I cannot believe that all elected positions do not have term limits,” shouts one. “It’s very unethical and not what was intended when the Constitution was written. They need to change that in every federal, state, and local capacity.” I agree with this 100%.

12. Human Resources

business human resources
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“”Human Resources,”” one states. “”They don’tdon’t represent the employees as they say they do. Their job is to protect the company from the employees.” Several others agree with this sentiment. Do you?

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