Red Flags: 15 Hobbies That Signal Concerns to People Around You

Hobbies are red flags? Well, maybe when you take a look at the list, you’ll understand why. After someone polled an online community asking for examples of hobbies that are red flags, here are THEIR top-voted suggestions. Do you agree?

1. Enjoying Kid Beauty Pageants

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I agree entirely with numerous folks who think child beauty pageants as a hobby are a massive red flag. Moms who put their children in these contests are obsessed with outward appearances. Because of this, one user suggests, “Yeah, imagine the mom hovering over her her entire life trying to control how she looks.”

2. Going Out of Your Way to Splash Pedestrians

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I wonder how many people make a point of splashing people with massive puddles. Someone explains that their “Old roommate used to go out driving on rainy days specifically to splash pedestrians.” Another storyteller shares that they had put Easter baskets together and were waiting at the bus stop to get to them when a car intentionally swerved into a puddle, soaking her and destroying the baskets. What is wrong with people?

3. Making Eyeless Collages

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On another, more creepy note, someone suggests that people who cut the eyes out of pictures of women in magazines would put up a red flag alert. Surprisingly, some people confess to doing this at work when bored before another identifies it as serial killer behavior.

4. Running a Multi-Level Marketing Boss Babe Scheme

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Countless folks agree that anyone who identifies as a “boss babe” and tries to sign you up for whatever MLM she’s with this month is a red flag city. And if you follow me, you know I’ll never miss an opportunity to agree about these being predatory scams.

5. Being a Facebook Group Administrators

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Do you or a loved one run a Facebook group for fun? Depending on the nature of the group, these can be quite a source of drama and rule violations. Many people identified these personality types as dictators. However, one thinks they probably put up with so much that it hardens them on taking anymore bologna.

6. Obsessing Over Horses

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The subject of “Horse Girls” came up, and many agree that the hobby is a red flag for them. One elaborates, “I have dated two horse girls in my life, and both ended up very similar. Neigh.” I love horses and miss riding them. They are amazing but very expensive. 

7. Into Family Vlogging

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A forum member explains, “Family vlogging completely violates children’s privacy. Using kids to shore up your own online presence is not ok.” A second member agrees, adding, “No thanks to parents who monetize your kids’ birthday parties and other important events.”

8. Supporting Animal Fights

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Animals, from roosters to dogs, are used in animal fights for human entertainment, and this thread is not having any of it. A Spaniard shares, “Bullfighting is disgusting, and it’s not only legal but also subsidized by the government here in Spain.” However, others state, and I agree, that this is far beyond a red flag. It’s a warning of what a terrible person you’re dealing with.

9. Philosophy Readers

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Reading philosophy in college was my favorite thing to do, so I guess to some, that is a red flag. A user clarifies, “Someone reading a ton of philosophy can easily be a very good sign, or a massive red flag depending on what specifically they’re reading so much of.”

A second poster replies, “I’m sure they are out there, but I’ve never met anyone who announced they read a lot of philosophy who didn’t turn out to be a bit of a jerk.”

10. Obsessing Over Social Media

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We live in a time when nearly everyone is handcuffed to their cell phones. Someone states that it’s a red flag if a person is so preoccupied with their social media that they cannot live and appreciate the present moment. “It’s fine if you can communicate about it and make arrangements. But I am not dating someone in a three-way relationship with Zuckerburg.”

11. Collecting Alcohol Bottles

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Have you ever visited someone’s house and discovered empty alcohol bottles as their preferred decor? You’re not alone; numerous people suggest it’s a massive red flag. Although one clarifies, “That’s just a dumb college kid thing, but if you’re 35 doing it… the train to sad town is chugging along.”

12. Obsessing Over Disney

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Do you know any adults that are obsessed with Disney? Revolving your entire identity gives countless individuals in the thread red-flag vibes. A Floridian explains it is the worst there because there are season pass holders who worship the park, spending every weekend there. Nevertheless, some people (probably Disney adults) argue that others shouldn’t suck the magic out of Disney for people who enjoy it.

13. Trolling the Internet

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“Arguing with strangers on the internet, not like usual discussions or anything, just taunting people because you’re bored,” claims one. Countless others agree with this sentiment. Trolling is a nasty red flag. I avoid comment sections like the plague.

14. Politically Antagonizing People

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Similarly to internet trolls, a breed of people consumes and repeats hyper-partisan media talking points. Several Californians chime in about hyper-far-right-wing people who obsess with and hate California but don’t understand it, and it shows.

One elaborates, “In reality, the city I live in is one of the safest in the country, has better air quality than where they live in Texas, and lower crime. They also think California takes 80% of my income in taxes. They believe this and repeat it with a straight face. The highest state tax here is 12.3% after you’re making over 600k.”

15. Having No Hobby

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Several people agree with one who suggests that a big red flag is if a person doesn’t have any type of hobby at all. Someone shares, “My ex didn’t really have any hobbies. When I wasn’t over, and she wasn’t working, she’d spend all day doom-scrolling through Facebook and on the phone with her family, which meant that I became her hobby. And that was… stifling, to say the least.”

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