Look for These 10 Incredible Relationship Green Flags When Dating

Impact-Site-Verification: f94129e3-55ca-4a87-9a79-1ed37a6fb194 Whether during the initial stages or more seasoned relationships, there are several green flags to look out for that signal a healthy relationship. Here are a few green relationship flags demonstrating that your partner is a keeper.

1. Active Listening

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Active listening is a massive green flag that signals someone genuinely cares about what you’re saying. It involves giving opinions and asking follow-up questions about your stories rather than only offering comparative experiences.

Asking questions demonstrates a sincere attempt at understanding and learning rather than merely trying to relate. Pay attention to any argument; an active listener will try to resolve the issue without intending to “win” the argument.

2. Doing the Mundane Things Together

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When you have a partner willing to do the hard things or the chores that nobody wants to do together, it’s truly a blessing. My husband and I knock things like dishes and laundry out much quicker when we team up and get it done together. It creates ample opportunity to flirt and laugh and is a huge green flag that the relationship is solid.

3. Coexisting in Companionable Silence

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You know you’ve found someone extraordinary when you can sit comfortably in silence together. It’s special when the two of you can coexist in companionable silence without any awkwardness or incessant need to fill it with chatter.

As a talkative partner, I’ll add that knowing when to shut up and give your partner much-needed and well-deserved silence is golden, and they’ll appreciate you for it.

4. Emotional Maturity

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Having the emotional maturity to connect during and after arguments is a significant relationship green flag. Moreover, understanding when they need space or time to process is a sign you’re dating a healthy person.

5. Helping Despite Being Angry

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Another aspect of emotional maturity involves your partner being willing to help, regardless of how angry they are about your disagreement. For example, this green flag may look like still making your partner lunch despite being angry.

It also means that no matter how angry you are with each other, there won’t be any gameplay or sabotage of the relationship in an attempt to “teach a lesson.”

6. Remembering the Little Things

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One of the benefits of active listening is that your partner should be able to remember the little things. Nothing is better than having your partner say or do something that lets you know they were paying attention.

7. It Feels Easy and Effortless

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One of the biggest green flags in a relationship and a great sign of genuine connection is when it feels easy, effortless, natural, and unforced. If you move together like magnets, they are a keeper.

8. A Willingness to Forgive

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John Hopkins Medicine reports: “Studies have found that the act of forgiveness can reap huge rewards for your health, lowering the risk of heart attack; improving cholesterol levels and sleep; and reducing pain, blood pressure, and levels of anxiety, depression, and stress.”

The Bible tells us to forgive not only for the benefit of others but for the benefit of ourselves. If someone is willing to forgive you when you speak out of anger, say or do something offensive, or make a mistake instead of trying to shame or punish you or hold a grudge, that’s a green flag.

9. A Willingness to Admit Fault

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On the contrary, a willingness to take responsibility for their actions and admit fault in wrongdoings screams healthy. For example, if they speak out of anger or make a mistake, the willingness to work on their negative behaviors and responses by first acknowledging them, apologizing for them, and then taking action to prevent further incidents is beautiful.

10. Life Competence

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If the person you’re dating excels at being a grown-up and competent in life, that speaks measures to other areas. For example, someone who has life goals and works on achieving them and making more is less likely to be flaky, immature, and self-sabotaging.

A person with impulse control is less likely to rack up obscene credit card debt or cheat on you over an argument. I don’t say that to say that all people with life competency are faithful and debt-free, but they demonstrate a calculated purpose and follow through on things.

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