12 Rock Concerts People Admitted Changed Their Lives — Have You Seen Them?

Have you ever been to a rock concert that was life-changing? I must admit that rock is not my favorite genre. However, after my sisters dragged me to a Blue October concert, I became a fan. There is something about standing directly in front of the stage with the bright lights and amplified sound. After a music lover asked a classic rock community what concerts changed their lives, here are their honest confessions.

1. Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd record
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One lucky rock fan shares their experience seeing Pink Floyd at Wembley Stadium in 1988: “Three hours, no support, the most amazing light show I’d ever seen, a ridiculously loud sound setup and a setlist of songs that I knew almost none of yet was gobsmacked by throughout. By the time they came around again a couple of years later, I had every album and knew every song by heart.”

2. Jane’s Addiction

Janes Addiction 2012 Seattle
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“Jane’s Addiction early in the Nothings Shocking tour. $8 at a small club- never heard or seen anything like it before,” a concertgoer explains it was: “Mind-bending and life-altering.” Another excitedly concurs: “I saw them in 1988 at T.T. The Bears in Cambridge, MA. I was front and center-fearing for my life. I did not think I would survive!”

3. Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters
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“Foo Fighters at River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2012. That gig was insanely good,” another concertgoer elaborates: “They shared the bill with Joan Jett and even played a song together. To this date, I’ve seen them 13 times in eight different countries across 11 years, which is no small feat when coming from a small country where they never played.”

4. Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen 2023
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Several forum members confess to their “Spine-tingling” just reading about this user’s life-changing concert: “Bruce Springsteen, Roxy Theater, LA. October 1975. Bruce walked on stage and played Thunder Road—just him and a piano. Then the band came out. Breathtaking.”

5. AC/DC

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“AC/DC in 1979, right before Bon Scott died. Changed my music life forever,” claims one. “They set me off on my own personal ‘Highway to Hell.'” Clever. Many music fans confess to being jealous of this experience.

6. Fishbone

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“Fishbone,” notes an avid fan. “I was a teenager, and being in that pit rearranged my brain. I saw them again recently, and they’re still one of the best live bands on the planet.” A second Fishbone fan adds, “They’re a criminally underappreciated band and truly one of the best live acts on the planet to this day!”

7. Black Sabbath

Ozzy Osborne Black Sabbath
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Black Sabbath was a life-changing experience for one concertgoer who elaborates being: “About 30 feet to the right of the stage. And in front of the right speaker stack. I was deaf for three days after that concert. It was so loud the hair on my arms was moving back and forth to the music. The opening act was some punkish band called Van Halen.” Haha, wow!

8. Phish

Phish Grateful Dead
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“Phish 7-8-00,” another writes: “I found something I’d been looking for for years. I was a senior in high school and had loved the band for quite a while at this point. Seeing everyone go from standing fairly still to dancing immediately made me feel at home. I’ve seen Phish 62 times since then and will see another three in a month and a half.”

9. Bachman Turner Overdrive

Bachman Turner Overdrive BTO
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Multiple people admit to being jealous of this user’s musical experience: “Bachman Turner Overdrive – October 15, 1976, It was the first concert I ever attended at age 15. Began a lifelong love of live music. I’ve seen many better shows and bigger acts, but this is the one that I remember most.”

10. The Eagles

The Eagles band
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“The Eagles 1978ish,” another reveals. “As a kid, I jumped the fence of the local oval they were playing in and have been an avid follower guitar player since then.”

11. The Scorpions

The Scorpions 2016
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“The SCORPIONS in 1983 in Vegas,” a concertgoer excitedly exclaims: “I had press passes (high school newspaper reporter). I interviewed the band, had a Lowenbrau beer, and shared a hand-rolled cigarette with Klause, Rudolph, Mathias, Herman, and Francios.”

12. Radiohead

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Countless individuals list their experiences, seeing Radiohead as life-changing. “Radiohead at Bonnaroo 2012.” “I legitimately cried when I saw Radiohead in 2012.” “Radiohead at MSG in 2002. Won a contest and got two tickets and round-trip airfare. Also, the show was amazing.”

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