Dirty Dozen: 12 Secrets Men Admit They Are Intentionally Keeping From Women

Did you know that men are out here keeping secrets from women? This online conversation in a men’s forum had me laughing at some confessions and feeling sad about others. Here are 12 things men admitted they are keeping from women.

1. They Are Not Saying Hi on Your Behalf

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Well, well, well. I knew it! Just kidding, but several men in the forum admit: “When you ask us to say hi to someone on your behalf, we don’t.”

2. They Really Are Not Thinking About Anything

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Do you have a difficult time believing a man can sit without a thought in their head? “Boggles my wife’s mind that I have Aphantasia and can actually sit and think of nothing: no images, no sound, no voices in my head.

Nice and quiet and peaceful. In her mind, it’s a constant stream of voices describing everything and imagery that I would find overwhelming and torturous. Definitely prefer my quiet zen.” Yeah, that sounds sweet, but not at all what is rattling around in my head, buddy.

3. Nothing Is Wrong

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Along the lines of not thinking about anything, many men share: “There’s nothing wrong. Sometimes, we genuinely want to sit for a while and think about absolutely nothing.”

4. Talking Trash to Others Builds Resentment

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“You can talk trash about us to our faces, but in front of your friends and family, it builds resentment,” one writes. “I pretty much look at my relationships like I’m climbing a mountain. Once they start doing that, I know I’ve reached the top, and it’s time to climb back down.” Some men in the thread call it “Disappointing Summit,” while others suggest “Peak Disappointment.”

5. They Don’t Forget the Details

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After one admits: “We don’t forget to ask for a bunch of details. We don’t care,” another quotes our beloved Ron Swanson: “The less I know about other people’s affairs, the happier I am. I’m not interested in caring about people. I once worked with a guy for three years and never learned his name. Best friend I ever had. We still never talk sometimes.”

6. When Women Walk Away

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Why do women habitually initiate a conversation and walk away midsentence? “We know you never ask us for much, but when you do, you are always walking away and on the other side of the house. We can hear you say you want a nhrmhfda, but we don’t know what a nhrmhfda is.”

7. They Hurt More Than We Know

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“We hurt more than you know. When we open up, it tends to be used against us, or we aren’t viewed as attractive anymore — its mixed bag of engrained society gender stuff.”

8. They Know Women Share Details

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We’ve all heard that men dish on women in locker rooms, but women can be much worse. As one man says: “We know you share really explicit, private details about our relationship with all your friends. It’s why we don’t tell you anything.”

9. They Don’t Think You Need All the Extra

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“It doesn’t matter how much effort women put into make-up and clothes. If a man finds a woman attractive, he will likely find her attractive without any of that (or he might even find her more attractive with casual clothes / PJs on a regular day).”

10. They Cherish Compliments

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I’ve often read that men do not receive compliments like women do. It’s further confirmed by one who shares: “Any type of compliment makes us so happy because we are not getting any since we moved out of mom’s house. We love them. Try it and see how far it gets you because while we may call you lovely things, we rarely get so much in return, and your words mean more than you’ll ever know.”

11. They Are Not All the Same

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“Reading through these — I see so much stereotypical men stuff. I’d like to say we aren’t all the same. Some of us are tough, some sensitive, some do rugged men stuff, and some will be happy to have tea with you.”

12. The Anxiety Is Real

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“We have performance anxiety. Anxiety to provide for our family, work anxiety, fatherhood anxiety, etc. We can’t always be on point. Give us a break sometimes in the same manner everyone else expects some compassion!”

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