Look Harder: 10 Seemingly Innocent Things That Are Honestly Quite Disturbing

A popular internet forum member recently asked: “What is something that sounds innocent but, in reality, it is very disturbing?” Thousands of people flooded the comments to deliver this list. Do you agree?

1. Privacy Invasion

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Have you ever heard the expression: “If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear? One user explains, “On the surface, it sounds innocent, but it’s basically telling you that you should be ok with having your privacy invaded on the assumption that you might be hiding something.”

“Saying you don’t care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is like saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.” — Edward Snowden

2. Subscription Services

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The concept of physical and digital assets as subscriptions is disturbing under its seemingly innocent facade. “We’re moving towards a society where you no longer own anything,” one elaborates. “You must pay the manufacturer monthly for the privilege to use something you should rightfully own.”

3. Lyrics of Love Songs

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The lyrics to many popular love songs are disturbing when you listen to them. “Every Breath You Take” by The Police and “Hungry Eyes” by Eric Carmen are called out dozens of times. Another popular song by Heart, “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You,” has terrible lyrics and is called out for them.

4. Child Beauty Pageants

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“Watching moms force their children to do those pageants is disgusting,” writes one. “Imagine entering a room full of children and calling them all ugly except one.”

Another reminds us that Donald Trump was bragging “Shamelessly about how he used to walk in on underage girls in states of undress, just because he could.” Those were the Miss Teen USA contestants, and he said it on the Howard Stern radio show in 2005.

5. Work Family

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Have you ever heard the expression: “At this company, we are a family?” It’s a red flag indicating a toxic workplace. However, one used adds something I had not heard before: At this company, we are a family, and we treat the store as our child!”

6. The Concept of Deep Fakes

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The concept of deep fakes is a terrifying one. Someone suggests: “Deep fakes are a technology with only three uses: satire, propaganda, and reputation/life destruction.” The fact that you won’t be able to tell a fake at some point is terrifying.

Can you imagine what that will do in the criminal justice system? You can already have your voice cloned with AI. I agree that this one is disturbing, but I am not sure anyone was sold on it being innocent.

7. Inappropriate Baby Attire

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Have you ever seen a baby wearing a onesie that reads something like: “Ladies Man” or “Future Heartbreaker.” Countless forum members agree that thinking about your baby dating and advertising it is disturbing.

One user states, “That’s nothing. I saw a onesie with a gun on it that said, “I’m proof my daddy doesn’t shoot blanks.” Ew.” Others add that parents who dress their children in clothes representing their political beliefs are disturbing too.

8. Bullying Women Into Dating

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Numerous people agree with one who believes bullying women or girls into a relationship with someone they have no interest in is another disturbing thing that’s all too common. “You should give him a chance!” Bullying women or girls into a relationship with someone they don’t want.

9. Sitting on Santa

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Multiple forum members suggest that the fact we line children up to sit on Santa’s lap every year is disturbing. Pair that with the knowledge of knowing many creeps with records of abusing children who play Santa annually, and it’s a no from me.

10. The Dairy Industry

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Those happy cows in grass fields on the packages don’t negate the fact that the dairy industry is disturbing. One user best explains: “Drinking milk sounds innocent and wholesome — but it means forcefully impregnating female cows, stealing and killing their babies after their nine-month pregnancies, sucking all their breastmilk out and giving it to humans.

We are the only species that even consume breastmilk past infancy and the only one that consumes another species of breastmilk at all. Repeat the process until the mama cow’s body breaks down early, and then send her to slaughter for cheap meat.”

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