25 of the Best Self-Care Ideas for Moms to Indulge

There are hundreds of self-care ideas for moms to indulge as they should. However, this list focuses on realistic practices that have helped me in my routine self-care. Habituating self-care acts is essential, so you don’t neglect your needs or basic functionalities. These needs include physical, mental, and spiritual necessities for maintaining a happy, balanced life.

Remember that a busy mom who never takes time for herself will eventually burn out. Don’t allow a busy life to deny you from listening to your favorite music or taking 20 minutes to get your flu shot so that you don’t run yourself sick. Schedule time to get your nails done while running around completing your to-do list—practice self-care in your morning routine with the skincare cream you splurge a little extra to use.

1. Watch Your Favorite Shows

Can you say Netflix binge and chill? It’s one of my favorite self-care ideas for moms, and I know I’m not the only mom ready to watch something other than Cocomelon? Set the mood with your favorite comfy throw blanket and snacks. Have someone watch the kids, or take advantage while they’re at school, and take some hours to catch up on your favorite show that isn’t PG.

2. Order Your Favorite Take-Out

Do you have an opportunity to order your favorite take-out without alerting the entire family? Do it. Nothing goes better with a Netflix binge than Thai food. What is your go-to take-out dish?

3. Read Good Books

Alternatively, find time to turn off the screens and pick up a good book. Reading is a great way to spend time in the quiet—a rare event for moms. You can also listen to an audiobook while indulging in a hobby such as crafting or even while doing household chores.

4. Enjoy a Podcast

Listening to something engaging while doing daily tasks such as dishes and laundry makes these responsibilities less dull. Try listening to a podcast. There are thousands of awesome podcasts, including self-help and non-fictional storytelling.

5. Go for a Walk

Getting into nature is a spiritual form of self-care that can evoke your best moods. Do you live near the mountains, the ocean, or a lake? These are all beautiful places to marvel at creation and center your calm. Also, check locally for hiking trails and eco-walks. Some of my most fantastic adventures have occurred on eco-walks. Such as seeing wild plant and animal life.

Sometimes these outings aren’t practical, and I understand. But don’t discount taking a walk around the neighborhood. Or even the local park. Getting outside and breathing fresh air are necessary self-care ideas for moms.

6. Take a Steamy Shower or Bubble Bath

Do you prefer steamy showers or hot soaks in the tub? I’m a bubble bath lover and adore my handmade bath bombs. However, when the time doesn’t permit, I toss a handmade shower steamer in the tub and breathe it all in.

Regardless of your preference, take an opportunity to treat yourself with self-care essentials. So you can create enjoyable bathing and showering experiences. Because sometimes that’s the only time you take to yourself in a day, right, mama? And even then, only if you’re lucky.

So from one toddler mother to another, I feel your pain. However, one of the easiest ways to ensure you implement self-care each day is with these bathing solutions.

7. Learn Something New

Did you know that a recent study indicated that people who learn something new reported having a more extraordinary ability to handle stress? Also, they reported feeling higher self-esteem. Those are encouraging reasons to learn something new. Is there something you’ve never done and want to try out? Is there anything you’ve always wanted to learn but never made the time to pick up? Now is the time.

Blogging is the avenue I went to learn something new, and it’s a blessing. It keeps me focused on my family and accountable for my recovery. If blogging interests you, I highly recommend the Blog by Number Course. It provides step-by-step video instructions from setting your blog up to publishing your first posts. It was fun to go through, and I’ve learned a lot. If blogging isn’t appealing, what is YOUR something new?

Learning Something New Self-Care Ideas for Moms

  • Take an Online Course
  • Learn Another Language
  • Take Cooking Classes
  • Learn Dancing or a Musical Instrument
  • Take Online Certification Classes

8. Take a Nap

Sleep is critical for both physical and mental wellness. But as mothers, it isn’t uncommon to neglect our sleeping needs. The newborn days are the worst, but it continues throughout the toddler years. So ensure you’re getting adequate sleep when possible, and always take the opportunity for a nap.

Naps increase alertness and reduce groggy feelings. Additionally, they improve performance in areas. Such as memory consolidation, reaction time, and logical reasoning.

9. Facetime Your Best Friend

Schedule a video call with your best friend and spill the tea. If you don’t have Facetime, use Zoom or Skype. Sometimes the best self-care is visiting and laughing with a good friend.

Also, it’s essential to have mom friends. Because knowing that you’re not alone in your daily mom experiences is a much-needed relief.

My mom-bestie has helped me understand that we all have bad days. Also, how we all lose our shit from time to time, and most importantly, it’s ok that we doSo if you don’t have a mom friend to tell you this, let me be that mom friend to you and follow my socials.


10. Start Consistently Journaling

Journaling is one of my favorite self-care ideas for moms. There are many different styles of journaling. Such as gratitude, self-guided, and prompted journaling. So choose the type that you will commit to and get started. Did you know that writing down your feelings, setting goals, and self-reflection, are all forms of self-care? It’s true. Additionally, they provide a transcript for you to look back on later. You’ll become amazed by your growth and strength.

Journaling Self-Care Ideas for Moms

11. Say a Prayer

Your most valuable act of self-care is prayer if you have faith as I do. What does prayer look and sound like to you? Are you diligent with your practice? Prayers can be said aloud or documented in a prayer journal. Praying with intention and purpose is necessary as the matriarch in the home. Another form of worship is meditation. Some people find it easier to communicate there.

Still, another prayer style, called chanting prayer, focuses on repetitive words and mantras for experiencing spirituality. Find which prayer style suits your worshipping needs and use it. The most important thing is that you say your prayers. Putting God at the center of your life is the ultimate act of self-care.

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12. Take a Drive

Going on a drive is a fantastic way to take time to yourself. If the weather permits, roll the window down and let your hair blow. You don’t need a destination because the activity is the drive. Sometimes I jump on the freeway and drive to an exit a half-hour away before turning around and making the trip home.

So enjoy quiet time to organize your thoughts. Or jam out to a playlist of your favorite songs. Singing at the top of your lungs is vital self-care for this mom. Alternatively, this is the perfect opportunity to indulge in a podcast or audiobook.

13. Practice 10 Minutes of Yoga

Did you know that ten minutes of yoga can change your entire day? Being a stay-at-home mom has created ample time for trying new things. So I opted to see what yoga is about and was blown away. After years of dealing with chronic neck and back pain, I’m questioning why none of my doctors suggested yoga?

It’s been life-changing, and I only do 10-30 minutes of it each day. Yoga is the perfect way to center yourself and quiet the mind with centered breathing. Also, to stretch and experience immediate pain relief. In addition, yoga creates a space to express gratitude by thanking God for your day.

14. Do Something You Love

What are your particular interest and hobbies? Do you make time for them in your life? If not, then make sure that you do. One of the best self-care ideas for moms is to do something you genuinely love. For example, if you’re passionate about gardening. Then make sure that you get your hands in the soil. If you’re uncertain about what to spend time doing, list things you’ve wanted to try and then start trying them.

Hobby Self-Care Ideas for Moms

  • Puzzles
  • Painting
  • Crafts
  • DIY Projects
  • Adult Coloring Book

15. Do Something Nice for Someone Else

One of the purest forms of self-care is doing something nice for someone else. Charitable acts improve anxiety, stress, and depression. So start performing random acts of kindness in your daily life to feed your karma bank.

Acts of Kindess Self-Care Ideas for Moms

  • Anonymously Pay A Bill for Someone
  • Tip Generously
  • Support Local Business
  • Donate Blood
  • Wear a Mask

16. Bake Something

Of course, this is only an act of self-care if you enjoy baking. So if that’s you, what is your beloved baked good? I love a good chocolate chip cookie; the best ones are always homemade. However, it’s always fun to try a new recipe. Additionally, trying new dinner recipes is delicious self-care.

17. Clean Something

Sometimes a cleaning project is the sense of accomplishment you need to feel better. Personally, cleaning is not my favorite. However, I find that using cleaners that I am passionate about makes the chore mean something more. Choose eco-friendly and non-toxic alternatives to the ordinary poisonous cleansers you purchase at the grocery store. What tips do you have to make cleaning something more fun?

18. Donate Clutter

Also, let go of the clutter. It’s not good for your mental health. On the contrary, it’s depressing and reduces your ability to focus. Some items that are easy to let go of include clothing, books, movies, and toys. Whenever you can gift these items personally, do it. Otherwise, find reputable charities to donate to, so they go to those in need.


19. Coloring Adult Coloring Books

In recent years, coloring has contributed to reducing stress and anxiety reduction. As a result, an explosion of unique coloring books has hit the coloring book scene. Some even make it on the New York Times Bestseller list. In addition to stress relief, adult coloring helps spark creativity and alleviate anxiety. In addition, coloring is a quiet self-care activity that can induce a meditative state. 

20. Zoom With Friends

Many people are using Zoom to spend time virtually with their friends. In today’s world of a busy mom, it’s necessary to make time for social activity. Moms need time too. So, here are a few ideas on how to have fun together. 

Zooming Self-Care Ideas for Moms

  • Host a Virtual Game Night
  • Lunch Date
  • Karaoke Battle
  • Fitness With Friends
  • Host a Bingo or Card Game Night

21. Get Organized

One of my favorite organizational tools is my Life Planner. It’s completely customizable and has made mornings a significant part of my day. So start with your favorite morning beverage and grab your gel pens. Creating a half-hour window at the beginning of the day to organize your goals and set your day’s intentions makes life go more smoothly.

Additionally, my Life Planner allows a space for me to be creative. There are many planner accessories, such as stickers, charms, and pouches. The organizational possibilities are limitless. Plus, you can doodle, write in scripture, and other positive affirmations to express your authentic self.

In addition, organize your space. There are several ways to organize your home, from the kitchen to the bathroom. Make life much happier and easier with a clean and clutter-free home.

22. Take a Break From Social Media

Take a social media hiatus and spend some time back in reality. Spending all your time on networks is detrimental to your health and productivity. Additionally, it’s setting a precedent that it’s all right in the eyes of our children. Many toddlers are instructing their parents to put their phones down because they compete with them for your attention. Create a positive parenting atmosphere by limiting your screen and social networking time.

23. Take 15 Minutes to Do Nothing

How often do you take time to sit down and do absolutely nothing? I know. Being a mom makes that task seem impossible sometimes. However, it’s necessary to take this time for your well-being. Initially, it may not be easy to sit somewhere and do nothing. This concept may be foreign and uncomfortable. However, if you practice mindfulness, it makes the experience less awkward after you understand the process.

24. Pamper Yourself

What does pampering yourself mean to you? Of course, making time for a massage or pedicure is ideal pampering for me. Those are the go-to’s for my pampered pleasures. However, sometimes pampering yourself can mean getting your hair or nails done or buying a lottery ticket to play your odds at another having another life.

Self-Care Ideas for Moms to Pamper Themselves

  • Give yourself a manicure.
  • Indulge your feet with a foot soak massage.
  • Buy yourself some flowers.
  • Eat your dessert first or enjoy a double dose.
  • Light incents or candles.
  • Try new skincare lotions and anti-aging face creams.

25. Buy Yourself a Gift

What have you neglected since becoming a mother? I’m guilty of allowing my wardrobe and skincare to fall by the wayside. Do you experience mom guilt when you get yourself something instead of something for your children? It’s familiar but unnecessary. So spoil yourself with a gift once in a while and go window shopping another day. Don’t think about what you need. Instead, treat yourself to something you want. From one busy mom to another, you’ve got this.

That concludes this best list of self-care ideas for moms. Do you plan on doing any of them? Please let me know is so down below in the comments. Thanks. It will make my whole day, and you’re fantastic for that.

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Elizabeth Ervin is the owner of Sober Healing. She is a freelance writer passionate about opioid recovery and has celebrated breaking free since 09-27-2013. She advocates for mental health awareness and encourages others to embrace healing, recovery, and Jesus.

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  1. Wow, a majority of this list resonates very well with me! Last month, I challenged myself to do 30 days of self-care and when I tell you my mood increased substantially, it’s no joke. We forget to do simple things that’ll make a world of a difference. This year, one of my major goals is to take more breaks and enjoy the present!

  2. That’s awesome! Thank you for sharing your success story. I’ve experienced dramatic results with these self-care ideas. The key is consistency. That 30 day challenge sounds great.

  3. I love all of these ideas, but the thing I really love is the reminder that we have to take care of ourselves! So many of us will run ourselves ragged and just deplete everything within ourselves and never stop to recharge.

  4. YES!! All moms deserve some self care because it is the hardest job in the world!!! I just watched the movie Eat, Pray Love. I always take walks, read, and I am learning how to play the piano< I also relax in the hot tub. I certainly do take more time to just take care of ME!!!

  5. I am not a mom, haha. But those all apply to men as well single or dads! Such great ideas. I love taking walks, watching my favorite shows, and of course cooking. And yes, I even enjoy long hot showers and baths. haha

  6. Watching my favorite shows and ordering takeout while relaxing at home is better than any spa day, or vacation! Sometimes just relaxing in your own home is the best! love these Inspo ideas Elizabeth!

  7. Finding time for self-care is so important for moms and all parents. I love this list of ideas! I’m now an empty-nester, but taking time for myself really helped me keep my sanity when I was actively parenting 🙂

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