15 Seriously Dangerous Things People Pretend or Act Like Are Harmless

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Have you ever witnessed people doing dangerous things with zero regard for how dangerous they really are? Perhaps, you’ve been the one living life on the wild side by ignoring the severity of something? After someone asked an online forum for their best examples of dangerous things that people act like are harmless, these are their top responses.

1. Putting Your Feet on the Dashboard

woman feet on dashboard
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OK. There are some rather graphic descriptions of injuring people have allegedly heard about from EMTs, but I will spare you those details. However, never put your feet up on a vehicle’s dashboard. You can suffer severe injury or death when an accident occurs, and the airbag deploys.

2. Loose Animals in Vehicles

dog in car
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How often have you seen someone, or been the one, to allow pets to roam free in a moving vehicle? It’s hazardous for you and the animals. A Veterinary Technician explains that loose cats in cars typically hide in low places. So sometimes they get under the brake pedals when loose. So it’s never a good idea.

3. Driving Tired

driving tired
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Did you know that driving while exhausted can be as, if not more, dangerous than drunk driving? Several people share stories of close calls. However, one was not so lucky.

He fell asleep with his cruise control at 50mph, which resulted in him in a ditch and totaling his car. He states, “Ford has excellent airbags, so I got out unscathed, but I could’ve died or killed someone else. Don’t drive tired people.”

Finally, someone volunteers that if you ever find yourself in a pure exhausted state, pull over and make yourself gag. Others suggest pulling over to sleep.

4. Pool Covers

pool cover kid danger
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Pool covers. One explains, “are like being wrapped in a bedsheet underwater.” You can’t break free, and you can’t scream for help. Once you’re in, the only way to get out is to be incredibly lucky and get free or have faith that someone saw or heard you fall in and hope they reach you in time. “It’s a lengthy, terrifying death that’s completely avoidable.”

5. Social Media

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Science has linked social media to a negative self-image, anxiety, depression, and other mental illness issues. One states, “It’s a thief of time, spreader of unresearched misinformation, home of abuse, and a constant stream of dopamine.” I couldn’t have said it any better.

6. Sympathetic Online Ears

online predator romance scam
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Someone online with a sympathetic ear for problems is dangerous for children and young adults. Unfortunately, even older people fall for swindling romance scams that drain their retirement and life savings.

True. Many people have made genuine friendships with strangers on the internet. However, it doesn’t negate the reality that online predators are real and dangerous. One says, “Bonus danger points on anyone who throws down ‘You’re really mature for your age.'” Yes. If you are young, hearing that from an older person, the relationship is unhealthy and manipulative.

7. Pushing Someone’s Face Into a Cake

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Did you know that many tiered cakes have skewers to support them? So what seems like a seemingly harmless prank can result in being impaled and losing an eye. Additionally, several users in the thread suggest it’s a jerk thing to do. I’ve seen videos of this where they slammed the person’s head so hard that it smacked into the solid wood table.

8. Getting Into a Car

woman in car driver
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“Getting into a car is one of the riskiest things we do on a daily basis.” One adds that while this is true, half of the people on the road are racing around like it’s Mario Kart.

They further note it’s insane when you realize the only thing preventing violent crashes into oncoming traffic is an expectation that everyone on the road will “follow guidelines of painted lines on the ground.”

9. Moose

moose Denali National Park
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I can attest to this. I lived in Alaska for a year on the Kenai peninsula. People get trampled every year. Once, my mom was walking the property and encountered a colossal moose positioning itself to charge. She was terrified, but her two dogs saved the day. Nonetheless, she expressed fear for the dogs’ lives. Moose do not play.

10. Calm Ocean Patches

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Did you know that a patch of calm, smooth ocean between sections that look rough is dangerous? A swimmer explains it “generally means” there’s a rip tide under the surface waiting to drag you out to sea and drown you.

11. Garage Springs

garage springs
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Garage springs are dangerous. A prior door installer admits being very wary of the springs initially because he heard the stories. They are springs under tension and fire like a shotgun when busted. They can seriously injure or kill you.

12. Water on the Roadway

Water on the Roadway car
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Water on the roadway is more dangerous than many recognize. Unfortunately, finding yourself in a life-or-death situation doesn’t take much water on the pavement.

I hit a puddle at 35 miles an hour and hydroplaned into a telephone pole that sent someone’s mailbox through the air, barely missing impact with a brand-new vehicle. It was terrifying. Additionally, driving a Mustang with rear-wheel drive taught me how dangerous water and ice on the road can be.

13. Kids Picking Flowers

little girl picking flowers
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A conservation Technician for a county park system shares that she prevents parents from allowing them to pick flowers every year. For example, she’s caught kids picking poison hemlock (one of the deadliest plants if ingested) or wild parsnip, “which can cause severe permanent scarring, burns, and boils if the sap gets onto your skin and is exposed to sunlight.”

14. Undercooked Kidney Beans

puke motion vomit
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Not boiling dried kidney beans long enough can cause Lectin toxicity, which can cause red blood cells to clump together. Additionally, it can result in nausea, gas, bloating, vomiting, upset stomach, and diarrhea. A foodie shared that crockpots do not heat them high enough to eliminate this problem. So boil them for ten minutes before adding them to crockpot recipes.

15. Oil Painting in a Closed Studio

painting class hobby
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Oil painting in a closed studio is dangerous due to paint thinner fumes. Others add epoxy handcrafting, 3D resin printing, or anything involving resins that are all “Stinky toxic.”

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