10 Seriously Evil Companies That Not Enough People Talk About, Do You?

Is there a company you refuse to support because you believe they are evil or unethical? You’ve got company. After someone polled an internet community for examples of said companies, here are THEIR top-voted responses.

1.  Healthcare Corp of America (HCA)

Healthcare Corp of America is the country’s largest for-profit hospital system. A user shares, “Can confirm. Their laboratory practices are awful. They have no standards for releasing accurate laboratory results. And are too cheap to make sure their hospital laboratories have working equipment. Some things need to be kept frozen before use for testing, and instead, they use a styrofoam box with dry ice. Speaking from Florida.”

2. Knoa Pharma (Purdue Pharma)

Sigh. Speaking as a former heroin addict, yes to this. Knoa Pharma, formerly known as Purdue Pharma, is the main character of the opioid crisis. My doctor told me that Percoset was not addictive, and after five years of stringing me out on the pills, it escalated. My story is NOT uncommon.

3. The Susan G Komen Foundation

“The Susan G Komen Foundation (The reason pink is everywhere for breast cancer awareness) is a crooked organization that not only pockets a large percentage of the incoming donations but actively restricts other cancer research fundraising ventures.” They spend a ton of money suing other breast cancer charities for legal trademark oppositions using the term: “For the cure.”

They’ve also been accused of pinkwashing. Pinkwashing is a form of cause marketing that uses the breast cancer pink ribbon logos. The companies display the pink ribbon logo on products known to cause different types of cancer.

4. Dupont

DuPont is a company that has created massive problems with Teflon and its poisonous chemicals. The PFOA chemical used in Teflon is found in 90% of the human population and in the blood of living creatures all over the globe. There is a documentary called The Devil We Know that details the evilness.

Essentially, they dumped thousands of tons of PFOA sludge into pits, seeping straight into the ground and contaminating nearby communities’ drinking water. They knew it could cause animal organ damage and did it anyways. Someone volunteers there is a film about it called Dark Waters.

5. Brookdale

Have you heard of Brookdale? I hadn’t, but one user explained, “Brookdale, the senior care and assisted living megacorp. Senior care in the U.S. is terrifying, and they’re at the center of it—abuse, neglect, grifting survivors into estate-locking deals. Brookdale is evil.”

Another adds, “As someone who works in senior living, I can confirm this. Brookdale is the largest senior living housing company in the country, and a lot of the time, they’re poaching from others and offering bottom-rate apartments and then jacking it up about a $1000 each year. Despicable.”

6. Herbalife

Ugh. Herbalife is an MLM scam that has gone global. Someone shares, “Completely decimating the Hispanic community too. Just sad — the exploitation. I live near the largest convention center in the city, and every year there’s a Herbalife convention.

It’s incredibly heartbreaking to see how many poor people are swindled out of their money by scammers playing with people’s dreams.” Additionally, people have experienced liver toxicity from consuming the products.

7. Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks comes up numerous times in the thread. A person elaborates, “Only a very small portion (1%) of their budget goes towards helping families of people with Autism. Also, they have no representation of people with Autism. They are fundraising and lobbying to “help” people with Autism, but they refuse to listen to what people with Autism need.

They’ve promoted a lot of prejudice and the idea that people with Autism need to be fixed. They believe Autism needs to be cured and eradicated instead of accepting people with Autism for who they are.”

8. De Beers

A disgruntled respondent states, “De Beers — the largest diamond company in the world — has been exploiting workers in the world’s poorest nations for 135 years. They’re not even that rare! DeBeers keeps so many diamonds locked in vaults so they can control the rarity.”

9. Chiquita

Did you know that Chiquita toppled the Guatemalan government? I did not, as one in the thread rightly points out. They don’t educate Americans about these things. They are a banana republic and know, not the shop in the mall.

Per Wikipedia: “The term banana republic is a pejorative descriptor for a servile oligarchy that abets and supports, for kickbacks, the exploitation of large-scale plantation agriculture, especially banana cultivation.”

10. Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE)

“PG&E. They’ve burned down California several times, killing a number of our citizens here — then having the audacity to play money games with the families of the deceased or those who’ve lost homes,” a user denotes. They are responsible for more than 30 wildfires “That wiped out more than 23,000 homes and businesses and killed more than 100 people.”

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