15 Things That Signal to Others That Deep Down You Are a Terrible Person

Are there any telltale signs that someone is a terrible person in your eyes? You’re not alone. According to an online community, some undeniable signs signal to others when you are a terrible person. Here are THEIR honest confessions.

1. Being Nice to Manipulate Others

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“Only being nice to people who can be useful to them,” explains one. Another clarifies, “I’ll never forget this saying. ‘Don’t judge someone’s character by the way they treat you, but judge their character by how they treat someone less than them.'”

2. Being Nasty Because Someone Is Upset You Hurt Them

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“Honestly, the number of times I’ve heard of a friend’s friend getting abusive because they’re upset that someone would dare be hurt at something they did that was legitimately nasty is disappointing,” confesses one. “Wrapping my head around being nasty because someone is upset you hurt them makes me seethe.”

3. Using Things Against You

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Someone suggests, “When they use intimate and vulnerable things, you share with them against you.” A second user quotes lyrics from the Hozier song, “Take Me To Church:” “I’ll tell you my sins so you can sharpen your knife.”

4. Gaslighting

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Gaslighting is the worst, especially when people will weaponize the silent treatment when they do something horrible and you’re angry about it. A user quotes The Narcissists Prayer: “That didn’t happen. And if it did, it wasn’t that bad. And if it was, that’s not a big deal. And if it is, I don’t believe that it’s my fault. And if it was, I didn’t mean it. And if I did, you deserved it.” —Dayna Craig.

6. Proud of Trashy Behaviors

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Over 12,000 people agree with the statement, “They are proud of their trashy behaviors,” before one explains, “You don’t need to watch out for the absolute worst people. They’ll brag about it.”

7. Love Making Others Look Bad

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“When they love making other people look bad,” one elaborates, “Constantly calling people out. Putting others down. Cracking ‘jokes’ at the expense of others for cheap laughs.”

8. How They Treat People Deemed “Below” Them

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One notes, “How they treat people who are ‘below’ them.” Another adds, “How you treat someone in the service industry really says a lot about a person.” As someone who worked in the service industry for far too long, there are entitled people who feel like everything should cater to them. They are so challenging to deal with, and the people putting up with them aren’t paid enough.

9. Sometimes, There Are None

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One of the most honest answers in the thread reads, “Sometimes there are none.” A user agrees, stating, “This. This is the answer. Most of the top comments at the time of my commenting are surface-level behaviors. The people that are horrible “deep down” don’t telegraph it. Charlie Manson was probably nice to dogs, Ted Kaczynski probably treated the wait staff well, etc.”

10. Talking Trash About Friends and Coworkers

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Constantly talking badly about whatever friends or coworkers are not around is an indication to many that you are a terrible person. We’ve all heard the old adage, “If they talk that way to you, they talk that way about you.”

11. Treating Animals Poorly

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A sure sign to most that you are a terrible person pends on how you treat animals. Someone suggests, “I think it was one of Mark Rober’s early videos. He was testing to see if people were more likely to swerve to avoid “cute” animals like squirrels vs. ‘scary’ animals like snakes.

He found that some people would swerve and hit them intentionally and that SUVs and Trucks were the most likely to do so by a pretty wide margin.”

12. People Unwilling to Change and Grow

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Being an adult doesn’t mean you’re a perfect know-it-all with everything figured out. Unfortunately, however, numerous adults live as such. Someone who isn’t willing to change or grow is a sign of being a terrible person. You are never right 100% of the time.

13. Unwilling to Respect Boundaries

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Another sign you are a terrible person is if you don’t respect boundaries that people have established with you. However, on the flip side, one notes, “Not communicating boundaries and then getting mad at you for crossing said unknown boundary acting like it was something you should have just guessed.”

14. Not Communicating With You About Being Upset With You

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When people are upset with you and choose not to communicate with you but instead talk behind your back with other people, is listed as a sign of a terrible person.

14. Selfish and Never Compromise

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When people are unwilling to bend on anything due to their selfishness, also makes this list of signs that you are a terrible person. One user clarifies, “They never compromise on anything. Everything is about them. Obviously, there’s a good way to be stubborn. But I’m talking about the selfish kind of stubborn.”

15. Lack of Accountability

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One user states, “Lack of accountability. It’s always someone else’s fault.” To which over 26,000 people agree. Another adds, “Exactly this. Or blame you for the actions they took because they were upset.”

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