12 Tall Tale Signs That Tells the World You Are a Selfish Person

What is a tall tale sign that you are a selfish person? Oof. I’ve been a selfish person before, and I would say I had a bad habit of always making the conversation about me and my problems, not necessarily with intention. But it happened nonetheless. After someone asked an online forum for other examples, here is what they had to say.

1. “You’re So Dramatic.”

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“Every bad thing you do to them is drama-worthy. Every bad thing they do to you are details and should be moved on from, and why can’t you just do that? You’re so dramatic!” Sound familiar? It’s the number one voted response.

2. “Conversations Don’t Feel Like Conversations.”

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One elaborates, “They are one-sided talks about what they want, their thoughts, their life, their priorities, etc. When you are able to slip a word in, your words are used as transitions in their dialogue.

No matter how you format your words, they all add to the plot of their story. What you say and what you do are pawns in their game to be manipulated in a way that belittles your experiences, actions, opinions, and choices.”

3. “Making Everything About Them.”

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Do you know someone who turns everything into their personal problem? Countless forum members agree with one who says, “When every single bad thing that happens to another person gets spun around into their problem. For example, I’m really upset because my friend’s family member is going through X.”

4. “Never Takes Any Responsibility for Their Actions.”

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“Doesn’t think they’re wrong in the slightest bit,” another adds. “They can’t shoulder any bit of responsibility.” Then, another clarifies, “Look what you made me do!”

5. “They Take But Never Reciprocate.”

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“They gladly take any favors you do for them, but when asked if they could reciprocate once, they get defensive and or aggressive and act like you’re the selfish one for daring to expect something in return.”

6. “Their Situation Is Always Worse.”

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Do you know any one-uppers? One person elaborates, “They respond how worse their situation is when you’re sharing your problems with them. No try for help or listening, just trying to draw attention on their side.”

7. “If They Always Talk About Themselves.”

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Someone explains, “I know many people that will just not shut up about their day an entire call then just leave when you start talking about yours.” Numerous others confess to knowing people like this.

8. “They Bring Nothing to the Potluck but Are First in Line.”

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Wait, people are still having potlucks after all the videos on the internet involving cats on counters, stoves, and physically in the food? I’m good. Nonetheless, one adds, “They brought Tupperware containers to the potluck to bring home.” That constitutes selfish behavior to me.

9. “They Don’t Return Their Shopping Carts.”

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“Cliche answer,” one suggests, “But I have found the “return the shopping cart” test to be pretty accurate. It is such a small thing, but it does tell you if a person thinks small things like that matter.”

10. “They Listen to Their Phones Without Headphones in Public Spaces.”

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Numerous people admit it’s selfish to expect others to listen to whatever videos, reels, or TikToks you’re watching on your phone. As a former server, the number of times I had to tell a customer to step outside while chatting to others on speakerphone was alarming. I’m talking about grown people on lunch breaks. Shocking how many people either don’t get it or don’t care.

11. “They are Rude to Servers and Retail Workers.”

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Speaking of serving, many people note that you can tell someone is a selfish person when they are rude to servers or other employees, such as retail.

12. “They Feel No Remorse for How They’ve Hurt Others.”

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Finally, someone states, “They feel no remorse for how they’ve hurt others,” before another says, “Let’s not forget how they make you apologize for how you made them feel – when you want to talk about things they did to you.”

Source: Reddit.

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