18 Signs You Grew up Rich According to Kids Who Identified as Poor

What were the signs you grew up rich when you were a kid? Do you remember those ’90s Grey Poupon mustard commercials where they roll the window down and ask for Grey Poupon? That was an indicator from my generation, for sure. If you had that mustard in the fridge, you were living large.

According to a popular online forum, there are several other indicators. Here are their top picks.

1. Getting Books the Scholastic Book Fairs

Scholastic Book Fair
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Were you fortunate enough to afford books at the annual Scholastic Book Fair in elementary school? Many kids were not. However, I relate to one who discusses only being given $5 from their parent and covering the cost of a book they didn’t want because it was all they had.

2. Getting Class Pictures

school picture day
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Similarly, numerous forum members admit they didn’t get school pictures because they were too expensive. It’s repeatedly mentioned as a sign of wealth growing up.

3. Birthday Parties at Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E. Cheese's birthday party
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Did you enjoy pizza parties with the rat while playing games and winning prizes? That’s not the reality for countless kids. So it makes sense that so many would see that as an indicator of wealth.

4. Having the Big Box of Crayons

Big Box of Crayola crayons
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Those 64 packs of Crayola Crayons with built-in sharpeners were a status growing up. It’s evolved to 128 packs and still holds merit. Just having the Crayola brand over Rose Art Crayons said a lot.

5. Having Brand Name Snacks and Lunchables

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Did you come to school with Lunchables and brand-name snacks? Or did you survive on free school lunches? The contrast between the glop they call food and a pack of fruit Gushers was stark. School pizza and burgers were the only edible things back when I was a kid.

6. Having Video Game Consoles

Nostalgic childhood Gen X Nintendo
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When I was growing up, having a Nintendo was an indicator of wealth (thanks, Dad, for working all that OT to make sure we got one the following year). Others grew up believing the same about kids with PlayStations and X-Boxes.

7. Air Conditioning

air conditioning
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I’m from Washington state, so up until the last decade, the weather never reached needing air conditioning temperatures. However, I imagine I’d have seen it as a luxury like many other internet users on this thread.

8. Having Cable TV

old TV box
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Cable television was a luxury that many poorer families didn’t afford. I vaguely recall moving TV antennas to get the few channels we had to come in. Fortunately, my dad upgraded at a fairly young age for me.

But man, if you had movie channels? That was certainly an indicator. Do you remember when Showtime, Disney, and HBO would do free weekends to reel people in? My dad was never persuaded.

9. Participating in School Sports

youth pee wee football
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Countless forum members confess that they thought participation in school sports meant someone was wealthy. Considering the cost of uniforms and the time commitment associated with games, I’d still consider it a sign. Many parents are stuck working overtime and second jobs without means of getting their children to all the mandatory time slots school sports take up.

10. Having a Second Refrigerator

beautiful woman with money
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Moreover, having a second refrigerator full of all different types of drinks besides water and Kool-Aid. These are typically in the garage and usually at your friend’s with the bigger homes. Also, refrigerators with a built-in ice dispenser and water filter were and still are viewed this way by many.

11. Trips to Disneyland

Disneyland California
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So many kids get to go to Disneyland and Disneyworld every year. I was not one of them. However, I finally made it there as a teenager. I remember being so jealous of all the kids who got to go. As we already established, I didn’t even have the Disney Channel. So, a trip to anywhere besides camping in the backyard was out of the question.

12. Going to Hawaii

rainbow waterfalls Kauai Hawaii
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On another note, there were also a handful of kids who were fortunate enough to go to Hawaii. Many people agree that they interpreted that as a sign of wealth before one clarifies; basically, taking any vacation indicated wealth.

13. Having a Swimming Pool

woman sitting in pool
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Did you have a swimming pool growing up? Me too! It was the same plastic one from K-Mart every year, and I lived in it in the summers. But that’s not the swimming pool we talk about when associating with rich people. In-ground pools? Don’t those still indicate wealth?

14. Having a Big Trampoline

big trampoline
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Jump Around, jump around. Jump up, jump up, and get down! Having one of those giant trampolines epitomized being rich to many forum members. You know, the ones at Costco that cost several hundred dollars.

15. Living in a House

How Much Money Should I Save Before Buying a House-decor
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Apartment and townhome dwellers explain that they believed you were one of the rich kids if you had a house. If you had your own bedroom or a second story? Double down!

16. Having Two Cars

woman in car driver
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Having multiple vehicles was seen as something only rich people had for many people in this thread. Was that you? Or were you rolling around in Vista Cruisers, too?

17. Multiple and/or Big-screen TVs

eye glasses money
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Multiple people decree that having more than one television set is something only rich people do. However, some argue they had a couple, but the size of the screen, on the other hand? That really said something. One reminds there was a time when having a color TV meant you were rich.

18. Having a Pantry

chill Black woman pointing at camera
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This one I don’t think I ever associated with wealth, but I had one growing up. Nonetheless, several forum members expressed that a pantry epitomized wealth to them.





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