Ultimate Amazon Gift Guide for Sober Recovery Gifts

I’m so excited to celebrate seven years heroin-free! So I created the Ultimate Amazon gift guide. It’s packed with badass sober recovery gifts. It’s so important to continue to acknowledge the recovering addict’s strengths. And also, to further encourage them on their journey.

One year, my cousin Amy gave me one of the best gifts anyone ever has. A necklace that is exactly my style. Engraved with my sobriety date. I couldn’t believe that she not only remembered my special day but took the time to be so thoughtful and caring.

I’m tearing up reliving it. Furthermore, it’s a special moment that I will always cherish and I encourage you to give that moment to a recovering addict in your life today. You don’t have to wait for a birthday or anniversary to show them how proud of their strength in recovery you are. Keep blessing them with little reminders. Also, never underestimate the power of a handmade gift.

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Recovery Coffee Mugs and Tumblers

Coffee mugs make terrific sober recovery gifts! From the moment I embraced recovery, I fell in love with java. Also, I don’t know many people in recovery who don’t share the same experience. However, I confess, I don’t know everybody.

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Sober Recovery Gifts in Fashion

Looking to dress your recovering addict up for success? There are hundreds of fashion sober recovery gifts. But I’ve narrowed it to best picks for this ultimate Amazon gift guide. Guaranteed to find something that suits their style.

Recovery T-Shirts

You can’t go wrong with t-shirts. I mean, who doesn’t wear them? Let your loved one know you’re still amazed by their strength and courage. Available in a variety of colors (despite only available to show in black). Also available in both men and women sizing.

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Recovery Hoodies and Sweatshirts

It’s hoodies and sweatshirt weather. Here are some of the best sober hoodies on Amazon. Many are unisex, or available in both men’s and women’s sizing. Additionally, they come in a variety of colors (although displayed in black).

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Recovery Yoga Wear in Sober Recovery Gifts

These sober recovery gifts are the perfect way to bless a yoga enthusiast kicking ass in recovery. Furthermore, they serve as a visual reminder of how ass-kicking they truly are. So Namastay on this Amazon gift guide.

Sober Recovery Gifts Yoga

Sober AF Gifts

Does the f-bomb speak to the person in recovery that you love? Fuck yeah! I can relate. So check out these Sober AF sober recovery gifts they’re sure to love like I do.

Sober AF Water Bottle
Sober Recovery Gifts Candle
Sober AF Popsocket

Sober Recovery Gifts That Bling

Jewelry is huge in sober recovery gifts. Give your loved one bling-bling to show you care. This Amazon gift guide includes jewelry for both men and women.

Recovery Necklaces

These Sober Medallions are perfect sober recovery gifts to celebrate sobriety birthdays for people in AA/NA. It’s 100% brushed stainless steel on a genuine leather cord. Furthermore, the wording is engraved. So it will not fade or chip and is available in other numbers.

Recovery Gift Necklaces are beautiful ways to encourage your loved one on their road to recovery. Additionally, a soft velvet bag, a thoughtful message, and a blank notecard with a matching embossed envelope are included in this recovery gift box. My favorite part of this gift is the ability to browse through different messages to gift with the necklace. Dear Ava guarantees their chains and it’s available in Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver finish.

The Serenity Prayer Necklace is a beautiful addition to a recovering addict’s road to recovery. With a genuine sterling silver chain and crystal clear cubic zirconia inscribed in 24k gold.

This Serenity Prayer Necklace features an inspirational Zen circle pendant. Additionally, it’s inscribed in 24k Gold on Round Onyx and is a beautiful message to be worn near their hearts.

Necklaces are perfect sober recovery gifts to commemorate the NA/AA birthdays. Furthermore, this 6 Month Recovery Necklace is engraved with the three legacies triangle symbol.

The Hearts Project AA 12 Step Anniversary necklace is a wonderful gift to commemorate a sobriety milestone or birthday. Made from sterling silver.

Recovery Bracelets

Bracelets are my favorite because they’re a beautiful reminder that catches your eye throughout your entire day. The One Day at a Time Bracelet features a cuff sliding box chain. It’s fully adjustable and will fit most wrist sizes. Its chain is simple, yet elegant and it can be worn with anything.

If the recovering addict you’re going to bless isn’t into elegant, the One Day at a Fucking Time Bracelet might be speaking more of their language. And that’s okay and you should support that. If they need the F word to emphasize their recovery then fuck itBetter an F-bomb than a F-uneral.

The Serenity Prayer Leather Bracelet is for men. Made with thick Dakota leather and it features two adjustable snaps. Furthermore, the serenity prayer is laser engraved and will not chip or fade.

The InJewels Serenity + Sobriety Spiritual Bracelet features genuine amethyst, peridot, labradorite, and rhodochrosite stones. Additionally, it’s adorned with a beautiful Tibetan silver AA charm.

Recovery Rings

Theserings are ideal for both men and women celebrating major milestones in their recovery. Furthermore, the insides are engravable for adding a personalized touch.

Sober Recovery Gifts Ring

Sober Recovery Earrings

What? Um, yeah. Recovery Earrings are a thing and they come in studs or dangles. So give a gift that allows them to share their story through fashion with a pair of these bling blings.

Sobriety Books and Journals

A key component of maturing is continued education. Reading is an excellent way to encourage growth. Additionally, there are many books recovering addicts find comfort in. Furthermore, journaling is an effective tool used in recovery. So I’ve included cool recovery journals too!

Sobriety Books

From the author of the Sober AF, (another awesome read) 32 Bada$$ Things About Being Sober is a fun and a quick reminder about how awesome it is to be sober. Also, the reviews on both books are phenomenal and the author is a complete badass.

The Gift of Recovery offers quick tips and tricks to help you deal with matters in-the-moment. Additionally, it helps addicts in recovery stay firmly on their road to recovery while aiding in coping with daily stress.

Combat alcoholism without conventional AA reading Sober for Good. Offering new solutions for drinking problems. Also, read advice from people who’ve succeeded.]

Give the gift of 12 Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery. A book designed to teach self-awareness and right-action to avoid relapse. Furthermore, it has a good amount of great reviews.

Recovery Journals

Gift this beautifully designed Sobriety Journal. Created by former alcoholic and acclaimed self-help author Joanne Edmund.

The You’re Still Sober Notebook is an excellent companion to 12-step recovery workbooks. Additionally, they work for journaling and note-taking.

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Something Different Sober Recovery Gifts

Looking for something more unique, fun, or personal? I hear ya. So consider these sober recovery gifts on the ultimate Amazon gift guide instead.

Sober Recovery Gifts for Coloring Enthusiasts

This adult coloring book is filled with popular slogans from AA/NA. Also, be sure to grab some fun pens for them to create with.

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This Handmade Personalized Sobriety Key Chain is beautiful. Featuring a silver-toned split key ring and an antique bezel pendant. Personalize it with your loved one’s name. And make their gift extra special.

This Sobriety AA/NA Keychain is made of hypoallergenic stainless steel. So it won’t rust. It’s a very special and personal gift for those recovering.


Recovery Reminder Stones are wonderful pocket reminders for addicts who are newer to recovery. And even a few old-timers.

These Recovery Quotes Fridge Magnets are great reminders of their wins and successes. And they are a fun alternative to t-shirts and coffee mugs.

The Serenity Prayer Luxury Ballpoint Pen is engraved with the serenity prayer in its entirety. Furthermore, it comes in a sleek gift box.


Surround your loved ones with messages of encouragement and support with these recovery posters. Art is a fantastic gift to brighten their day and their homes! Furthermore, these are excellent additions to recovery groups and meetings.

The Handmade We Do Recover NA Chapter 8 Gift Poster is a perfect addition to any recovery addicts home to serve as a reminder.

These Handmade Watercolor Art Prints are magnificent. And a beautiful set of motivational NA/AA recovery mindset quotes. Additionally, they are terrific blessings for recovery centers and meetings.

Sober Games

Pickup these Sober Playing Cards and spend time playing cards. Additionally, they can use the cards for daily support and inspiration.

The Better Me the Game of Growth is ideal for group discussions, exercises, and accountability. It helps build relationships for families, teens, and couples. Perfect for self-improvement and meaningful connections.

Sobriety Medallions, Chips, & Coins

Celebrate the recovering addict you love with recovery medallions. Also, these are great ways to encourage their success. Furthermore, it recognizes each day. One day at a time deserves validation.

Inspirational Sayings

Give the gift of inspiration with quote coins and medallions. The Personalized Engraved Sobriety Bronze AA/NA Coins are beautiful ways to say you’re proud.

Sober Recovery Gifts Time Coins

Gift your loved ones commemorative coins acknowledging their clean and sober time. There are coins for every year. However, I’ve only included a handful I thought were cool. You can personalize these with how many years of sobriety.

Veterans in Recovery
Personalized Sober Recovery Gifts

Recovery Coin Holders and Displays

Amazon has a couple amazing ways to hold and display recovery coins. Including keychains, stands, and a wall cabinet.

That wraps up the ultimate Amazon gift guide of sober recovery gifts. Still not sure what to get them? Ask them to add it to their Amazon Wish List and get them something they want and will truly cherish.

Did I miss any amazing Amazon finds? Share them in the comments below. And can you hit that Facebook or Pinterest button and share my work? Thanks!


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