10 Ridiculously Stupid Double Standards People Actually Believe Today

Can you believe it is 2023, and society still entertains double standards? It’s true, and here are several examples of double standards that people actually believe today. Do you?

1. Men and Women Cheating

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Can you imagine justifying a man cheating because it is only physical? In contrast, a woman’s affair is more about emotions and feelings, so it is somehow a more significant offense.

On the other hand, many people agree with this mindset: “It’s not okay for my boyfriend to cheat on me because that’s cheating. It’s okay if I cheat because I’m not getting what I need out of the relationship.” Cheating is wrong, and you both suck.

2. Undocumented Workers

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How about the people who have the audacity to complain about “illegal aliens” and then hire a bunch of undocumented immigrants because they work hard and for much less money? This double standard is a common American practice.

3. Judging Women by Their Clothing

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True story — when you have no idea who the father is for two out of three of your children, you have zero business calling women derogatory names for wearing short shorts and crop tops.

4. Complaining About Welfare

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Have you ever been around someone complaining about people abusing the welfare system? Things like: “Get a job” and “Stop drinking Starbucks, and you’ll have more money” come out of these people’s mouths. Meanwhile, many of them are getting health insurance and social security from the State.

5. Judging Others by Actions

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Have you ever noticed that we judge ourselves by our thoughts and intentions and others by their actions? Harvard reports: The fundamental attribution error refers to an individual’s tendency to attribute another’s actions to their character or personality while attributing their behavior to external situational factors outside of their control. In other words, you tend to cut yourself a break while holding others 100 percent accountable for their actions.”

6. Sexual Assault

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An unfortunate number of people have been sexually assaulted in their lives. Nonetheless, society has a double standard pending gender. If it’s a woman, it’s acknowledged as a horrible crime.

However, when a man reports the assault, many people dismiss it as not a real thing because they are a man. Sometimes, people will even make “jokes,” suggesting that if their teacher looked that good, they would be happy to be assaulted and that they should be happy about it. It’s tragic.

7. Body Counts

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A common double standard in society revolves around the number of people a person has slept with. If you are a man who has a track record, you’re often revered as a stud. But if a woman reports the same numbers, she’s dismissed as promiscuous.

8. Hitting

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Hitting someone is wrong, regardless of age, sex, race, or gender. However, society has a double standard in place when it comes to gender. If a man hits a woman, he’s an abuser and deserves criminal charges. But when a woman hits a man, it’s often dismissed. Even if a man hits a woman in self-defense, it’s not seen that way.

9. Mental Health

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While the stigma attached to mental health and mental health care is slowly disappearing, unfortunately, men are experiencing a double standard. Often when a man is vulnerable and shares they have something like PTSD, they are dismissed with statements like: “Man up.”

10. Parenting

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Isn’t it weird how many moms run around like chickens with their heads cut off to ensure a household runs smoothly? The kids are cared for, but when a man does a dish or watches them, people praise them as if they are doing something women don’t do every day. Sometimes, people will bend over backward to help a dad out while mom is away. Still, moms don’t see that type of support or praise for taking care of their responsibilities.

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