15 Stupid Lies That the American Public Needs To Stop Believing

There are so many stupid lies that are spread by Americans in today’s massive days of misinformation that it is frightening. Add AI to the mix, and you can’t even trust what you believe with your own eyes. After someone polled an online forum of Americans seeking examples of said lies, here is what they volunteered as fiction. Do you agree?

1. That You Should Kick Your Kids Out at 18

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Someone suggests, “That you have to move out of your parent’s house by 18. Seriously, the U.S.A. is the only country like this.” In other countries, sons and daughters live together under one roof as a family, and everyone does their part.

2. That Opposites Attract

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Have you ever heard the saying, “Opposites attract?” It’s not true. One elaborates, ” Not only has this been disproven by science, but it also makes sense that a partner should have similar values and traits to you.”

3. That the Government Wants Best for You

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Do you believe the government wants what’s best for you and me? Then, I’ve got some oceanside property to see you in Arizona. One person says, “That the government has any collective goal is the bigger lie. We’re all just cogs in a massive, poorly communicating bureaucracy trying to keep the lights on in exchange for nominal pay and a stable retirement.” What do you think?

4. That You’ll Get Rich By Working Hard

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The unfortunate truth is that you can work your literal bum off and be poor for the rest of your life. However, so many people think hard work always pays off.

5. That Religion Makes You a Good Person

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One user suggests we stop believing the lie “That being religious automatically makes you a good person despite your actions.” Another person replies, “I saw this somewhere else. I don’t know where. ‘If you need a god to tell you how to be a good person, you’re not a good person.'”

6. That Diamonds Are Valuable

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“That diamonds have any value at all. We use them to coat our saw blades to cut tile and masonry. So stop buying diamonds,” announces one. A second user adds, “So much this. I hate that people think diamonds are precious stones. 100% propaganda by De Beers.” However, a third argues, “They are the hardest material on earth, so they do have value, just not what most people use them for.”

7. That Human Resources Is There for Your Protection

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Wait, some people believe that human resources (HR) is there to protect us? One announces, “HR exists to protect the company. Sometimes employees “win,” or a decision is made in their favor, but that’s solely because it would likely open the company up to a lawsuit or set a precedent that could negatively impact the company. So at the end of the day, HR did what was best for the company in the long run.”

8. That We’re All Going To Be Rich and Famous

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A couple of teachers spoke about a youth issue: “I’m a science teacher, and so many of my students have this mentality that they’ll be rich and famous one day. The media programs our kids to think they’re exceptional.”

A second admits, “Middle school teacher here. In conversations to prep them for high school, I informed them that the statistics prove that not everyone will get rich and be an Instagram influencer. In fact, likely none of them will.”

9. That Politicians Care

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This should be the number one response, “Politicians care about you and your issues. Or that they will follow through with campaign promises.” My goodness, the number of Americans still putting their faith in this lesser-of-two-evils system is shocking.

10. That Food Prices Are Up Because of Farmers

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Another lie the forum discussed was “That food prices have gone up because of farmers. Prices are up because companies are using inflation as a cover for price gouging. They are generating record-breaking profits.”

11. That The Food Pyramid Is Real

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Do you remember learning about the food pyramid in school? I do, but it is not the way at all. One person says, “The official food pyramid is slowly killing our country with diabetes.” A second person notes, “That got nixed about 15 years ago, just FYI. They teach MyPlate now.” However, the truth is many people still believe the lies schools taught us with the pyramid.

12. That People Can’t Be Logical and Emotional at the Same Time

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Right? It’s not one or the other. However, many people treat it as such. One exclaims, “Yes, this! The whole right-brain thinker vs. left-brain thinker is such a ridiculous concept. Everyone should strive to have a balance between using both sides of their brains.”

13. That Pharmaceutical Companies Are Trying To Help Us

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As someone who was stung out on prescription opioids for five years before evolving into full-blown heroin addiction, this one grinds my gears. I think the worst part about the entire ordeal is that I asked my doctor if Percoset was addictive because of my personality, and he looked me dead in the eyes and said, “No.” Gratefully, I am nearing ten years opioid-free.

However, Big Pharma does not have our best interest or health at heart, as demonstrated by one user who admits, “I am currently on drugs that cost around $6000-7000 dollars a month. Luckily I have really good insurance through work, so I only pay about $15 bucks out of pocket. It’s crazy.”

14. That Mental Illness Isn’t Real and Isn’t a Disability

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Have you heard people disregard mental health as being a legitimate thing? I have, and it’s funny. Yet, those same people are quick to bring it up with active shooters. “It’s not a gun thing. It’s a mental health thing,” they say. Hypocrites.

A forum member adds, “Yup, there’s a whole chuck of Christianity that’s like “if you just pray hard enough!” Or “it’s a spiritual problem, not a mental health problem.”

15. That The Election Was Stolen

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Numerous people are tired of hearing that the election was stolen. One suggests, “It’s been debunked by the bottom on up to the courts. It’s just a not-so-well-contrived plan to ‘steal’ the election based on the ‘boogyman’ tactics that are purely based on demagoguery 101.” However, true to its political nature, others argue that it was rigged.

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