The 12 Stupidest Controversies of the Last Decade According to the Internet

Considering the constant bologna being passed off as news to satisfy the 24-hour cycles, conjuring up a list of stupid controversies is not difficult. After someone asked an online forum, “What is the dumbest controversy of the last ten years?” Here are their top responses. Although, I’d classify some of these as more conspiracies than controversies.

1. Flat Earth

Yeah, I do not understand the flat Earth movement, either. To be fair, I haven’t tried to understand their position because it seems like a ludicrous attack on my common sense. Nonetheless, others have been subject to the rhetoric.

A user explains their father worked with a flat Earther who insisted upon talking to him non-stop at work and even attempting to get him to watch videos. His dad eventually told the guy he had no interest in the topic, and he was offended by his lack of interest.

2. The Sandy Hook Conspiracy

I won’t dignify this one with a bunch of ridiculous details. However, short and to the point, Alex Jones had the audacity to say that we were fooled by the story because of crisis actors. It led to a weird cult following of idiots who spread the lunacy.

3. The Green M&M’s Boots to Shoes

Changing the boots of an animated M&M to shoes sparked quite an absurd controversy. Someone points out, “Who cares what it’s wearing? It’s an advertisement for candy. The people who got bent out of shape about it are weird.” I agree.

4. Obama’s Tan Suit

One of my favorite clips about Obama and his tan suit being a controversy is Trevor Noah’s bit on The Daily Show. I laughed at the clip they put together of all the news reports obsessing over Obama wearing a tan suit. It drives home the point that political allegiance and extremism lead to some stupid things. The spicy mustard on a hot dog controversy with Obama was equally ridiculous. 

5. Vaccines

A small portion of the population has decided that vaccines aren’t safe. Many individuals lament about the time when we lost more kids to illnesses that vaccines nearly eradicated. Now, we have to deal with measles outbreaks again because some parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children or themselves anymore. Someone declares, “It’s one of the best things science has ever done for humanity.” Others reminisce about the stupid chip implants and 5G claims associated with them.

6. QAnon

Q: Into the Storm was a fascinating six-part docuseries that broke down how QAnon came about and outlined some of their beliefs. It’s a strange rabbit hole, to say the least. A commenter breaks it down briefly. QAnon began as a 4chan post that people genuinely began to believe. It’s called “QAnon” because the anonymous user referred to themselves as Q.

Someone shares that the top of the 4chan page says, “The stories and information found here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything found here as fact.” Yet, so many people fell for it and still are today.

7. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Leaving the British Monarchy

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were plastered everywhere. They even produced the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan, spilling the royal tea. The media really pinned the brothers against each other. If I am being honest, I knew very little about this one, but the docuseries was an interesting watch. 

8. To Mask or Not to Mask

The mask controversy was honestly scary. How hard is it to put it on to respect seniors and immunocompromised populations? It honestly shocked me that many of these people are the ones who spout, “Love thy neighbor.”

A forum member clarifies, “I was Why on Earth have doctors and nurses been wearing them all this time for operations and on wards where patients have communicable diseases? Yes, they’re not 100% effective. But it helps to significantly reduce the number of particulates reaching you if both parties are masked.”

9. Culture Wars

“Any ‘controversy’ created by the U.S. political duopoly that pushes the current culture war,” states one. “The culture war is intended to keep the people fighting against each other rather than uniting in a class war.” A second person writes, “Let’s not forget how they forcibly keep it a two-party system by, in a sense, muting the other parties.”

10. The Red Cup

In 2015, the plain red Starbucks cups without the usual festive designs sparked quite a controversy when they were accused of being anti-Christian. The story was covered incessantly. A thread contributor acknowledges, “This was a truly stupid moment in American news history.”

11. The Insurrection Denial

Countless folks agree with one who says, “Those who think the Jan. 6th attempted coup was no big deal. The president of the United States of America tried to force his way back into office after another person was elected. We came within a hair’s breadth of losing our democracy.

How can anyone in this country not be outraged and scared out of their mind by that?” It’s extra frightening because if it was a political party reversal, those same people would call it an insurrection of “demoncrats.” The hypocrisy of all political extremists is very scary.

12. Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light

The Dylan Mulvaney and Bud Light controversy occurs several times in the forum. Someone explains, “They didn’t use her in a campaign. Didn’t make a billboard of her. Didn’t put her face on a can of beer…except that one can they sent her to celebrate herself. And half of America lost their minds.”

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