15 Tattoos That Are Immediate Bright Red Flags According to the Internet

Are you here to make sure your tattoos aren’t on this list? I laughed out loud when someone asked an online community what tattoos are red flags, and a member answered: “A Chinese flag tattoo is definitely a red flag.” Another added: “A Swiss flag is also a big plus.” But what can I say? I am cheesy. Nonetheless, here are their real answers. Do you agree?

1. Lipstick Kiss on Your Neck

Lipstick kiss neck
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It’s the consensus of this thread that if you have a lipstick kiss on your neck, that’s a bright red flag. A member explains, “For those who don’t know, the lipstick kiss is a known tattoo for the MS-13 gang because it makes a 13 shape.” However, the tattoo is not exclusive to the gang.

2. Names of Lovers

name tattoo
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According to many tattoo artists, getting a girlfriend or boyfriend’s name tattooed on you is like the kiss of death for that relationship. Others admit they refuse to do name tattoos unless it’s the name of a lost loved one or their child’s name.

3. Bowties on the Back of Your Thighs

tattoo artist
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Have you seen women with bow ties tattoed on the back of their things? It looks like According to this forum — it’s a bright red flag that signals you’re hot but crazy.

4. Paw Prints on Your Chest

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First, I love Eve and am only using her picture to demonstrate what these users are saying. I’ve seen my fair share of women working in the public with paw prints tattooed on their chests.

The paws range from big cat to bear to raccoon prints and, in my experience, an alcoholic beverage. Numerous individuals agree that cheetah prints anywhere on the body are a red flag, too.

5. “Only God Can Judge Me”

Only God Can Judge Me
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Comedian Kyle Kinne did a hilarious stand-up where he asked: “How many “Only God Can Judge Me” tattoos have been in a courtroom?” Followed by: “It’s a 100%. It’s 100% of those tattoos.”

6. “Wolves Don’t Lose Sleep Over the Opinions of Sheep”

annoyed eye roll
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Have you seen the tattoos reading: “Wolves Don’t Lose Sleep Over the Opinions of Sheep.?” I imagine the people with these tattoos still wear No Fear brand clothing with their false sense of being.

7. “If You Can’t Handle Me at My Worst, You Don’t Deserve Me at My Best”

headache frustrated stressed
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I’ve seen this all over social media in meme form but didn’t realize that it was a quote attributed to Marilyn Monroe despite any evidence of her ever saying it. Nonetheless, numerous individuals confess it’s a red flag tattoo.

8. Asian Writing

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OK. Not all Asian writing tattoos are terrible, but when you aren’t Asian and get Chinese characters, sometimes it’s not what you think. I worked in a Chinese restaurant, and a server asked the boss to write the character for something profound, and he wrote his name. I kid you not; she got it tattooed on her, and she found out not long after what it really meant.

Tom Arnold got a tattoo of the Chinese symbol for “love of mankind.” However, he later discovered it meant “man love” after showing it to Jet Li. Tom Arnold on The Howard Stern Show explains: “Jet laughed that it was a particularly aggressive symbol of homosexuality. ‘It’s, like, super gay. It’s not just a little gay. It’s like gay to the tenth [degree].’”

9. Punisher Skull

annoyed eye roll
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The Punisher skull symbolizes Marvel’s popular character, the Punisher, who wears a death’s head skull on his chest. However, it has evolved into a symbol of military power and infiltrated the police force. Many racist far-right extremist group members have these tattoos.

10. Swastika

yellow time out
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Swastikas are a symbol turned to hate after being adopted by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. An unbelievable number of people get them tattooed onto their bodies, and it’s a massive red flag to these internet users. I’ll never forget seeing a man working out with a giant swastika tattooed on his calf muscle like it was no big deal. Disgusting.

11. Confederate Flag

Black woman glasses annoyed
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Another racist and hateful symbol, the Confederate flag, is something that stands out as a literal red flag. While some people suggest it’s not about hate but heritage, we all know the truth.

12. Playboy Bunny

disgusted men ew face
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Considering what the Playboy symbolizes, I understand why people would consider it a red flag as a permanent tattoo on your body. Just what exactly are you trying to say? Because it certainly tells its own nasty story.

13. Political Tattoos

no thanks ick
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Any tattoo resembling political viewpoints, images of Presidents, the Constitution, and phrases like “Not My President” and “We the People” are all called out for being significant red flags.

14. Face Tattoos

face tattoo body art
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Facial tattoos of any kind are mentioned dozens of times. It used to be a rarer occurrence, but now it’s become mainstream. The majority of people see it as a red flag.

15. Teardrop Under Your Eye

face tattoo prisoner
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Each teardrop tattoo under an eye represents a life that person took. So, all in all, I’d say that is the biggest red flag of a tattoo that exists. Wouldn’t you?

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