The Best Aromatherapy Jewelry to Alleviate Anxiety

Did you know that you can diffuse essential oils with aromatherapy jewelry? In fact, it’s a popular way to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety throughout your day.

Aromatherapy jewelry includes many exclusive designs and familiar styles. Perhaps the most popular is essential oil bracelets.

However, there are several options for diffusing essential oils with jewelry. Choose from rings, earrings, and pendant necklaces. Which aromatherapy jewelry piece best suits your personal style?

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Essential Oil Bracelets in Aromatherapy Jewelry

Diffusing essential oils with aromatherapy bracelets is a quick way to alleviate anxiety. Add your favorite fragrance and enjoy the scent throughout your day. Here are a handful of the cutest essential oil bracelets.

Essential Oils Bracelet for Anxiety

Firstly, the Tree of Life Crystal Stainless Steel Bracelet is gorgeous. Equipped with a strong magnets closure and solid back design. To ensure you never need to worry about getting oil on your clothes.

Makes a wonderful gift for moms and other women.

Alternatively, this Hollow-Out Heart Locket Bracelet is made from beautiful alloy. Complete with six colored diffuser pieces of cotton. This charm style bracelet is lovely.

Also, it doubles as an urn memorial locket.

Aromatherapy Bracelet in Leather

So who adores cats as much as I do? This Small Box Genuine Leather Bracelet displays a cute stainless steel kitty cat! It comes with twelve color diffuser pads.

Available in five colors. Including red, pink, white, and navy.

Similarly, this Star of David Genuine Leather Bracelet is available in the same five colors. The strap is made of high-quality soft leather, and the star is stainless steel.

Additionally, it is lightweight and adjustable.

Lava Essential Oil Bracelets

These Subherban Essential Oil Bracelets are beautifully handmade. Look at this Terra Wrap style. They are also available in Mermaid Style and Love Wrap.

Additionally, there are matching earrings featured later on this list.

In contrast, these Aromatherapy Lava Bracelets feature positive affirmations. Featured here with a message that reads, Blessed. However, it’s available with six different affirmations. Such as Balance, Breathe, Hope, and Believe. Furthermore, there’s a witty Eat Pray Oil message.

Furthermore, you may choose between the rose gold plating, gold plating, or silver.

Essential Oil Necklaces in Aromatherapy Jewelry

Alternatively, try diffusing essential oils with a beautiful necklace. There are thousands of alluring styles.

Essential Oil Necklace Lava Stone

For example, this Lava Beaded Diffuser Necklace stuns with its unique chain and 4mm beads.

Available in both silver and rose gold selections.

Essential Oil Necklace Sterling Silver

Also, these Sterling Silver Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces are available in four unique designs. Displayed here is the elegant Tear Drop design. However, there is a Heart Shape, Ball Shape, and Round Shape Sunshine.

Also, each necklace comes with ten different colored pads. Or diffusing lava beads.

On the other hand, this Vintage Style Filigree Infinity Necklace is a showstopper. Firstly, it’s covered in sparkling CZ cubic zirconia. Secondly, this .925 sterling silver locket can be used to store sentimental keepsakes. In addition to colored felts with essential oil.

Thirdly, CZ Jewelry is virtually flawless, and the only one who can notice the difference is a skilled-jeweler.

Unquestionably, this Sterling Silver 18k Rose Gold Locket is enchanting. It’s adorned with beautiful Swarovski cubic zircon, and embellished with deep blue zircon.

Also, it’s nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, and anallergic. So it’s tarnish resistant and will not easily change color.

Diffuser Pendant Necklaces

The Harry Potter Lava Stone Necklace is a magnificent design. Unquestionably, this is a must-have for any Harry Potter fan. Featuring an intricate design with silver wings over a silver locket. Resembling the Snitch used in the game of Quidditch.

Add essential oils or perfume to the lava ball inside the Snitches’ locket. And it should diffuse for two days when using quality oils.

Aromatherapy Necklaces That Can Be Customized

These Stainless Steel Aromatherapy Lockets come in twenty-five different styles and colors. Also, they are completely customizable. Personalize your gift with names, dates, and messages of love. Here is a heart-shaped locket style for heart lovers. Additionally, these aromatherapy lockets are unisex.

For example, this black stainless steel locket looks sexy on men. Furthermore, it resembles the Mockingjay from the Hunger Games. Awesome!

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Aromatherapy Earrings in Aromatherapy Jewelry

Firstly, Subherban Essential Oil Earrings come in several different colors and styles. Secondly, this handmade jewelry is made with Amazonite to relieve stress and anxiety. These are the Mermaid Earrings. However, they are available in Terra and Love selections.

Lastly, each piece comes with a beautiful instruction card that details the properties of the gemstones.

On the other hand, these Dangling Fleur De Lis Earrings are striking. Available in two additional styles. Including the Ball Drop Silver Tree and Tear Drop Silver designs.

Also, they include two sets of five lava rock beads. So you can swap colors.

These SENFAI Lotus Flower Earrings dangle beautifully. Constructed from copper materials and natural lava stone. You’re certain to be complimented on this exquisite design.

Additionally, these are available in three tones. Including 10k gold plated, Rhodium plated, and rose gold plated.

Essential Oil Watch in Aromatherapy Jewelry

This Diffuser Bracelet Wristwatch is a unique find. Traditionally, aromatherapy jewelry includes Watch Style Bracelets without the clock. However, this piece is an actual wristwatch.

Complete with golden leather band and eight washable color pads.

Essential Oils Ring in Aromatherapy Jewelry

Firstly, this Tree of Life Diffuser Ring features a stainless steel magnetic locket. Secondly, swap out colors with eight different pads. Thirdly, the pads are washable and reusable.

Lastly, this ring is available in sizes seven, eight, and nine.

Alternatively, this Celtic Knot Design comes in stainless steel with twelve color pads. So you can pair it easily with everything in your closet. Additionally, the Celtic knot design symbolizes a close connection with your loved one.

Furthermore, it doubles as an essential oil car diffuser with a vent clip-on!

Without a doubt, this Diffuser Locket Ring with Crystals will turn heads. Made with copper materials with nickel-free plating.

Also, this ring is adjustable and includes interchangeable color beads.

Last but not least, the Black Lava Stone Diffuser Ring is incredible at preserving your favorite oil. So simply add your desired fragrance and go.

However, it’s only available in size seven.

Aromatherapy Brooches

There are a plethora of super-cool Aromatherapy Brooches and Pins. Here are a couple of my favorite finds!

The Wild Essentials Hang In There Sloth pin is adorable! Also, it includes eight color diffuser pads and four essential oils.

Which are Zen, Inner Calm, lavender, and peppermint.

So the Aromabug Aromapin Hemp Leaf is eye-catching. It comes with six high-fiber pads and three essential oils!

It makes a perfect gift for your stoner friends.

That concludes our list of aromatherapy jewelry to alleviate anxiety. Did you find any must-have pieces? Don’t miss out on Aromatherapy Keychains. And please let me know what your favorite piece is in the comments. Thank you! You’re awesome for that! 🙂

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