10 Significant Things Damaging Kids Mental Health Today

Today’s kids have it so much more complicated in many ways than we ever did. Between knowing everything because of the computer in their pockets to dealing with grown issues being forced upon them, here are several things that are the biggest risks of damaging kids’ mental health.

1. Parents

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Parents can be the most significant negative influence on a child’s mental health and not even know it. From apathetic to incompetent parents, people who have done zero self-work and self-reflection in their lives will leave negative impacts on their children’s mental well-being.

2. Bullying

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As someone who was bullied by the same gang of mean girls for three years, I can attest to the fact it screws kids up. Schools today claim a “no bully policy,” but sometimes that translates to the victims getting into trouble for defending themselves. A bully can destroy self-esteem and leave an impact on their victim’s mental health well into adulthood.

3. Adult Entertainment

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Adult entertainment is prevalent in teenage phone search histories and even younger kids’ phone searches. It infuriates me that movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming have a joke that says the name of the word for adult films.

They know kids watch the movie; it’s got a PG-13 rating. I genuinely believe Hollywood does that on purpose to lead children to Google what it is and indulge in a new addiction where these sick, perverse sites take in ungodly amounts of money on ad revenue.

The worst part is that society doesn’t realize adult entertainment’s effects on a developing brain. It can warp anyone’s sense of reality, and with what I’ve read about what people can do to create those times of films with AI, I fear it will drastically get worse.

4. Inactivity

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Inactivity is detrimental to anyone’s mental health. Physical activity, specifically aerobic exercise, is best for your mental health. Aerobic exercise, such as swimming, running, basketball, and cycling, reduces the body’s stress hormones, like cortisol levels, while releasing your much-needed feel-good endorphins.

5. Childhood Trauma

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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that Two-thirds of American children experience a potentially traumatic event by age 16, and one in seven American children experience abuse or neglect.

Some examples include physical, psychological, or sexual abuse, witnessing or experiencing domestic violence, school or community violence, neglect, and sudden or violent loss of a loved one.

6. School Shootings

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School shootings are something that majorly weighs heavy on our youth’s mental health. I’ll never forget when my daughter began discussing “Intruder Drills” they were running at school. She was in elementary school and said: “They treat us like we are dumb and don’t know they are talking about a school shooter.” My heart sank.

My now teenager has come to the conclusion about how stupid they are because: “The guy with the gun is in school participating in the drills, so he knows what they expect us to do and where we will all be hiding. How is that safe? Make it make sense?”

7. Social Media

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Social media has devolved into a toxic space of constant negativity, division, and hate. That’s true if you’re a kid on social media, too. Cyberbullying is real, and it’s leading to children thinking about ending their lives, with some following through on their thoughts. It’s tragic.

8. Body Dysmorphia

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Body dysmorphia and eating disorders are on the rise, thanks to social media and other cultural factors. Have you noticed how many people are getting ridiculous plastic surgery? Everyone wants to look the same: this plastic Kardashian fake girl with lips that look stung by bees.

It’s devastating mental health in children and adults alike. I think society has completely forgotten what natural beauty looks like or how to embrace it anymore.

9. Overscheduling

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The lack of independence kids who are overscheduled experience is damaging. They won’t know what to do once they sit down and do nothing — constantly dependent on interaction and activity. Isolation and depression follow because they haven’t taken the time to understand their emotions or be alone for even a little bit.

10. Music

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Much of today’s music is full of degrading lyrics, glamorizing criminal activity and substance abuse. I know that every generation of parents has had an issue with their children’s music since Elvis gyrated all over their black-and-white television.

But today’s music is so much worse. It’s filled with symbolism and satanic idolatry, and the artist’s performances prove that they’re not trying to hide it anymore. What you put in you is absolutely what will come out. It’s depressing.

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