Things That Donald Trump and His MAGA Cult Ruined for the Rest of Us

What did MAGA ruin for you? I’ll go first and say relationships. Family and friends I have known for years revealed a side to them I didn’t realize existed or represented their thoughts on things like the rights of people of color.

Recognizing That Racism Exists and Is Rampant

Racist Trump protest
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My husband is Black, which has opened my eyes to a world I didn’t see before. In 2016, racists became empowered, and things got terrible. My fourth grader was called the N-word at school, and they failed even to notify me. My husband was called the N-word because an irate customer at the cell phone store didn’t like that he wouldn’t do something outside of policy and had zero control over.

The Aftermath of George Floyd

George Floyd BLM
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After George Floyd was murdered, Proud Boys dressed in tactical gear and who were heavily armed would camp in parking lots to intimidate shoppers. While participating in a march against police violence organized by the local high school, they sat in an elevated position in an American Legion building, shouting obscenities.

It was an extra pain for my husband, a U.S. veteran who fought in Iraq. It really bothered him. They also ensured motorcycles continued to circle the speech so that no one could hear anything. Loud and proud, with giant Trump flags flying from their trucks.

True Colors: Seeing Outside of Black and White

White Silence is Violence
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My family and friends made excuses like fentanyl use, justifying the murder that we all watched with our own eyes. I was appalled. I still am. So many people in my life that identify as Christians said some of the most hateful, bigoted, disrespectful things under the guise of “Patriotism and Christianity.”

What I saw in social media feeds caused me to unfriend my flesh and blood. Those years were life-changing for me in many ways, and I grew up and out of the conservative and evangelical idealogy that I’d known before as truth.

Not Alone

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I was not alone. Countless individuals had their own awakenings and relationships destroyed as a result. But it’s not all we lost. After someone asked a popular online forum what else Donald Trump and the MAGA cult ruined for the rest of us, here are their honest confessions.

1. The Delusion of Time Healing Things

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One forum member explains, “My delusion that things would get better on their own with enough time. With its rise and acceptance, I understood the better tomorrow needs to be actively fought for, and being silent was no longer an option.”

2. Red Hats

MAGA hat
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Red hats have been tainted for anyone who doesn’t support Donald Trump. For example, a user shares, “My undergrad alma mater’s color is red. I spent hundreds of dollars over the years on the red team swag-including ball caps. None of which I can wear in public any longer.” Several others mention retiring their favorite sports teams’ caps because they don’t want to be mistaken as a MAGA member.

3. The Supreme Court

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Thousands of people agree with one who suggests, “The U.S. Supreme Court and countless lower court appointees are jacking things up all over the place.” However, some argue that it was already messed up but that he solidified it.

4. A Women’s Right to Choose

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The women in the forum mention that Trump and his actions ruined their right to choose what to do with their bodies. One elaborates, “I can’t even imagine what it’s like being a woman in one of those states. I think I would constantly be enraged. I did move back to CA after Roe as I felt safer there. I would imagine other women doing the same. At what point will these states have a gender imbalance?”

5. The American Flag and Patriotism

January 6th insurrection
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My mother was a Korean war orphan who proudly flew her American flag every Fourth of July, Memorial, and Veterans Day. However, after Trump took office and all of the bigots flew their Trump, Confederate, and Nazi flags with our American flag, she put it away for fear of being automatically labeled a racist. She was not the only one who shared this experience. After the insurrection, the flag feels much less patriotic.

6. Christianity

MAGA In God We Trump
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I felt this one, but I still love Jesus. To hear so many Christians defend and support all the filth that Trump was spewing and doing was shocking for me, especially with the immigrant children. It destroyed my understanding of “Love your neighbor.”

The fact that so many MAGA extremists believe he is a Christian and wear shirts saying, “Trump is my President, Jesus is my Savior,” was infuriating and idolatrous. He gassed people for a photo op of him holding the Bible upside down. I can’t imagine Christ doing that. An unfortunate number of people completely abandoned the church because of MAGA.

For example, one states, “I used to be a Pastor. I used to be an evangelical pastor. The MAGA movement changed me to the point where I’m now an agnostic, and I firmly believe evangelism is a cult movement and nothing similar to what Christ taught.”

7. Peace

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“My peace,” laments one. “I can’t go anywhere online or in person without everything being turned into political theater. Even things that aren’t remotely political are somehow turned political.

Regarding politics, I would prefer to engage when I want to and not have to listen to someone berate a poor store worker over “woke fruit,” whatever that is.” This is true of any comment section too. People will make everything political and spew their hatred at each other. It’s sickening.

8. Holiday Dinners

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Countless individuals relate to one who expresses that Thanksgiving and Christmas are forever tainted because MAGA helped expose the bigotry in their family.

9. Military Careers

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Another user confesses, “My military career. I was in the Army until #45 decided my being trans was harmful to my unit. So I lost eight years of my life doing that.”

10. Being Proud to Be an American

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Someone shares, “When I went back to school during the peak of the pandemic, I absolutely 100% refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of each day. MAGA ruined being proud to be an American, for I am no longer proud.” Many others admit that the song “Proud to Be an American” is also ruined for good.

My pride in being an American also faded, but I am thankful for that growth. God doesn’t want us to be proud. Pride is a sin. So I don’t understand how being a Nationalist who is proud of their country, flag, and military over what the bible says translates to a Christian nation, as MAGA cult members profess it to be.

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