12 Things Every Man Should Try Even Though They Are Stigmatized as “Girly”

A recent online discussion responds to the question: “What are the things every man should at least try even though they are stigmatized as feminine or unmanly?” Here are THEIR top-voted responses. Do you agree?

1. Drinks With Umbrellas

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According to the forum, drinking the fruitiest drinks and mocktails is something often associated with women that every man should try at least one time in their life.

2. Telling Your Friends That You Love Them

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Telling your friends that you love them shouldn’t be stigmatized as feminine. A man suggests, “If you deeply care about them, that’s love. Let your friends know they are loved.” Another explains that when he had surgery, his friends expressed their love for him for the first time, and it was a wonderful experience.

3. Being the Little Spoon

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Are you a fan of spooning? Typically, we think of men as being the bigger spoon by default. However, men in this community say that being the little spoon sometimes is a nice change. “I wanna be held and cuddled too!”

4. Going to the Spa

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The spa is not reserved exclusively for women, despite some Neanderthal understanding of how that works. Who wouldn’t enjoy manicures, pedicures, haircuts, and full body massages? Making a day out of it is an experience that everyone should enjoy. Don’t worry, guys; you don’t have to get polish!

5. Shaving Legs

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Many athletes shave their legs, but it is not usually something that a man does regularly. However, one man writes that he did for one year for Halloween, an experience he encouraged others to try: “Getting into bed with fresh sheets that night and rubbing my legs on M’Lady’s smooth legs was pretty fantastic.” He did note that it sucks when the hair grows back but reiterates trying it.

6. Growing Hair Out

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Multiple men express that everyone should grow their hair out at least once in their lifetime. Some men reminisce on the time they had long locks before going bald: “Do it before you can’t any longer, without looking like Krusty the Clown.” Alternatively, several men suggest that every man should try shaving their head once.

7. Skincare Routine

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While a skincare routine is not a one-time experience, it still makes the list because it’s somehow become associated with feminity. “I don’t know why so many guys object to a good face or eye mask at the end of the night, maybe some retinol, a moisturizer, even a BB (Beautifying Balm) cream to even out your skin tone,” writes one.

Another adds to try a, “Peel off face mask. They’re so fun. It’s like when you used to let glue dry on your hand and peel it off. Except it’s on your face and smells like cucumbers!”

8. Crying

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God gave us tear ducts to cleanse the soul, yet somehow crying has been engrained in society as something a man should not do. That’s bogus. Crying is a great release and something everyone should embrace as a healthy part of expressing and feeling their emotions. One man suggests, “You always feel better after, always.”

9. Sitting Down on the Pot

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Numerous male forum members explain that sitting down before urinating is a life-changing experience, especially regarding cleaning the bathroom. Come to think of it — I have heard peeing while sitting down used as an insult to shame men as being feminine. As someone who cleans the bathrooms, we appreciate it.

10. Cooking

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The fact that an essential life skill needed for survival has somehow been deemed unmanly and feminine is absurd. Someone explains they dated a guy whose mom encouraged him not to take the cooking class because it was “Too girly.” However, a man argues, “Cooking is super masculine. You get to play with knives and fire in a poorly ventilated workspace.”

11. Taking a Bath

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Another oddity is labeling bathing your body as unmanly and feminine. But it’s a thing. “Take a bath, my friends — with bubbles, candles, and bath bombs. I feel like a new man afterward,” one admits.

12. Therapy

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Countless men agree with one who recommends that men embrace therapy: “Therapy has been absolutely amazing for me, and I didn’t start until my 30s mostly due to stigma.” Unpacking unhealed trauma, learning ways to cope and heal, and discussing life’s issues shouldn’t be reserved for women.

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