The 11 Things Everyone Needs to Try at Least Once in Their Lifetime

Do you have a suggestion for something everyone should try at least once in their life? I’ll go first—the ocean. Everyone deserves to experience the ocean’s beautiful views, sounds, and smells. If I could go to bed and wake up to it every day — I would — but ocean front property costs a pretty penny! Still, I digress.

1. The Ocean

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The feeling of sand between your toes and joy in searching for shells. As someone born in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve spent many moments humbled by the ocean’s stillness. It’s where I go to feel God. After someone asked for other experiences everyone should have once in their lifetime, these were the most discussed.

2. Living Alone

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Living alone is the number-one voted reality that everyone should endure. One notes that you get to know yourself in solitude. Furthermore, you learn to 100% take care of all your household chores like cooking and cleaning.

3. Traveling to a Different Country

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Traveling to another country is a genuine eye-opener. It changes your views and opens up your mind. For example, you can say that you believe that all people are the same, but like anything else in life, experiencing it is a truer understanding than regurgitating what you’ve heard. Several nomads encourage people to travel solo at least once. Talk to the locals, and be adventurous with food.

4. A Pet’s Love and Affection

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“To deeply love and be deeply loved by a pet.” this animal lover explains nothing compares to coming home to an excited dog wagging its tail or a cat meowing at your feet. As someone who has owned both, it’s true. It doesn’t matter what you do. These babies love you without conditions.

5. Solo Cinema Experience

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A cinephile suggests everyone should have a solo theater experience with all their favorite snacks. However, they warn you. You may never want to go with friends again. A passionate music enthusiast says it’s true of concerts, as well. They no longer deal with the annoyance of friends yelling in their ears while trying to enjoy the show.

6. Being a Tourist In Your Own Country

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Numerous travelers suggest becoming a tourist in your own state or country. One elaborates on visiting nearby places you may otherwise have thought boring, noting, “You’ll be surprised how much fun it can be.” A second explorer found waterfalls in her state, only a few hours from home.

7. Have a Service Industry Job

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As a former server, bartender, restaurant, and retail store manager, I wholeheartedly agree that everyone should be mandated to serve the public for a semester. Someone in the service industry explains, “It gives you a unique perspective on people.”

Additionally, it will open your eyes to the pressure and stresses of working with the public, who are often allowed to treat you like garbage because “The customer is always right.” No. No, they are not. Sometimes they are awful human beings who couldn’t be more wrong.

8. Dine Out Alone

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Have you ever taken the time to sit down in a restaurant to enjoy a dining experience alone? Numerous people clarify it is a must for everyone to do it at least once. It’s an ideal situation for inviting mindfulness into your life—a quiet time with yourself. This sounds good and all, but how will I know what to order without my husband telling me what he is ordering first?

9. Swimming

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Swimming is an activity that everyone should experience. A swimmer explains they understand people fear things like the beach and submerging their heads underwater. However, they urge there is no better feeling than being fully immersed in water.

My most unique experience swimming was honestly more floating. I had the pleasure of floating in the Dead Sea in Israel. It was the strangest but most exhilarating experience.

I highly recommend you allow the people with buckets of mud to lather you first. But beware, it costs money, and they didn’t tell me that until halfway through being mudded up. Live and learn, and in this case, do it!

10. Taking a Hobby or Life Skill Class Alone

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Taking a random hobby class alone is something many suggest. One elaborates it’s a fantastic way to meet new and interesting people. Others volunteer they’ve shared their experience in classes, including ceramics, cross stitch, glassblowing, drawing, painting, and keyboard.

11. Taking Care of a Living Thing

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Finally, the thread agrees that everyone should have the experience of caring for a living thing at least once in their lifetime, be it a — plant, pet, baby, or elder.


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