12 Popular Things Everyone’s Involved In or Doing. Are You?

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What are some popular things that it seems like everyone loves, is involved in, or regularly doing that you have zero interest in? I’ll go first—fad diets. Every year there’s another fad diet. After someone asked an internet community for other examples, these are the most discussed.

1. TikTok

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TikTok is a platform of short video content that comes with obnoxious songs and annoying people spasm “dancing” in your peripheral vision. Can you tell I have a teenager? Numerous people in the forum profess their allegiance to never joining the platform.

However, one begs the question, “Why would I need TikTok when everything is reposted to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit? Then one week later, I get to relive the same posts, but with someone’s silent reaction spliced into the video.”

2. Pickleball

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A disgruntled basketball player expresses, “Everyone my age is playing pickleball. So much so that they canceled my basketball league to make more space for the pickleball league.”

Multiple people ask about the game before one states, “It’s tennis for people who don’t want to get involved athletically like tennis players need to. Aka tennis without the knee destruction.”

3. Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf
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Countless individuals want no part of the Christmas tradition in many homes introducing the Elf on the Shelf. One clarifies, “I refuse to have to come up with creative scenarios for 25 straight days until my kids no longer believe in Santa.”

4. Twitter

Twitter Elon Musk
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According to the consensus of the thread, Twitter is highly toxic. It has been for a long time, but it worsens daily. “It’s nothing but people spewing hate all the time, political or not.”

Numerous individuals suggest the comment sections are enough to cause anyone to be angry and depressed before one admits, “I deleted my account, and it’s been a year, and I feel so much better. Nothing was triggering my anxiety and rage more than Twitter.

5. Credit Card Debt

credit card debt
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On a different note, multiple people state that everyone has credit card debt, but they stay out of it. However, one mentions, “Credit card debt is not fun. But you should be using credit cards if you have any discipline. You’re missing out on rewards.”

6. Alcohol

saying no to beer alcohol
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A refreshing number of people agree that alcohol is not for them. One explains they have an addictive personality before another warns, “Alcohol can ruin your life, health, family, job, etc. if you develop an addiction to it.”

Naturally, drinkers had their two cents about how you can nurse a drink and not get drunk. However, if someone tells you they have an addictive personality, don’t say stupid things. True or not, they’ve admitted they aren’t the type who would nurse one beer on the golf course.

7. Crocs

crocs shoes
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Did you know that Crocs were used in the film Idiocracy specifically cause they looked stupid? They even said, “What if these shoes later become popular and it doesn’t send the same message in the movie?” The response was, “That’s impossible. Look how stupid they are!” (Paraphrasing).

8. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

men laptop computer
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One of the most discussed things in the thread is artificial intelligence. For example, someone believes, “AI is scary, and in my personal opinion, I think it very well could extinct the human race one day.

Once AI gets to the point where they can create “thoughts” or can ask themselves questions and use the internet to answer such questions, they will find the common denominator to most, if not all, of the problems on earth are created by humans.

After that, the simple solution to all problems is eliminating humans for the greater good of the planet’s future. We’ve been toying with AI way too much, and we must stop before it gets out of control.” Others argue against this reasoning.

9. Smart Home Appliances

smart fridge
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Have you seen fridges and other smart electronics? For example, you can look in your fridge from an app on your phone from the grocery store to see if you’re out of something.

Someone states, “I’m looking for a midrange washer and dryer set that’s not wifi connected. So I don’t need a message that my clothes are done. I can listen for the buzzer.” Another user jokes, “There’s comedy gold buried in a fridge that can scold me for buying more spinach when last weeks’ is rotting in a drawer.” How do you feel about these?

10. Voice Assistants

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Similarly, countless individuals in the forum have no desire to invite Alexa, Ok Google, or any other voice assistants into their homes. Nevertheless, others argue that Alexa has been life-saving for their autistic children, grandparents with declining mobility (turns lights off), and themselves for a list of convenient reasons.

11. Carnival Rides That Flip You Upside Down

carnival rollercoaster
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“Carnival rides that turn you upside down,” one exclaims, “I”m looking at you, Rampage from Adventure World. While this activity was something I enjoyed in my youth, I don’t think my stomach could handle it anymore.

12. Tattoos

woman tattoo
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Do you enjoy fresh ink? Several hundred people in the forum agree that tattoos aren’t for them. Same here. A man confesses, “My wife loves them, and I think her ink is beautiful, but I’m too scared of needles ever to get one myself.

Plus, I’m indecisive and can’t think of anything I’d want on my body forever without second-guessing myself and regretting it.” Others agree, adding they have had many ideas and later in life were grateful they didn’t follow through because they would regret having got them.

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