10 Big Things I’m Completely With the Boomers on Today

That’s it! I can’t take it anymore. So many things are becoming challenging to take seriously anymore, while everything else is evolving into disrespect and complete scams. Here are ten things that I am 100% with the boomers on. Are you?

1. Downloading Apps for Businesses

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Stop making me download apps for everything! You’re not slick. It’s absurd to expect me to download your app so that you can mine my phone data after accepting the terms and conditions so that I can save a buck on my kid’s apple juice.

2. Automated Phone Systems

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“Your call is very important to us.” “We are experiencing unusually high call volume.” “Please listen closely as our menu options have recently changed.” “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. Can you please repeat that?” Please give me a real person! I don’t have 45 minutes to waste trying to get through to you. Automated call systems suck.

3. Enough With the Tips

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As a former server and bartender, I appreciate that you survive on your tips. But I purchased a graphic tee online, and they had the audacity to prompt me to tip them for putting a print onto a t-shirt, which is their entire business. That is what they do. Other odd places asking for tips now are some drive-up emissions places and cashiers at retail stores.

4. Stop With the Subscriptions

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We’ve evolved into people paying more and more to own less and less. Everything is a subscription. It’s not only media. Now, there are subscriptions for software and even features in your vehicles, like heated seats.

5. Concert Tickets Cost Too Much

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My husband and I recently looked at a Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks concert; some tickets are $550 before taxes and fees. Why? You would think we were looking at current popular artists at those prices. And even then, it’s absurd. The cheapest tickets are $150.

6. Phones Everywhere

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Stop putting your phone up to record concerts and other events. My latest experience with this was at my toddler’s little graduation ceremony. All of the parents gave respect to the parents behind them as they stood to record their children. Meanwhile, I’m trying to make eye contact with my baby girl so she sees me there supporting her and feels comfortable.

7. Planned Systemic Obsolescence Is Financial Oppression

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Let me get this straight. As a society, we are fully aware that brands are building things to break easily. Hence, we need to buy another one, but we keep spending without recourse. It’s infuriating. It’s wasteful. It’s unethical.

8. Use Your Headphones

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Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to hear your stupid TikToks, YouTube shorts, or Facebook reels. We aren’t interested in listening to your music. On another note, parents — we do not want to hear your child’s games and programs on their tablets. It’s beyond inconsiderate, and I’m with the boomers about it!

9. Touchscreens in Cars Suck

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Give me dials and buttons! Let me feel my way over the preset stations and find my jams. A touchscreen takes the driver’s eyes off the road and further distracts them.

10. QR Code Menus Suck

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Give me a physical copy of your menu so that I can see everything at once and engage with my options. Let me put my phone down. Why is everything directed back to our phones? Oh, that’s right. They’re mining our phone’s data.

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