12 Stupid Things Men Judge Other Men Over and Will Never Understand

Women aren’t the only ones who take issues with some men. Recently, a man’s forum discussed things about men they will never understand. Here are their honest confessions.

1. Sharing Pictures With Friends

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Ok. Ick. I had no idea this was a reality until jumping into this thread. Some men share images of their girlfriends and wives in their birthday suits, and these men aren’t having it. One clarifies that besides the invasion of privacy, “It’s creepy and weird.”

2. Sending Unsolicited Pictures

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Speaking of images, thousands of men do not understand why other guys send unsolicited, inappropriate pictures to women. One man suggests, “I can only surmise that it works on some girls. Otherwise, why do it at all, especially when it’s a common complaint among women?”

3. Urinal Line Up

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“Pull up to the Urinal RIGHT beside me when there are other options. Like seriously, this happened to me today,” admits one. A second agrees, “Man. Hate it when this happens. It’s annoying and makes me feel creeped out. You got three other ones wide open, but you chose this one? Why?” I’m laughing at this because I had no idea, but yes, that would creep me out too!

4. Bullying

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While one man doesn’t understand others who bully weaker and smaller guys, another argues bullying people altogether. He explains, “I was bigger and stronger than most people in middle and high school but still constantly got bullied.” Another user states, “And that’s how dudes with small brains cope with their own insecurities, by trashing others to make themselves feel better.”

5. Cat Calling Women

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It’s refreshing to see men discussing how they don’t understand others who catcall women. One asserts, “Yelling at a stranger on the street to attract them or just to be a creep is insane.” Several others believe it makes men look like a “complete tool.”

6. Missing the Bowl

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While many men admit to accidentally hitting the toilet seat from time to time, all the forum members agreed that not cleaning it up is disgusting and infuriating. One man adds that he doesn’t understand why others do not flush the urinals. Meanwhile, I had no idea I would learn about men’s bathroom etiquette or cleanliness today, but here we are.

7. Not Washing Their Hands

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And before we are completely done with the bathroom talk, countless men confess they will never understand why so many others do not wash their hands. Believe me; women do this too. Public restrooms are so gross I’ll never understand it.

8. Cheating With Children

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I would have stopped with “cheating,” but several men clarified that they don’t understand men who cheat on their wives when they have children, noting, “It’s basically an attack on your family. The worst to me is while pregnant or right after the baby is born. Extremely depressing.”

9. Rage

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Rage is something men don’t understand about other men. One elaborates that they are talking about the rage that gets men to jump out of vehicles, threaten people, beat them up, and punch holes in walls. A man sums it up perfectly, “A lifetime of emotional repression without any therapy will make you vulnerable to outbursts of rage.

Ever since they were little, they were either punished or made fun of for expressing any emotions, so they learned to restrain themselves and hide their emotions. It’s just a matter of time before it boils over. Luckily, our culture is moving away from this trend, and therapy is becoming more common, but we still have a long way to go.”

10. Sports Obsession

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A couple of different things about sports are confusing to these forum members. One doesn’t understand becoming so obsessed with sports that they “Know more about their favorite players off the top of their head than they know about their own children.” Another states, “For me, I don’t even understand caring about sports altogether. I’ve actually tried to care about baseball, and I just can’t.”

11. Body Shaming

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While many men don’t understand why people body shame in general, one notes, “Men who shame other men relating to male-specific insecurities are a different kind of jerkface.”

12. Reckless Driving

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Reckless driving is something countless men in the thread confess to not understanding. One clarifies, “Whether it’s cutting people off, weaving around while driving, having to be the first person to arrive at the next stopping point, or trying to race people who aren’t even looking to race.”

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