12 Things Men Should NEVER Do To Look Attractive

A recent online discussion broke out when one forum member asked, “What is one thing men should never do to look attractive?” Here is what THEY had to say. Do you agree?

1. The Comb Over

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One of the most prominent insecurities many men face in their lifetime is losing their hair. Sometimes, these men do the “Comb-over,” which does not fool anyone or make them look good. A forum member elaborates, “Doing the comb over when going bald. Just own it. There are much better ways to handle receding hair lines.”

2. Putting Down Men

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Dissing and dismissing other men to make yourself look better to a woman is never attractive. Many agree that this behavior screams out, “I’m insecure!” You can be funny without victimizing your friends.

3. Biting Your Upper Lip

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This one made me laugh out loud, and I’m unsure if the poster is serious. He says, “Seductively biting your lip. I wish someone had told me it was supposed to be the bottom one.” Several people immediately confess to biting their upper lip to see what it’s about. Pretty ridiculous, aye?

4. Stating They Are Alpha Males

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Referring to yourself as an “alpha male” is a massive red flag to the women and men around you. Nobody wants to be around someone who identifies as that guy.

5. Emulating Cool Characters

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One man explains, “Don’t emulate ‘cool’ TV characters to look cool. Much like pro wrestlers, TV characters are unrealistically amped up. Patrick Bateman was a psychopath. Is that something you want to emulate?

It’s even sadder when they emulate the cadence in their voice.” I have met men who make reciting character lines their sense of humor. So if you don’t know the show or film it is from, you think they are funny.

6. Taking Shirt off at Awkward Times

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Another thing people do not find attractive is when men take their shirts off at awkward moments. Honestly, I had to dig deeper to understand this suggestion and was not disappointed when I read this explanation: “Once had someone I hung out with be the only person to pop the shirt off while a group of about six of us were working out in my gym.

He kept it off for the rest of the night. He picked up my bass guitar at one point, and I can still remember the sound of it peeling off his sticky stomach.” EW, but hilarious.

7. Skip Leg Day

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Skipping leg day is something many men do when they start working out obsessively on their upper bodies. As a result, some of them buff up but are standing on chicken legs compared to their other gains. One gymgoer elaborates, “Any gym rat lifts regularly but doesn’t train legs is 100% noticeable. No pair of long gym shorts or joggers will hide it.”

8. Licking Your Lips

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Countless individuals in the forum agree that when women lick their lips, it is hot and sexy. However, when men do it, it looks ridiculous and silly. Thankfully, I have never had a man lick his lips in my direction. But they have done disgusting gestures with their tongues, which is even more unattractive.

9. Bathing in Cologne

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A scent shouldn’t suffocate the people around you. One explains, “It should be a subtle, intimate, lingering afterthought that reminds people of you and makes them nostalgiac in whatever way you intend.

To that end, if you want a longer-lasting or stronger scent, instead of spraying obnoxious amounts of product, invest in a more concentrated scent, like a parfum, instead of an eau de toilette. It will cost more, but a little goes a long way.”

10. Cat-Calling

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Cat-calling women is never an attractive look. Whistling to grab a woman’s attention is right up there as a NO! It makes you look desperate, and no one believes they are the only woman you do that to.

11. Bragging

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There is a difference between being conceited and confident. Bragging is never a good look, especially when bragging about physical fights and substance abuse.

12. Buying Bling Bling

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Another unattractive thing many men do is buy expensive material things to try to impress others. I remember knowing a guy who stood in line for a new pair of Nike Jordans every week.

His closet and one wall of his bedroom were nothing but shoeboxes. But he didn’t have a car. Speaking of, spending obscene amounts of money on a cool car but never having toilet paper in the home when a woman comes over is also a big NO.

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