15 Little Things That Men Voted Are Ridiculously Overrated Today

What is something that you would say is completely overrated today? I’ll go first and say, Disney. I used to love them, but it is obvious that they are determined to water down Marvel with all of these shows. I don’t have time to spend hours consuming backstories they could spell out in the films. Recently, a man started a discussion in a popular online men’s forum. They asked for examples of things that are entirely overrated. Here is what they had to say.

1. Machoism

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It’s nice to see hundreds of men call out machoness and alpha male syndrome as overrated and toxic behavior. Machoism doesn’t impress anyone but the person acting as such.

2. The Nightlife

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Many men have had enough of the nightlife. It’s loud, expensive, and involves getting dressed and going out. Furthermore, older people do not have the same recovery time after a night of drinking, and the hangovers are never worth it.

3. Hookup Culture

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Sleeping around is overrated to the men in this thread. Several explain it isn’t fulfilling and never as good as when you genuinely love and care for the women you’re monotonous with entirely.

One suggests part of the issue is guys attaching ego to sleeping with multiple women. While he never related, he believes people need to stop encouraging young boys that it “makes you the man,” when in reality, it doesn’t.

4. The Ex You Waste Time Thinking About Years Later

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Have you spent time wondering what may have been with a former lover? These men say it’s wasted time because your perception and memory are inaccurate. One reminds the thread that there are many reasons the relationship failed. So take off the rose glasses. They’re never as great as you remember.

5. Hustle Life and Culture

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Are you a workaholic who thrives on making money? Numerous men relate and suggest it’s highly overrated and unhealthy. While you should be ambitious, aim to gain wealth, try to break your generation’s poverty cycle, and escape the broke mindset, it shouldn’t come at the expense of family and mental health. “Savour the moments of laughter with the people you love. That’s what we live for,” advises one.

6. Strip Clubs

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According to the men in this forum, strip clubs are overrated. One notes that they are loud and expensive, “they are pretty tedious and skeezy.” Additionally, men say while they appreciate the beauty of a woman, the atmosphere is gross and a total waste of money.

7. Watching Sports

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The idea of obsessively watching sports and inviting them to become your personality is overrated. One man admits he used to get stressed about whether his teams were winning or losing. However, after stepping into the real world and experiencing life’s problems, he realizes how irrelevant they genuinely are. Finally, he says, “It all seems pathetic to me now.”

8. Makeup

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One suggests that nine out of ten guys agree that makeup is overrated. Many thread contributors state they prefer all-natural or superlight applications. However, one confesses, “Eyeliner makes a huge difference, though. Absolutely huge. For nearly any woman.”

9. Having Kids

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Countless men agree with one who says that if you want children and believe yourself to be “responsible enough to be the custodian of a person for two decades, sure!

But having kids in your 20s before you’ve had a chance to enjoy your youth and understand yourself and what you want out of life,” is seriously overrated and creates some ill-prepared parents and deadbeats.

10. Beards

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Whoa, buddy, slow down. Beards are sexy. This man claims that beards are overrated because guys believe having one makes them “magically better looking.” Yeah, well, for some of them, it’s true. Another argues that some men are aware they have a baby face. So they grow beards to define their age.

11. Highly-Known Tourist Destinations

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Have you ever been let down by a popular tourist destination that comes highly recommended? You’re not alone. Numerous men in the forum suggest that known tourist destinations cities, including Paris, Barcelona, LA, Rio de Janeiro, and New York, are overpriced and overbooked destinations.

12. Bacon

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“Hear me out. I love bacon.” This man elaborates he’s a huge fan. However, it doesn’t belong in milkshakes, donuts, cupcakes, or pie. Furthermore, he points out bacon has become associated with masculinity.

Finally, he admits, “I don’t know who bacon’s PR department was, but they need to come out here and do a number on country ham because that is arguably the more underrated and underused ingredient.”

13. Familial Relatives

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Familial relatives made the list of things many men deem highly overrated. One mentions that dealing with toxic family members is the worst, and it’s easier to cut them from your life than continue to be manipulated, used, neglected, and abused.

14. New Consumer Tech

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A software developer suggests that consumer tech is highly overrated. “The vast majority is incremental upgrades these days. It doesn’t matter how fancy your TV is. It won’t make a show have better writers, and a faster phone won’t allow Google Maps to get you somewhere faster or make your social media feed more interesting.”

15. Social Media

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Social media and its trends are listed as overrated and distract people away from real life. Numerous men agree that scrolling mindlessly is a massive waste of time, and you consume a bunch of fake news and false information being shared as gospel.

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