15 Little Things Men Want to Know About Women But Are Too Afraid to Ask

Is there anything you are afraid to ask women but really want to know? You’ve got company. Recently, someone posted in a men’s online forum asking what they would ask women if not scared to. Here is what they had to say.

1. I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

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One man wonders why women will run and give explicit details about how they’ve not satisfied them, but they won’t be honest and tell the man they had the issue with.

2. Flat Surfaces

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Countless men wonder why so many women must cover all flat surfaces in the home with trinkets and knick-knacks. A woman lets the cat out of the bag by responding, “We’re secretly cats.”

3. Hoodie Thieves

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What is it about wearing your man’s hoodie that feels so good? It’s a universal truth that women steal their man’s hoodies. Several men in the forum want to know why. I love my man’s because it smells like him, so I bet that’s true for many.

4. Dropping Hints

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Several men agree with one who asks, “Why do you use so many hints? Why can’t you be direct and tell me what you want?” A few women they’ve been called bossy or aggressive rather than assertive and direct.

5. High Heels

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“Do y’all ever wear heels just to hear the clip-clopping of them on the pavement like you’re the main character in a movie?” A man confesses he would do it if he wore heels, and he desires to know if there’s a woman out there whose brain is on his wavelength or if this is just him.

Multiple women confessed to loving the sound and feeling empowered by it on marbled floors in silent buildings. “The echoes are incredible.”

6. Pillow Nests

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“What’s with all the pillows?” Numerous men proclaim their confusion by women’s obsessions with mountains of pillows on beds, couches, and chairs. After a woman explains the comfort of pillow nests, a man confirms that they are 100% accurate about the relief it provides on hips, backs, and shoulders.

7. Approaching Dates

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Do women like being approached and asked out on dates? Differing answers filled the thread. Obviously, no one is a monolith for all women or men.

While a couple of women admit they do not like being approached, most in this thread said they do, but only if you’re straightforward and say date. Too many times, women agreed to get coffee or see a film and didn’t realize it was supposed to be a date until they were on it. So “say date.”

8. Food Thieves

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One asks why women insist on stealing food. They’re notorious fry snatchers, and it’s the forum’s consensus that men have no issue buying women their own fries. Unfortunately, they insist on not wanting anything but eating all their food.

9. The Food Dilemma

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Another food dilemma is the never-ending battle of what women want to eat, and the conversations it entails that is heavily discussed in the forum. However, a few couples offer insight.

One suggests you ask her to guess what you’re ordering and then say yes to whatever she guesses. Another says they alternate between giving three options and allowing the other to choose.

10. Monthly Visitor

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I love the number of men in the thread who are curious about how to help someone who’s having a terrible time during their period. A woman volunteers; the best thing is not to act disgusted, keep a bathroom trashcan and some Midol or Pamprin in the medicine chest. “Nothing is worse than being ashamed and having to hide when on a period because someone is disgusted by you.”

11. Presenting Self

“How can I present myself so that a woman would feel more comfortable approaching me?” A man suggests he doesn’t want to bother women by initiating a conversation. But he does want to appear approachable. Numerous women explain that casual eye contact and smiling, noting that women will ignore you if uninterested. However, if she likes what she sees, she’ll smile back and maybe approach you for conversation.

12. The “I’m Fine” Dilemma

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Why do women say they’re fine when they are not? This is a common question in the forum. While some women confess to not wanting to be perceived as overly dramatic or too emotional. Others admit that sometimes they know they are behaving irrationally and need a minute to process and calm down—additionally, the fear of being dismissed or ignored.

13. True Crime Obsession

“What is with all of you and being obsessed with true crime?” A man explains not being an avid dater, but on almost every date they’ve been on when interests are discussed, “true crime is always lurking around the corner.” A couple of women admit they have zero interest in being creeped out by real-life murderers. However, most suggest their mothers passed their love for the true crime genre onto them.

14. Smell Good

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One man asks, “How do you smell good all the dang time? He elaborates that his lady can return from the gym, work in the garden, or any high-exertion activity, and never smells bad.”

15. Meetings In the Lady’s Room

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Another man wonders why women travel in pairs and groups to the bathroom. Numerous women explain everything from being safe to helping each other with things like checking with each other and asking things like if we’re being too loud or have something in our teeth.

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