10 Things Men Want Women to Know That They Don’t Really Like

Are you a woman here to ensure you’re not doing these things, or are you a man curious about what’s being said? According to a popular online men’s forum, there are plenty of things they don’t like women doing. However, these are their top ten.

1. Creating an Air of Mystery to Be Intriguing

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Do you like it when people play games or beat around the bush with you, or do you prefer they communicate by being direct? According to these men, acting aloof, giving them the runaround, or expecting them to be mindreaders is a massive no-no. “If you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you” is a statement they want to be immediately erased from women’s playbooks.

2. Trying to Make Men Jealous

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Another game that nobody wants to play is the “Make you jealous” game. The idea that you will secure, trap, coerce, or make a man fall in love with you by making them jealous is a telling sign of insecurity. They shouldn’t have to fight for you. Relationships are a two-way street, and both drivers should put the same effort into building one.

3. Playing Hard to Get

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“Playing hard to get” is problematic, as explained in the first word of the statement — playing. The men in this forum have no desire to play games. Being distant as a method of playing can cause men to dismiss you as uninterested and move on. Some suggest that’s been their experience, while others state: “Hard to get = hard to want.” 

4. Pretending to Be Stupid

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I’m thinking about Jessica Simpson: “Is this chicken what I have, or is this fish? I know it’s tuna, but it says chicken … by the sea?” Stupid or faking ignorance? Regardless, men don’t appreciate when women act dumber than they are.

5. Talking Like a Baby

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Many men confess that baby talk is a dealbreaker for them, with one clarifying: they broke up with a woman remarkable in every way, minus the baby voice. However, everyone admits that the voice is perfectly fine when talking to pets.

6. Having a “Pick Me” Mentality

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A “pick me” woman essentially tries so hard to be agreeable with what the other person wants that they take it way over the top. They will also try their best to be: “I’m not like other girls, kind of special. According to the forum, these women are typically large sources of drama.

7. A “Yes” Machine

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Being a “Yes machine” instead of having your own thoughts and opinions is a significant problem. One man clarifies: “Having a woman disagree and openly present her issues with your views/decisions is much more relieving than someone who says yes to everything and resents you in private.”

8. Testing Circumstances

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Intentionally causing drama in the form of a “test” to see how a man will respond is another game no one wants to play. If they don’t respond the way you’ve preconceived, they fail — “You’re supposed to say this, and you didn’t. I thought you were better.”

9. Giving Attitude

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Attitude — it’s engraved in some women early that it is cute, but it’s actually cringey and annoying. According to these men, it ruins relationships and makes you seem like a jerk with no accountability. One admits: “I cringe so much when I hear a mom say, ‘She’s got tons of attitude, just like her mama.'”

10. Social Media Addiction

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Social media addiction is prevalent today, but these men aren’t fans. For example, if you take pictures of your food before you eat, miss being in the moment of events like fireworks so you can live stream them, or take selfies and post them round the clock — it’s a no to narcissism for this forum.

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