11 Worst Things That Are Mentally Destroying Society Right Now

Written By Elizabeth Ervin

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What is the worst thing that is destroying society mentally right now? I’ll go first and say the Kardashian influencer thing. Women are destroying their faces and bodies with all these fake and potentially dangerous substances and fillers to satisfy a false standard of beauty. Humans are not shaped like that in real life. After someone asked an online forum, here is what they had to say.

1. Social Media

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Was there ever any doubt that social media wouldn’t top this list? Between its divisive news, misinformation, angry mobs, and self-esteem issues it brews, it’s no wonder people’s mental health is suffering from it. Yet, this addiction isn’t acknowledged in the same manner as substance abuse. Far more people have it, and admitting it is the first step to a problem no one seems to be attempting to solve.

2. Politicians and Greedy Corporations

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That sounds like two peas in the same pod to me. Or a one in the same kinda game here. A forum member suggests, “Politicians are puppets for the wealthiest 1%.” Do you agree? Another person adds, “U.S. lawmakers and elected officials not serving the people.” I concur.

3. Impossible Standards

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The ironic standards people think they must reach to be something in life “is heavily discussed as destroying society today. Someone points, Then you die out, and all your belongings go to someone else. Your life wasted over nothing.”

4. Loneliness

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Loneliness is a desolate feeling. Some believe it’s okay if you’re an introvert. However, one argues, “Loneliness can be felt by introverts too. Isolation isn’t good for anyone. It’s very different from having some alone time.”

5. Separation From Nature

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Being connected with nature is my number one activity that connects me to God (besides prayer, of course). Many others note how important being connected with it is before one states, “Humans being separated from nature. Believing we are above it. It’s not just where we get all the necessary elements to survive. We are not meant to live in concrete jungles.”

6. Income Equality

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Hard to argue with this sound logic, “Income inequality between classes, and it’s not even close.” The divide is substantial, and more and more people are being driven to homelessness. It’s terrible.

It’s weird driving through cities like Baltimore, where they’ve implemented gentrification. I don’t think moving wealthier people in around poor urban areas does anything to help bridge any gaps. All it would do, in my opinion, is solidify any stereotypes on either side of that equation.

I remember watching a documentary on it, and there was a private school filled with rich White kids across the street from this urban public school with terrible scores and more. The kids explained how it felt to see these kids get opportunities they would never have in the same neighborhoods, and it broke my heart.

7. Political Correctness Extremism

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Another forum member expresses, “Political correctness to the point that you’re no longer allowed to have an opinion that deviates from the “Hive” mentality. So if you talk politics, you’re either a fascist or a snowflake depending on who you speak with.

No intelligent dialogue or sharing of different ideas. No expression of religion without people trampling on your beliefs. Everyone feels the need to be angry over something. Tolerance people! That’s the key to resolving all this hate. You don’t need to agree with everything I believe in but respect my right to an opinion, and don’t stone me when we differ.”

8. 24-Hour News Cycles

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Numerous commenters admit that 24-hour news cycles are destroying society today. Everything is becoming politicized, and depending on the station, you’re being programmed to hate anyone who doesn’t believe like you. Both sides do it. It’s terrible.

I personally watched my father go from needing to have his wife hold his nose to vote for Trump because of his disdain for the man to full-on worshipping the ground he walked on. Fox News did that by playing in the background morning, noon, and night. It was painful to watch.

9. The Cost of Living

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Can I get an Amen from the back row? Hallelujah, the thread is speaking the truth. Going to the grocery store causes me so much anxiety nowadays. It’s ridiculous how expensive rent is, and it continues to grow higher while wages remain the same. The fact that any states in the union have a minimum wage of $7.25 is downright criminal. No one can survive on that.

A soldier shares, “I honestly think it’s the rising poverty line. I joined the military 20 years ago, and back then, an army retirement was enough to feed, house, and clothe a small family. Now it’s not even enough for a mortgage. I’ll be working until I die, and when I do, I only hope I’ve got something set aside for my kids.”

10. Working Yourself to Death

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Literally! The average lifespan of an American is 77 years. Yet, we don’t retire (if we’re lucky) until we are 65? It’s a scam. We are not free people. We are on a hamster wheel, and most of us are barely surviving.

11. Lack of Gratitude

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Finally, someone suggests, “People lack gratitude. We’re surrounded by some much excess due to social media and non-stop news that everyone thinks they should be living a life of entitled celebrities and elites, which causes them not to be grateful for the simple everyday things.”

Source: Reddit.

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