22 Things People Admit to Silently Judging You For — Do You Do Them?

Is there anything that you find yourself quietly judging others over? You’re not alone. After someone asked an online forum for their best examples of things they silently judge, here are their honest confessions. Do you agree?

1. Littering

Littering litterbug
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Countless individuals concur with one who explains: “Littering. You are 100% a trash human if you throw trash on the ground. I don’t care who you are, what you look like, or where you come from. 100% trash.”

2. Not Using Turn Signals

road rage angry driver
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Not using your turn signals is a massive annoyance and a dangerous one to boot. A user adds: “God works in mysterious ways, but you don’t have to. Use the turn signal!” I agree, but I wouldn’t say it’s silent disdain. People. For the love of safety and sanity, use your turn signals!

3. Being Self-Hypers

selfish man
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Hyping yourself up too much is an annoying no-no. Phrases like: “That wouldn’t fly with me,” “Everyone knows not to mess with me,” or “I’ll have your back until you cross me” are called out as sayings people are judging you for using. A forum member adds: “This isn’t a movie, relax. I don’t think these people understand that the more you hype yourself up, the fewer people believe you.”

4. Being Lazy Shoppers

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People who pick up fresh meat or a cooked chicken in the supermarket and decide they don’t want it but are too lazy to take it back to where they got it, so they put it on any shelf are being judged, and rightly so. One explains: “So lazy, selfish and wasteful. Something had to die to become food for someone, and now it will just be thrown in the garbage.”

A grocery store employee enlightens the thread (I didn’t know), “Even worse…the ones who grab the rotisserie chicken and eat half of it while shopping, then hide the remains in the back of a shelf.” YUCK!

5. Stopping in Heavily Trafficked Areas

grocery cart
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“People who just stop walking as soon as they enter a door,” a forum member writes. “It happens so many times at grocery stores. Move out of the way, please. You are not the only person trying to use the door.” A second shopper admits they wish their shopping cart had a horn on it.

6. Being an Oblivious Parent

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As someone who worked in the public for many years, people oblivious to their kid’s crummy behavior in restaurants, supermarkets, or anywhere in public are the worst!

7. Using Speakerphone in Public

shhh be quiet
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YES! STOP IT! I agree with one who states: “Speakerphone in public. There is no way you can hear the other end better than if you just held it to your ear like a normal, decent person. There’s really no reason for it other than to annoy others around you.” I genuinely believe these people are attention seekers. No one wants to hear your conversations, music, or stupid TikToks.

8. Abandoning Your Cart

abandoned shopping cart
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Do you abandon your grocery cart in the middle of parking lots? You’re not alone but are being judged for your lazy and inconsiderate behavior. It doesn’t take long to take it to a cart return.

9. Making Your Car Unnecessarily Noisy

stubborn arms crossed
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“Messing with your muffler to make your car sound like it’s from The Fast and the Furious,” notes one. “Also, the pickups, muscle cars, and motorcycles who do that driving around at 2 a.m. revving up their engines.” Throw in loud stereos with an obnoxious bass line rattling your windows. 

10. Open Mouth Chewing

disgusted ew gross
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“People who chew with their mouths open,” says another. “This one is so disgusting, or how about when they SMACK while they chew? But I especially hate people who BITE the forks and spoons. The noise of silverware on teeth makes my skin crawl.”

11. Poor Bathroom Etiquette

finger down throat disgusted
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“People who don’t flush and don’t wash their hands after using a toilet,” one says. “It’s disgusting, considering we just got done with the pandemic. Many people don’t have the proper basic hygiene. It aggravates me.” Yes. It is disgusting, and as someone who has had to clean bathrooms after customers have made nasty messes, you’re the worst!

12. Phone Scrolling During Conversation

annoyed teenager phone
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Nothing is more disrespectful than people scrolling on their phones when you’re talking to them. Someone confesses: “I will just stop talking mid-sentence and wait for them to look up. If they don’t, I assume I’m either unimportant or boring.”

13. Not Saying “Thank You”

raised eyebrow
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Have you ever been kind enough to hold a door open for someone, and then they don’t have the common decency to say “thank you?” It’s unbelievable but not uncommon, especially with heads stuck staring at phones.

14. Making Fun of Other Peoples Likes

snobby woman
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It’s annoying and almost bully-like when people who don’t like certain movies, music, or television shows make fun of you for enjoying them. “Not everything in the world has to be made for you. Just ignore it and let people like things.”

15. Not Spaying and Neutering Pets

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People who don’t spay or neuter their pets are problematic and heavily judged by these forum members. I’m immediately reminded of the legendary Bob Barker reminding us to do so at the end of every episode of The Price Is Right.

16. Obsessively Post Selfies and Updates

annoyed woman
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Do you have someone in your social media feed who posts selfies all the time and posts about every detail of their lives? It’s obnoxious and, as others pointed out, narcissistic. Several users confess to judging “influencers” and “vloggers.”

17. Getting Face Tattoos

men whoa
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Seeing someone with a face tattoo is becoming increasingly common, and people are judging. Someone clarifies: “There are a lot of cultures in which tribal tattoos on the face are highly valued and an important part of their identity. But in cases where it’s not a tribal tattoo, or it’s an appropriated tattoo, I agree.”

18. Not Covering Coughs and Sneezes

disgusted hands up
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“Not performing the Dracula cough or sneeze and just unleashing it into the open air,” one states. A second person adds: “I find worse the thing a lot of older people tend to do, cough with their fist held about an inch from their mouth, like that is doing anything other than also contaminating the hand you are not going to wash. What is the thought process?”

19. Putting Your Feet on Seats

skeptical disappointing disapproving
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Do you put your feet up on seats on public transportation? You suck! Imagine being stuck on an airplane with someone else’s foot by your face. I’ve experienced it, and it’s gross. A user explains: “The result of that is taking up more than one seat. I used to take a busy commuter train that always filled beyond seating capacity.

These inconsiderate jerks would always put their bag on the seat next to them and then get offended when you politely asked them to move it so you could sit down.”

20. Being Overly Patriotic

strong American woman
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“As a European living in the USA, I silently (and with a bit of sadness) judge Americans being so patriotic while being screwed by their government,” admits one. Another adds, “We Americans do it too. There’s nothing sadder than someone being complacent in their own oppression.”

21. Taking Two Parking Spots

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For the love of God, stop taking more than one parking spot when you park your vehicle! If you have some fancy sports car at the grocery store, park far from the entrance and walk. Don’t take up two spots next to the first shopping cart return. It’s rude and signals to everyone around you that you are a pompous jerk, especially in hospital garages. Unbelievable.

22. Movie Theater Talkers

shhh hush quiet finger to lips
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Another behavior that’s become increasingly more common is people talking during movies in the theater. Some people want to watch the previews, and no one wants to hear you at all during the film.

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