20 Little Things Young People Aren’t Ready to Hear According to Boomers

Do you have anything that you don’t think the younger people of today are ready to hear but need to? You’re not alone. Numerous folks from the older generations gathered in an online forum to share these life truths.

1. “As You Get Older, You Just Keep Realizing How Dumb You Were Last Year.”

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According to one man, another way of stating this is, “I’m just old and wise enough to realize I’m still young and stupid.” It’s true. There was a time when Facebook loved to remind me of how big of an idiot I was the prior year. On the other hand, it’s great to see a pattern of growth. At least I’m learning.

2. “The Older You Get, the Faster It Goes.”

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I’m at the age where this reality has settled in, and it’s a little scary. For example, one explains that when you are 14, seven years is half of your life, thus feeling like an eternity. But, on the contrary, seven years fly right by when you are in your forties (hi).

3. “Being Controversial Isn’t the Same as Being Interesting.”

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One mentions, “Contrarian isn’t wisdom.” Many confess that it took them a while to come to this realization. One man added he learned that discussing what he hated didn’t make him any more interesting.

4. “In the Adult World, Getting Into Fights Doesn’t Make You Look Cool.”

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“In the adult world, getting into fights doesn’t make you look cool.” On the contrary, it just makes you look stupid. While many commented on how ridiculous alpha males are, I’m reminded of being bullied unmercifully in school. Girls can be just as vicious. Trust me.

Also, physical fights equal assault, and you can face manslaughter with one wrong punch that lands too hard or causes them to fall and hit their head. It happens way too often and over trivia” things.

5. “Just Because It’s New to You Doesn’t Mean It’s New.”

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I’m currently going through this with my teenager, who had the full-on audacity to try to educate me about the R&B group TLC. She’s dressing as I did in the 90s, but with a much bigger tude! Better head on her shoulders, though. So thank the Lord for that!

6. “Putting Every Aspect of Yourself Online Is Unsafe.”

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Putting every aspect of yourself online is unsafe. One instructs nobody needs to know your list of triggers, address, or blood type. Another jokes, “Some Twitter bios are long enough to be in a Star Wars intro.”

7. “One Day You Too Will Be Old and Uncool.”

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Grandpa Abraham Simpson from The Simpsons says it best, “I used to be with ‘it,’ but then they changed what ‘it’ was. Now what I’m with isn’t ‘it’ anymore, and what’s ‘it’ seems weird and scary. It’ll happen to you!”

8. “You Won’t ‘Feel’ Different When You’re Older. You’ll Just Be You”

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“You won’t ‘feel’ different when you’re older or have kids. You’ll just be you. It’s weird.” Numerous adults confess they often look around for the adult and are aged from their thirties to fifties volunteering it in the thread. The reflection in the mirror changes, but you’ll always be you.

9. “School Has a System in Place To Keep You From Falling Behind. Life Doesn’t.”

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The schools have a system in place to keep you from falling behind. Life doesn’t. A teacher shares, “I tell recent graduates that you are leaving a world of ‘assumed ignorance’ for a world of ‘assumed knowledge,’ and it’s way scarier. But hang in there. You’ll learn it’s normal and know way more than you think.”

10. “Nobody Else Wants To Hear Whatever TikTok You’re Watching. Buy Some Headphones.”

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YES! I am dumbfounded by the number of inconsiderate people, not even just teenagers, who walk around with their phones on speaker. We do not want to hear your YouTube, TikToks, or anything else you’re watching. So please, buy some headphones.

One notes they have this issue on the city bus. As a former restaurant manager, I had to tell customers (all of the time) to stop it because they were annoying the entire dining room. Let me reiterate; this goes for grown folks too.

11. “Not Everybody Can Be an Internet Sensation, Somebody Has To Drive the Dump Truck.”

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After someone explains that not everyone will obtain internet stardom, noting some will need to drive the garbage truck, one adds, “And sanitation is a pretty solid business, too.’

Don’t believe the guidance counselor saying you must go to college and then asking, “You don’t want to be a garbage man or a plumber, do you?” The sanitation worker and the plumber make great money without student loan debt.

12. “That Risqué Photo You Sent Got Screenshotted and Sent to Five Other People.”

That risque photo you sent got screenshotted and sent to five other people. Also, consider where your pictures go, a third-party messaging app with access to your camera. High chance that it will reside permanently on their servers after sending it. Once it is on the internet, it is there forever.

13. “Social Media Is Not Reality, and Your Entire Life Should Not Revolve Around It.”

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Social media is not reality; your entire life should not revolve around it. Moreover, as previously stated, you should not put every aspect of your life on the internet. Furthermore, employees check out your social media feeds. If you make one wrong move today, it can destroy your tomorrow five, ten, or even fifteen-plus years later.

14. It Is Perfectly Fine Not To Know Something. It’s Okay Not To Know!”

It is perfectly fine not to know something. It’s OKAY not to know! One elaborates that people need to “stop shaming and bullying people” because they’ve learned about something before others did.

Another says this also fits adults and the idea of “being right because I’ve lived more.” For example, many refuse to admit that they don’t know everything. From then on, it’s a vicious cycle of stubbornness and ignorance.

15. “Stop Self-Diagnosing Yourselves With Mental Illnesses.”

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After someone expresses teenagers’ need to stop self-diagnosing themselves, a therapist agrees, seconding the comment. “TikTok is not a valid source of diagnosis.”

16. “An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure.”

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This user warns you to cut back on your sugar now, start making exercise a routine, and take care of your body during your youth, or you will suffer for it when you get older. Eating garbage and never being active leads to serious illnesses, pain, and even death. Wear sunscreen!

17. “There Are Decades Where Nothing Happens, and There Are Weeks Where Decades Happen.”

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Many users agreed with this Vladimir Lenin quote, with one adding, “The days are long, but the years are short.”

18. “Your Children Will Blame Your Generation for All of Their Problems.”

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In short, one day, you’ll become the boomers. It’s already happening to me. I’ve developed a get off my lawn mentality with this unbelievably disrespectful generation. On Halloween, my very first trick-or-treater said, “Wow. I only get one.” No mama was on the curb shouting, “Make sure to say thank you,” like back in my day.

19. “You’re Not Supposed To Create a Safe Space To Isolate From Everything That Triggers You.”

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One user explains, “You’re not supposed to create a safe space to isolate from everything that triggers you.” Instead, you’re supposed to expose yourself in controlled ways to improve your coping skills.” Another person notes that isolation and avoidance can honestly make your anxiety worse.

20. “Wear Earplugs at Concerts.”

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Finally, someone warns teens to wear earplugs at concerts, noting loud music is fantastic, but so is being able to hear when you’re 30. Did you know they make special headphones that allow the music to sound through instead of silencing everything?

Source: Reddit.

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