12 Things People Assume When You Say You’re Not Right or Left Wing

Do you make assumptions about people who admit they don’t lean to the left or the right politically? You’re not alone. Someone recently asked an online forum what assumptions they make about these people. Here are their honest confessions.

1. “That They Don’t Want To Talk About Politics.”

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First and foremost, people suggest that they automatically assume that this statement means that they do not want to talk about politics. Someone admits, “This is the most likely answer. I lean one way, but when I encounter an extremist, I can tell is about to go on some rant; I say, ‘I’m pretty middle of the road. I don’t care about politics too much.'”

Oh God, the extremists on both sides are the absolute worst. No room for growth or an actual civil conversation. It’s amazing how many grown adults behave like lunatics.

2. “They Dip in Both Sides.”

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Another user confesses, “I would assume that they must have views that dip into both sides of things and don’t want to accept a label for something they might not fully agree with.” Precisely. It’s called balance and not blind allegiance.

3. “Socially Liberal but Fiscally Conservative.”

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One American states, “Lots of people say they are socially liberal but fiscally conservative. I take that to mean they are pro-weed and gay conservatives.” Another asks, “Ya ever notice how when people say this, without fail, the fiscally conservative part comes first?” What do you think? Imagine wanting to KEEP your own money and then being labeled an alt-right extremist for it. Weird.

4. “Assume They Are Conservatives.”

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One person notes, “From an American perspective, I just assume they’re conservative but don’t want to admit it.” Yeah, this one is true, and it’s annoying that people just cannot comprehend that not everyone is comfortable wearing their stupid labels.

However, another suggests, “Conservative men seriously think they’re tricking people with that ‘trick,'” I’ve witnessed this stupidity before myself. It’s like having views but not being willing to stand on them. Weird.

5. “Most Who Say They Are Centrist Are Center-Right When You Listen to Their Beliefs.”

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Someone in the U.K. explains, “Most people I speak to who say they are centrist are center-right when you listen to their beliefs,” before an American confirms, “It’s the same in the U.S., usually right-wing people who don’t want their friends to trash them for being racist and anti-LGBTQ.”

A third person argues, And this is exactly what is wrong with labels. “Oh, you call yourself a centrist with slightly right-leaning views. That means you a transphobe and racist.” Hard agree, and that’s why I refuse to wear labels and let people mislabel me with their ignorance all the time.

While I acknowledge racism and transphobia exist, far too many things today are being mislabeled as such. It’s ok to have a different opinion. Or, it used to be. Now if you say anything against the extremists, you are labeled a bigot. Cause that always works when trying to bridge the gap between communication, right? Sigh.

6. “Maybe They Don’t Lockstep Agree With Every Single Policy a Party Promotes.”

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Ding, ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. Yes. One person rightly suggests, “Or maybe, and I know this is hard for some people to understand: Not all of us want to lockstep agree with every single policy a party promotes. Anyone that thinks of themselves as a ‘thinker,’ but then agrees with 100/100 policies their party promotes is just as brainwashed as the ‘other side.’” Preach!

7. “Independent or Moderate Is Often a Mask on a Libertarian.”

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Based on their circles, someone believes, “They usually wind up being right-wing libertarians in my experience, but I hang out in very political spaces, so my perspective may be biased.”

8. “They Don’t Wanna Deal With Childish Name Calling.”

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“They don’t want to deal with childish name-calling,” promotes one. “I’m independent of a party in the U.S., but I lean very left on most issues, but I still have some Central or conservative thoughts on a few items.

Like most humans, I’m a complex human, and I want people not to dehumanize me. Unfortunately, when I meet someone, and the conversation goes political, as it does nowadays, many annoying assumptions and name-calling can happen.

Politics here is so childish; to say you don’t lean one way or another is often your way of saying I’m not getting sucked into your angry political feelings.”

9. “They Don’t Have the Emotional Capacity To Listen to Politics.”

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One user notes, “They don’t have the emotional capacity to listen to politics and the hateful, discriminatory, fear-mongering, virtue-signaling team sport it has become.”

Another agrees, adding, “Politics are so mentally and emotionally draining, I dislike people who make it their personality or think of it as the default conversation topic.” I think the worst are the fanatics who recite things they saw on CNN or FOX verbatim as if it is their independent thought. They think they are so smart and smooth, but they are plagiarized and rehearsed.

10. “They Just Want To Be Left Alone.”

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Why isn’t this a believable reason for extremists who insist on turning every conversation into some political hate speech about the other party?

11. “They Honestly Do Not Care or Know About Politics.”

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As shocking as they may be, there are people who do not pay any attention to it. My sister is a prime example of someone who knows nothing about either political party and doesn’t care enough to vote. You may judge her for it, but the fact is, she is not the only one. There are many people who couldn’t care less about politics.

12. “They Believe in Independent Thinking and Reject the Labels of Tribalism.”

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Lastly, one of my favorite comments reads, “They believe in pro-choice but with limitations after the first trimester. They support trans rights to exist but believe trans people should not compete in physical sports against their identified gender nor use restrooms/changing rooms of their identified gender.

In fact, some believe all public bathrooms and changing rooms should be single stalls and available for use by any gender. They support some public assistance but not a nanny state. They believe in low taxes but believe corporations and the wealthy are not paying enough.

They believe in sensible business and environmental regulations but feel sometimes government is the problem by making things too expensive. Many of them believe in God but do not want their faith to be pushed upon anyone else; they expect the same respect from others who believe differently from them.

War should always be the last option, but they do believe we need a presence on the global stage, and if push comes to shove, a strong military is essential.

While they do not believe drag shows should be made illegal or books with sexual themes should be banned, they do not feel either of those things is appropriate for young children. They believe in independent thinking and reject the labels of tribalism.” Why is any of this so impossible for grown adults to comprehend and believe?

What do you think? Do you have anything to add to this list? Or are you just going to angrily jump into the comment section and prove so many of the points on this list to defend your position?

Source: Reddit.

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