12 Shocking Things People Learned Embarrassingly Late In Life

Oh my goodness. recently I stumbled onto an intersting thread in an internet forum. One user asked others what some  things were that they learned embarrasinglylater in life. Here are their honest responses.

1. Food Allergies

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The number-one discussed answer comes from a man with an interesting confession. He recently realized he was allergic to carrots. He admits he believed they made everyone’s mouth numb, “just like almonds.” Um. Don’t worry. He adds he also learned that he has an almond allergy.

2. Roman Cokes

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A drink enthusiast shares that he ordered Roman Cokes when out drinking in college because that’s how he heard everyone else ordering this drink he enjoyed. It took him a while to discover they’re called rum and coke.

3. Division Symbol

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Did you know that the division symbol (÷) is a blank fraction with dots replacing the numerator and denominator? This user admits to understanding that embarrassingly late.

However, it’s the elementary school teacher in the comments confessing he didn’t know that really tickles. Nonetheless, he reassures us, “Thank your lucky stars, I don’t teach math.”

4. Christmas Lights In Greek Town

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There is a part of Chicago called Greektown. One admits to living there for eight years and never realized the blue and white Christmas lights are out to represent the colors on their flag.

5. The Grammys

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Did you know that the Grammys are called the Grammys because the awards are gramophones? I didn’t, and neither did several thousand others in the thread. The Emmys is a feminization of ‘Immy,’ which is short for the image orthicon tube.

6. Prima Donna

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OK. This one made me laugh out loud. When I hear Prima Donna, I immediately hear Carlotta’s song from The Phantom of the Opera. However, twenty-three thousand people admit to thinking it was “Pre-Madonna.” 

One clarifies they thought Madonna was so bossy, demanding, and rude they made up an entire phrase about her. So if you were a pre-Madonna, you would become like Madonna if you didn’t straighten up your attitude. Tons of others confess to thinking the same thing. 

7. Went To Live on a Farm

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One woman explains that her pet rabbit went to live on a farm when she was a child. She continues that it wasn’t until she watched an episode of The Sopranos where everyone is making fun of Tony for believing his dog never went to live on a farm that it clicked for her what had happened to Rosie. 

8. Deodorant Plastic

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Twenty thousand people thumbs-upped a comment where someone shared that they only recently discovered something with their deodorant. To get the plastic off, you simply turn the bottom a few times to pop right up and off.

9. Michelangelo’s David

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Oof. I did not know this one. Did you realize that Michelangelo’s David is David from David and Goliath? One wonders how they never knew it before admitting, “I thought it was just a dude called Dave.” How ironic that Florida recently forced a principal to resign over sharing this biblical art with students. 

10. Santa Letters

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Finally, someone admits they had no idea until they were 32 that parents have their children write letters to Santa so that they know what to buy them for Christmas. “I just thought it was a fun little tradition.”

11. That You Could Peel Oranges

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OK. This isn’t fair! All the poster admits to is that they learned that you could peel oranges super late in life but then never came back to give us further context. Like, did you eat the skin before? Please tell me you at least removed the stickers and washed the skin, if so. Did you bite into oranges like apples? We want answers!

12. Nuke Warm

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Finally, a user confesses, “I was talking with my coworker as I was drinking tea, and he asked, ‘Is that hot?’ And I said, ‘No, it’s like lukewarm,’ and he said, ‘Don’t you mean Nuke Warm?’ My coworker and I just looked at each other and laughed hysterically.”

Source: Reddit.

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