10 Things People Really Only Realize After They Get Married

There are some things in life that you don’t realize or fully grasp until you get married. After someone polled an online community for examples of said things, here is what they had to say. Do you agree?

1. Understanding Not Being Invited to Weddings

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Have you ever paid for a wedding? Those things are obscenely expensive. After getting married, many people confess they entirely understand if they don’t make the guest list. On a similar side note, show up when you RSVP for a wedding. It’s costly and rude otherwise.

2. Two Incomes Makes Life Significantly Easier

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I don’t know how anyone survives on a single income, especially people under 40. Countless married couples admit that their lives became significantly easier once they had combined revenue to get through it.

3. Conflict Is Inevitable but Productive

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Learning how to disagree is essential in a marriage. A true partnership ensures conflict is inevitable but productive. Discovering how to work through disagreements together makes you stronger. One suggests: “It’s not being a doormat, and it’s not being right every time.”

4. Marriage Isn’t Just About the Person You Want to Have Fun With

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Another states: “Marriage isn’t just about the person you want to have fun with. It’s also about the person you want to spend $10,000 on a new furnace, go to a funeral, or get a flat tire with. Your spouse should make your way in life easier, especially during the hard times.”

5. A Bad Marriage Is More Harmful Than Staying Single

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According to several forum members, ending up in a bad marriage is far worse than remaining single. The idea that it is better to have someone than be alone isn’t true when it’s not the right someone.

6. You Marry Their Family Too

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They say you marry the family, too, and you absolutely do. If they hate you, don’t marry that person. It will always be drama. If they are in your business before you marry, it isn’t going to stop. If they love you and accept you like their own, that continues, too.

7. You Need Alone Time

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Regardless of how much you love each other, people need alone time. Some more than others. It’s a reset that everyone needs from time to time. The longer you’re married, the easier it is to extend each other that time and space.

8. Children Change Things

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Numerous people agree with one who argues: “Everyone was wrong. Marriage changed nothing. Children — children change everything.” Several women confess watching their husbands become good fathers strengthened their relationship. “Being a good dad helps take the mental and physical load off of mom, so she typically will have more time and energy to put towards her partner.”

9. Marriage Pushes You to Be the Best Person You Can Be

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A good, healthy relationship will push you to become the best version of yourself. A good marriage is when both people continue to try to make things work — fighting for each other even when it gets bad.

10. How Difficult Divorce Is

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While not all marriages end in divorce (thankfully), between 40-50% of first marriages do. Some people may think getting out of a marriage isn’t difficult. However, the emotional turmoil, feelings of betrayal, financial stress, and breaking up of families with kids — divorce is more complicated than one might expect.

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